New Moon In Aries: Time To Plant The Seeds Of Change!

It’s New Moon time, which means it is a moment for planting.  And boy-oh-boy is this a fertile time to sew some seeds.  Of course, one of the great challenges of fertile times is the stench of manure.  So if you’re wondering what all that chaos and mess of these past weeks has been, that’s it.  Yep.  It’s fertilizer.  And if you put it to good use, it will help you yield awesome results with respect to whatever it is you desire to create in your life.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aries, where all the big news is lately.  If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know that the Pisces/Aries connection is a very potent place.  It is the doorway between the deep unconscious field of pure potential (Pisces) and the I-Am-Here-Don’t-Get-In-My-Way energy (Aries).  It is the place where all ideas are gestated (Pisces) and then born (Aries).

One can easily get a picture of this when you consider that when the Sun crosses this threshold, we call it the first day of spring.  The season of hibernation is over and we move into the chapter of movement and growth.  Yesterday was the Equinox, marking the first day of spring, a turning point when the impulse to expand is no longer being denied and hidden, but can burst forth into bloom.  This year, the Moon is right behind the Sun, getting ready to cross the very same threshold.  This is an energy that can create powerful momentum for change if it is properly harnessed.

Mercury’s current retrograde cycle also plays an enormous role in the energy of this week.  First and foremost, his inward journey goes back and forth over this sensitive Pisces/Aries spot in the cosmos (for more on this, see my recent article below).  The integration that is taking place this month is all about how we can reinvent ourselves and allow for a rebirth of sorts.

Additionally, today is what is known as the “storm cycle” of this process:  The moment when Mercury and the Sun meet up.  This occurs each time Mercury goes retrograde and it actually sheds specific light on the value that the cycle has for you.  Take a look at what issues are coming up for you today and you will know exactly what your higher Self (notice the capital S) wants you to notice, shift and integrate.

What an opportunity:  To have clear and specific information about where your growth lies just before the New Moon offers you the very energy needed to manifest the new direction you are creating.  If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for personal expansion, Uranus is in the mix as well.  He is hanging out right at the beginning of Aries right now, exactly where the Sun, Moon and Mercury are gathering.  Uranus is the frequency of enlightenment; the flash of lightning in the middle of the dark night where you can suddenly see EVERYTHING in the landscape.  And though you may be plunged back into darkness when the flash subsides, you now know the lay of the land and can proceed with confidence.  Such is the nature of the opportunity that is upon us with this lunation.

When the gravitational pull from both the Moon and the Sun is focused from the same place, the result is that the water in the Earth is pulled downward, toward the ground.  Because of this, farmers have always done their planting during the New Moon.  It is the same with the seeds of the mind; the ideas we wish to manifest into form must be planted now in order to bear the fruits of harvest in the months to come.

What is known as the Dark of the Moon begins at about 3:00am PDT overnight tonight.  This is the moment when the Moon has entered the sign where the lunation takes place (in this case, Aries), but before it actually joins up with the Sun.  That happens just after 7:30am tomorrow morning.  This four-hour period is the absolute best moment to plant the seeds of what you desire.  So tonight before you got to bed, take a moment to write out some intentions and place them under your pillow.  For you early risers, east coast or UK dwellers, you have a later opportunity to take advantage of this sweet spot.

If you can’t manage this tonight or you read this too late, not to worry.  The power of the New Moon will be reverberating with us for a full three days and any time between tonight and Saturday is a powerful opportunity to guide and direct where your life is heading with conscious intention.  Make it count!

If you know where the early degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart, that is the area of your consciousness where the most opportunity for shift is going to occur.  If you don’t this, this might be a great time to set up a reading with me.  If you respond to this article in the next few weeks, you can take advantage of my special 2012 rate of $53 for an hour-long session.  Just drop me a line for more information.

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