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Daily Astro-Alert for Thursday February 6th!

I love what today’s geometry has to offer considering the power of yesterday’s healing Trine between Jupiter and Chiron and also the fact that Mercury goes retrograde today. This is going to be an important retrograde cycle for us because of all of the calibrations that Mercury has done that he will revisit over the next 21 days; it has been more than what we typically experience. I trust that you have been mindful along the way and that you are ready to take in all this process has to offer. The close proximity between this station and yesterday’s Trine brings these two events together in how we interpret them. We are in an expansive healing experience without a doubt.

Today’s geometry is an interesting mix of abrasive and harmonious. It is the First Quarter Moon, the Square that happens one week after the New Moon. This is always a crisis of identity where we are confronted (a Square is always a confrontation) with what our unconscious mind (Moon) is throwing up at our conscious awareness (Sun). Additionally, the Moon will Oppose Saturn, which is another powerful self-examination challenge. It’s a day for that!

Saturn himself is getting ready to turn around and go retrograde. In fact, he does this about two days after Mercury goes direct. In this way, the Opposition between he and the Moon today is a very subtle precursor to what he will be up to on his inward journey. Mercury does his thing first however, and whatever he helps us integrate in these next three weeks will be passed directly to Saturn to help us take that wisdom and integrate it in a deep and powerful way when he begins his inward journey. Saturn is also having some important interactions with Venus these days as part of her retrograde. She will Sextile Saturn for the third of three times in the coming weeks, truly helping us go deeper into the Heart. We have so much responsibility to really be walking an A game these days and today whispers to that a bit.

There is another more pleasant side to today’s transits. The Moon will Trine both Venus and Pluto who are still close enough to be in congress together. She has finally begun to pull away from their almost-meeting last week, but she is still in her farewell posture. The Moon’s harmony with that energy pulls large waves of well-being from the depths of our Hearts into the mix. The identity crisis of today and the enormous pressure we are under to walk our talk should actually feel really really good today, like the satisfaction of a job well done. I encourage you all to welcome this Mercury retrograde like you have never done before. There will be so much available to us over the next few weeks that will be enormously helpful as the year progresses.

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