New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio Tuesday!

The first eclipse of the season is a total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that occurs this Tuesday, November 13th.  The Lunar Eclipse follows two weeks later on the 28th, putting Thanksgiving right in the middle of this wormhole.  When we emerge next month, we may not even recognize the territory we are in.

With the domain of Scorpio fully upon us, I have been putting much emphasis on manifestation and alchemy as the central principles of the time.  But at the very heart of the matter is change.  Things are changing.  Fast.  And our job is to be responsible stewards of change, lest the direction those changes take us in goes against our vision.

Let’s talk about Mars for a bit, for he plays an interesting role in both eclipses.  During this New Moon, Mars is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.  This placement is considered to be the direction of our galactic center, the very place where we connect to Source.  What this does is orient the consciousness of Mars with the very origins of our Divinity.  Mars is the ruler of our physicality, bringing our relationship to the body fully into our awareness.

There are those who say, “You are not your body.”  Well, that may actually be true on some level, but the fact is that we are IN bodies.  Another perspective is that this world we inhabit is an illusion; therefore the body is an illusion as well.  This may also be true.  However, the body, illusory or not, is still the very real vessel through which we experience this illusion and it must be brought into the spiritual equation at this time.

Mars has historically been associated with the Masculine Principle through his moniker of being the God of War.  Through his association with the physical body coupled with the current landscape where Feminine Principle regains power, Mars can now be considered the co-ruler of the Feminine Principle along with Venus.  As human beings in a body, we must allow our bodies to be open vessels for Love and Light.   The only way to truly achieve that integrated balance is to treat your body with care and devotion.

Make no mistake about it; it is time to bring the body into your spiritual practice.  Proper food and exercise are good, but they are not really what I am talking about here.  I am speaking of loving the body you are in.  Don’t ask yourself how you feel about the way your body looks, focus rather on how your body feels to be inside of.  When you start there, then the externals of feeding it well and moving it through space so that it is strong and flexible will come more naturally.

Most importantly, begin thinking about how you treat your body as part of your daily spiritual practice.  Your body is simply an extension of your consciousness.  As your consciousness expands upward, allow it to expand outward as well, bringing your body along for the ride.

Remember too, that the physical body is a metaphor for all things in the world of form.  A balanced, heart-based relationship with your world means that your Divinity takes top priority in all things.  What are you valuing and how?  Your bank account?  Your status?  How other people perceive you?  If it is anything outside of you, then you are worshiping a false God.

There are two ways to approach a New Moon Solar Eclipse and both have merit.  One the one hand, an eclipse is a very definite event.  While the beam is broken and the shadow of the Moon passes over the Earth, an actual change is taking place right then.  The interruption in the constant flow of light from the Sun to the Moon is a lot like powering down your computer.  When you power back up again, all the software (read = all the new ways of being in the world, new thought patterns, new expressions of consciousness) that you have recently downloaded now become fully available for you to use.

Given the enormity of such a moment, it behooves us to be in a place of stillness when this is occurring in order to take full advantage of the opportunities at hand without the distractions of your chaotic mind being involved.  The exact time of the eclipse is Tuesday, November 13th at 2:12pm PST.  For my UK friends, you may be sleeping while the eclipse is happening.  Not to worry, as sleep is a great state to receive the energies of an eclipse.  For those of you who are awake for this, simply be in a meditative, receptive state for about ten minutes before the peak of the eclipse and about ten minutes after.  If you think of the half hour between 2:00 and 2:30pm PST as your guide, you can’t go wrong.

The other opportunity in such a lunation is to honor the impetus for change that a New Moon indicates.  The wave created by this Tuesday moment will continue to push us forward in our evolution for several days through the end of the week.  Take some time this week to plant some seeds of intention so that you are being fully and actively engaged in harnessing the winds of change that are blowing all around you at this time.  Focus on being graceful and flexible with the shifts that are already taking place in your life right now.  Make sure that you include body-care as part of the consciousness you desire to create for yourself at this time.  Step up to your spiritual practice as if it were the top priority in your life; this is the time to deepen your devotion in everything that you do.  Try this as a prayer:

My life is a devotion.
Today, and all the days to come.
My life is a devotion.
And all there is, is Love.

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  1. Irie Dawta November 28, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Thank you for this knowledge. I am truly feeling your works