New Moon In Gemini and Grand Water Trine!

The wormhole of this past eclipse season technically ended two weeks ago with the last Full Moon.  However, the thrust of energy coming out of that was so powerful; this weekend is like putting a button on it.  Like any New Moon, it marks the beginning of the next cycle we are starting.  And it’s in Gemini, so get out your pen and paper because when the twins are involved, you may want to do some writing.
The New Moon itself will be in the sign of Gemini, making it particularly germane to what we have been processing over the past year.  If you have been following my posts, then you will know that we are still very much engaged in healing Duality, an illusion of separation originally created by this archetype.  While this process is not entirely over, nor will it be until both the Sun and Jupiter leave Gemini and enter Cancer in July, this New Moon in Gemini is the absolute marker for the beginning of the new cycle of Duality transformed into Polarity.

The months of June and July are going to feel completely different than the previous few months and you should already be experiencing this shift.  The chaos of breakthrough and change is giving way to expansiveness and fluidity, with a decidedly inward-directed focus.  One way that may play out is that the dramatic events in your world may calm down, allowing you to turn within to find the expansion on the inner landscape that has resulted from recent changes in your outer world.

For some, this should offer more comfort than you’ve had on a long while.  However, this energy is profoundly emotional in nature and this welling up is not always the most comfortable space to be in.  Some of you may find yourself (and forgive the pun) decidedly under water.  There is a very important opportunity here that you will not want to miss out on.  It is a chance to heal old emotional wounds and in so doing, learn how to read the Heart’s Intelligence with more clarity than ever before.

The cosmic support we are receiving at this time is a pattern known as a Grand Water Trine.  It’s an incredibly yummy configuration in the sky created by Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, and all of the planets that have recently been in Gemini swiping into the early degrees of Cancer.  These are the three Water signs and when these planets line up in this way, they create a level of harmonious flow between them that allows the benefit that they offer to be available with great ease.

Water is fluid and knows no such thing as an obstacle.  When it feels trapped, it simply moves around what is in its way.  With enough time, it will wear through the strongest of bedrock; not out of a sense of animosity, but rather a patient determination to do what it knows how to do: Flow.  This Grand Water Trine is designed to assist you to do just that.

The Emotional Body is our guidance system; our instinctive nature that always knows when something is right or wrong for us.  It keeps us safe and propels us forward, breath by breath, into the magnificent unfolding of our lives.  The Emotional Body is governed by the planet Venus and it lives in us as the intelligence of the Heart.

There is often some confusion between experiencing the communication that comes through the Emotional Body and what we also know as our “feelings.”  Feelings are the moody reactions we have to the unconscious belief that we are not safe.  Ruled by the Moon, they are the shifting tides that fluctuate based mostly on things that we are not consciously aware of.  Your feelings are not facts and they are not to be trusted.  The mechanism of your Heart is the supreme Intelligence of your Divine Connection and is to be trusted above and beyond any other information you receive while moving through life.  The challenge lies in how similar these two distinct energies feel.  Part of what it is to live a masterful life is learning how to distinguish these two modalities, heal the one and allow the other to guide you.

The healing that is available from this Water Grand Trine will allow you to make clear distinctions between the Heart’s Intelligence speaking to you and what is just a welling up of emotions originating from wound.   By its very nature, all emotional experiences will increase under the influence of this Trine.  This will actually help you engage in the healing that is needed at this time.  This process will be different for everyone, so there is no approach that will work universally well across all experiences.  Just know that that is what is available to you for the next two months, follow your own instincts and ask for what you need both from outside help and your own inner resources.  When in doubt, go to the principles of Radical Forgiveness.

The New Moon is exact Saturday morning at 8:55am PDT, making tonight, all day Friday and early Saturday early very fertile ground indeed for planting new seeds of intention for deep, emotional healing.  The archetype of Gemini suggests that words be a part of your ritual.  The presence of all of that Water requires a fluid approach.  Try doing some stream-of-consciousness writing and allow the mystery to be revealed by the process itself.  Create some sacred space and sit down with pen and paper.  Ask your guidance system to help you navigate the depths of your Soul and reveal what needs to be addressed in order to free your Heart from the binds of your emotional wounding.  Trust yourself and remember, you may not know what needs to come next, but there is a part of you that DOES know.  Tap into that part now and let yourself be guided to the next magnificent leg of your journey.

To see a video with more about the Grand Water Trine, go here:

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