New Moon In Cancer – June 27th!

The New Moon in Cancer is upon us, so prepare for starting a new cycle in the realm of self-care, nurturance, the home and matters of intimacy. These are all areas of life that are governed by this archetype and the Feminine Principle at the most personal level. Cancer is the first of the water signs and so she connects to the emotional body and the way we process feelings. She carries her home on her back and can retreat there any time she doesn’t feel safe. Whatever this image conjures up for you is being set into motion in brand new ways with this New Moon.

Jupiter is participating in this lunation in a significant way. There is a saying that goes “there are no bad Jupiter aspects” and this must be put into play with this particular moment. Jupiter will T-Square the Nodes – that means he will interact with the South Node (the Past) and the North Node (the Future) by Squaring both of them. A Square is an obstacle or conflict that fosters ultimate growth as two energies want the same thing but approach that thing from completely different perspectives. Jupiter is confronting our past and moving us toward our future in such a way that a boatload of personal growth is surely involved. Growth can mean pain or challenge, and yet the catchphrase, “there are no bad Jupiter aspects!”

Jupiter is wrapping up his yearlong foray through Cancer. During this past year, we have all been benefiting from this archetype of good fortune blessing us in the area of self-care and home life (now, I know some of you have been struggling in these areas, but trust me that Jupiter is bringing expansion around these themes even if it is in the form of current lessons that will bring benefit later). Additionally, there have been so many truly unprecedented transits during this past year that have completely alchemized all of us a very deep level. It is Jupiter that allows us to take those changes in and operate in our world in a transformed state (Jupiter is a social planet and relates to the expansive element of our communal experience).

This T-Square is our opportunity to take everything we’ve learned about our past and envisioned about our future and take a giant leap forward. The New Moon connects this opportunity to a new cycle where we get to plant the seeds of our own dynamic version of what will make our Soul sing. Take time today or tomorrow to do some sort of ritual honoring the next steps toward your unfolding vision. Make sure it includes some water – take a bath or a swim if you can. We are still moving very fast, though until Mercury goes direct we still might not know exactly where we are going (hold tight, only a few more days).

The exact moment of the Sun and Moon coming together was last night just after 1:00am, so we spend the entire day today and tomorrow being thrust forward by this powerful aspect. The day itself may feel decidedly introverted, as the Cancer archetype is more comfortable in a hidden posture than out in the world. Do your best to honor that today if you are so inclined and have the luxury to follow the impulse.

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