Rocks and boulders in dreams


Universal Landscape: Primitive memory.

Dreaming Lens: Were you dreaming of pebbles, rocks, stones, boulders or even larger formations? Were these objects helpful, such as tools or building materials? Were they obstacles, such as a block in your path or an impediment to reaching a desired destination? Were they an annoyance, or actually in a position to cause harm?

Personal Focus: Rocks act as the memory for our planet. By examining their elemental makeup and physical structure, scientists can understand the history of the earth. The fossil records left in rock formations literally describe our planet’s journey through time. Seen in this light, even the stones and pebbles you find in your back yard are symbolic of the ancient past and the secrets of how we came to be in this vast universe. At the beginning of civilization, early man made tools out of stone. This same material was used later by more sophisticated cultures to create buildings. The remains of these objects and structures serve as symbols of the memory of the evolution of the human race.

Whenever stones, rocks or boulders are prominent in a dream, you may be connecting on some level to a primal image rooted in the distant past. On a more mundane level, the past that is being represented by this image may be your own personal history.

To begin your interpretation, examine the role or function the rock(s) or boulder(s) are playing in your dream. If you are using a rock as a tool or a weapon, your activity should be interpreted on its own merit with the added element of history, memory or a sense of the primitive.

This same perspective should be added to a dream image of constructing something with stone, with the primary meaning being that which you associate with the thing itself: Something made of stone is built to last forever. Rocks or boulders can represent obstacles or challenges if they obstruct your way or present you with some amount of danger. If this is the case, what may be blocking you in your waking life could be material that is deeply imbedded in your unconscious. Examine areas where you may be holding fast to old ideas that no longer serve you.

Painful memories can often seem like insurmountable obstacles or enormous boulders that appear to be immovable. If this describes your dream experience, it may be time to let go of outdated notions that still have the power to hold you back from fuller self-expression.

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62 Responses to Rocks and boulders in dreams

  1. Brett Ware May 28, 2016 at 2:36 pm #

    In my dream I was apparently riding in a car on the express way. I passed a very old set of houses on the same lot which both sat in front of a megalithic black Boulder half buried in the yard. While on the express way I looked up into the sky through the back window as enormous boulders were spin in and falling onto the ground just behind me and cars and big trucks were dodging and crashing into. I cannot make any sense of this. I don’t usually remember my dreams because I don’t sleep much and when I do I don’t sleep well but this one was so very real and clear. Can any one help?

  2. Rachael June 5, 2016 at 12:03 pm #

    I had the same dream twice now of driving by and seeing a narrow beach but the ‘sea’ was made of large white pebbles or even boulders. To get to water you had to climb over them which looked scary and dangerous. They looked magical…but unrealistic as though the whole depiction was made artificially and for a purpose. As though to distract me from getting to my destination. I’m fact, in the dream I had to stop and get a closer look and even attempt to ‘swim through’ the large white boulder-like pebbles. Also, there was a large ship in the middle of the pebble sea – like a ship wreck but more artificial as if made specifically to attract attention. In fact in the dream I wanted to explore it. What might this mean?

  3. Angel June 12, 2016 at 1:57 pm #

    Had a dream that I went to see a dentist, first a very rough dentist was working on me, then came very gentle – I cried and hugged him out of gratitude. When I left the office I saw something white in the sky… It was a giant people sized boulder (round ) coming down like hail. then more and more. I was astonished then ran to the office as several snowballs almost killed me but I steered off and avoided thim…as they plopped down and broke besides me!!! I was terrified and amazed as ran back into the dentist office (white door with lots of bulletin papers all over it) and told everyone about it

  4. Julia June 14, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    I was 12 years old when I had my first and only daydream/nightmare. During this time, I was fully awake. Hadn’t gone to sleep but it almost feels like it had to have been a dream. I remember having my first panic attack and going down into the basement where my bedroom was. I was terrified and I had to go upstairs and grab my dad. He brought me back downstairs and when I opened my door, a GIANT boulder took up the entirety of my bedroom. I started scaling the walls and “walking around the Boulder” to get to my bed. Keep in mind, I was fully awake so my dad was extremely confused and asked me what was going on. I got into bed and closed my eyes. Suddenly I shot up and screamed because smaller boulders started falling from the sky. Again, I was fully awake. 9 years later and I still have no idea what happened to me. Anyone have any similar experiences or any ideas??

