Solar Eclipse: New Moon In Taurus!

We have come to the next big push in the wormhole cycle with the Solar Eclipse this Thursday at 5:30pm PDT.  It’s a New Moon in Taurus; in fact it’s a veritable party in Taurus with not only the Sun and the Moon there, Mercury, Mars and Venus are in that grounded sign as well.  Taurus makes things very tangible, very present.  We can all expect to get a good dose of reality this week.

Venus does something very interesting in connection with this eclipse.  She has been swiping through the Taurus portion of the cosmos ahead the others in this gathering.  This means that with all of the changes that are upon us, we have the saving grace of the Heart leading the way.  This has been very helpful to us in these past weeks, especially when circumstances haven’t always looked the way we want them to.  Our job is always to know that whatever is happening, it is for our highest good.  This is what Love always sees, so Venus out front has been our great ally.

Just before the eclipse tomorrow, she leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.   Remember the Gemini process of last year?  If not, read my articles from the eclipse season of May and June in 2012 and remind yourself of the healing of Separation that was the hallmark of that time.  Venus returns to that territory now, ensuring that duality is truly a thing of the past.

When duality is healed, it is transformed into polarity.  In this consciousness, we can hold the tension of opposites.  We can be in one frame of mind and simultaneously see its opposite without having to cycle back in an either/or dynamic.  This allows us to let go, surrender, and remember in the midst of a troubling moment who your Source is.  It is not your career, the people in your life or any of the circumstances that surround you.

Someone wrote me yesterday about how scared and sad she is; her future feels very uncertain.  In an effort comfort her, I found myself using the words “Divine Unfolding” as a metaphor for how life moves and has its expression.  I thought a little bit about that image and what it means to live in a world that unfolds.  When something unfolds, it has two primary energy-shapes; the long flat planes of structure and the places where the shape changes very dramatically that we know as a fold.  Those folds have sharp edges and they take us from one alignment and very suddenly thrust us into a completely different orientation.

It’s a little like being thrown upside down and being asked to act as if you are just as upright as ever.  And of course, we are always held in the hands of the Divine Intelligence that is doing the unfolding and therefore we are always taken good care of.  Nonetheless, when we are at the edge of a fold, it can be a groundbreaking, earthshattering shift of positioning that knocks our socks off.  That’s where we are at right now.  Venus returning to Gemini today right before this magical eclipse ensures that we are able to get this in ways that may have eluded us thus far.  Let your life unfold and just witness it.  If you are on the edge, thrust your arms in the air like you’re on a roller coaster ride and enjoy the thrill.  It’s so much better than retracting in fear.

This lunation is terribly important to the process that this wormhole offers us.  We are in the midst of an opportunity to land in brand new territory when this shakeup completes itself next month.  And by territory, I mean consciousness, although that change in consciousness for some will result in new landscapes in your outer world as well.  Because it is an eclipse, the transformation that can happen here is a true restructuring of how you inhabit your life.

The New Moon, seed planting event is always the most potent moment to exercise our free will in any cycle and even more so during an eclipse.  Create powerful intentions for yourself in these next few days and you will be participating mightily in the huge shift that is at hand.  Leave it up to chance and you will feel all the more out of control and at the affect or your world rather than feeling like a powerful co-creator.  You may not get the form you think you are creating, but you can absolutely get the perspective you desire and perspective trumps form every time.

Thursday is the magic day and the New Moon is exact around 5:30pm PDT.  The entire day leading up to that point is what is known as the dark-of-the-moon, where the soil of consciousness is most fertile for the receiving of new seeds of intention.  The reverberations of this eclipse will last for several days after, making the entire weekend fruitful ground as well.  No matter when you choose to honor this moment, do it with grounded gusto, for the earthy sign of Taurus is best met with the body in a physically tangible way.

Taurus rules the throat, so using your voice during this ritual is a very good idea.  Sing, chant, pray out loud; make sound!   Additionally, Taurus is the most luxurious of the archetypes, so the more sensual you can make what you do, the better.  As the first of the three earth signs, I highly recommend taking whatever results from your process, such as a written prayer or creatively expressed set of intentions, and bury it as if it were a seed you were planting; for truly, it is.

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