  5. Bon Bon June 30, 2016 at 3:28 pm #

    In my dream I was sitting on a lift (kinda like a ski lift). I was above ground moving through a vibrant redwood forest where there were some mountain biking trails I had knowledge of, in the dream, not real life. After realizing that I came to a clearing and all of a sudden and I was open to a grand vista of red rocky cliffs and landscape. Kinda a mix between seeing the Grand Canyon, Moab and carved caverns. Everywhere the rock texture was like that stepped rock put onto home exteriors or fireplaces. It was amazing. The colors were all vibrant rusts, oranges, yellows, tan, browns, reds and overall golden. My lift followed above a cut walking trail in the cliff side with no barriers or handrail dropping straight down a thousand feet to a valley floor below that was out of my sight. I took note that no one was on the trail there. Continuing on I passed through enormous caverns. It was like an adventure ride never seen before. I went from hundreds of feet above to a thousand feet above in the clearing. My feelings were awe, wonderment and happiness mixed with adventurous anxiety ( anxiety like the first time you disembark a ski lift chair as a beginner). In one area I wrapped around an enormous column of stone and held tightly to the side of it afraid of falling, then I was moving again. . I was alone on my lift but in a line of others lifts with people. As I was traveling along I distinctly recall sharing a few words with my brother about knowing some of the trails in the forest. He was on a lift too, but always just out of my sight. Overall the colors were vivid and the reality spot on, I awoke just before I could get off the lift but knew that there was a station at the end where other people were.

  6. Wentya October 2, 2016 at 12:44 pm #

    Dreamt that I was riding on a boulder, and this little dog kept following me around and licking my face.

  7. Lora York October 10, 2016 at 7:14 pm #

    I’ve had several dreams involving rocks, stone. In one, I was walking along a tree-covered road and lost my footing, giving me that “falling” sensation. I hear the sound of grating rock and a piece of granite or stone had slid out under my foot, preventing me from the “fall” I was feeling.

    I had several dreams where I looked out at a hillside across from our kitchen window. Out of the rock came a device that looked like an old style sun lamp. In the dream I somehow “knew” it was an antenna (perhaps related to aliens?).

    Finally, I had a vision just before waking up of a two-headed carved stone, like chess pieces. On one side was a woman’s face. As I watched, I heard (again) the sound of rock grating on rock and it swiveled around to a male face. I “knew” the name Liam from this. I took this male to be my “other half”.

  8. Marjorie October 25, 2016 at 3:42 am #

    I had a dream hat I was outside running and looking around and all of a sudden I tripped on a rock and when I looked down at it the rock split in half and was purple on the inside.

  9. VL October 31, 2016 at 7:45 am #

    I had this dream where I was trying to run and hide in buildings with my family because giant boulders were clashing against the buildings, destroying the whole city. even though I’ve never lived in one, but I guess I have some imagination, well the strange thing was that these boulders were literally coming from a portal that looks like a thunderstorm just going in a swirl like how you see a hurricane from space except dark and blue like a black hole and of course with lighting, oh and the boulders were defying gravity at its best. I wonder what happened to them.. Don’t you ever wonder if dreams are actually different worlds in this infinite mass of galaxies? and theres 1% human in each one. All else could be none existent, like if we were the only light in each galaxy, all the black holes could even be places where humans have failed and god keeps recreating us in different habitable planets.. Ever tried to cross every single thing together? And maybe the reason we cannot connect with other worlds is simply because we are using technology to try to reach other planets desperately? What if they’re simply waiting for us to connect with our 6th sense or all 6 senses at once, simply meditating. Ever thought if we were actually already in full connection with other worlds? Simply by the place or the events you create and follow.. There is just so much out there, and here and even exactly where you are. What if I am connecting with you and connected with you, in a way one would say, as if you understand and knew already what I was trying to say, because I did. by putting a part of me into every word I literally took the time to type down into this virtual world. I am

  10. Erickson November 26, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    Mine was similar but took place in a circus where people watched me getting chased by 2 big rocks/boulders and me having to run away from them.

  11. Stuart December 7, 2016 at 1:32 am #

    If you had not watched a sci fo movie that evening then your dream probably means that whatever difficulty you are going through will not harm you long term. The rocks could mean sickness or some very difficult event or events. In some dreams such as Daniel had in the Bible the Rock symbolizes the truth or word of God. I imagine since you saw multiple rocks this is not the case in your dream. Sincerely

  12. Danielle December 20, 2016 at 12:14 pm #

    I had a dream, just now, that my daughter and I were approaching a large Redstone quarry-type area, only it was near a small, stone bridge. The water was crystal clear and calm. I helped my daughter down part of a smaller cliff, to where a piece of the rock was protruding a bit; she got her footing and calmly walked along the rock. Then, it was my turn, except the rick, which had been dry for her, started to look as though water was rising up onto it, but only by about a foot. I then had a portion of Boulder above me, small enough to hang onto with one hand, and swing, gliding steadily, over the water and around, to the other side of the quarry. The only thing is, I didn’t land on the rock, and started to feel as though I was falling, but also, about to go under the water, so I could feel myself starting to hold my breath, in preparation. But, instead of going underwater, I ended up on a sled that would surf ontop of the water, with my daughter, as we began to glide under the bridge through a tunnel..and then I woke up.