New Moon In Aquarius This Weekend!

The New Moon in Aquarius is this weekend.  It will be exact on Saturday night, February 9th at 11:20pm PST.  The most potent timing in a New Moon cycle is in the hours leading up to when it is exact.  This has a very sexy name and is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon.  Since the actual timing of this particular lunation is late on Saturday night for those on the west coast and early Sunday morning for you easterners and my friends in the UK, Saturday night is the ripest timing for a New Moon ritual.

By now we all understand that we have the ability to set intentions with every breath that we take.  Even so, it behooves us to honor the seed-planting moment of the New Moon.  This gives us a chance to elevate the idea of intention-setting to its highest level.  Ritualizing the process helps ground into our consciousness the influence we wield as the creators of our own destiny.  And this particular New Moon is being assisted by some significant planetary mojo in Pisces, through which we have direct access to the limitless power to create and manifest.

Mercury is entering the beginning of his next retrograde cycle in the sign of Pisces.  He is still moving forward at this point, but he is covering territory that he will be revisiting from the end of February into March.  Remember that there are currently no backward pulling energies to inhibit forward movement (read my last article for more on this).  The fact that Mercury is in this position right now means he will retrace his steps just ahead and actually assist us in generating that which we set into motion with this New Moon experience.

Mercury (the Mind) is not alone in this Piscean sea of possibility.  He is currently keeping company with Mars (form and energy), Neptune (the mystical force that supports us from the invisible realms) and Chiron (the healing that transmutes all wounds into mastery).  He will make contact with each of these planets three times and the Sun twice between now and the middle of March.  Seeds planted this weekend will get lots of support over the next six weeks.

Before anything can exist in form, it must first exist in the imagination and Pisces is that formless, imaginative state through which we bring forth all that we desire.  This Piscean thrust of energy will go a long way to help us to bring into the world all our ideas for the future.  But there is a caveat; what you are up to had also better serve the greater good as well as your own.

Aquarius is the archetype that governs the concept of community, so doing this with others is definitely the way to go!  This often misunderstood archetype has a beautiful story.  Before there was life, Aquarius had a deep and profound knowing that something was missing.  He didn’t know what it was, but was committed to finding it.  On his quest, he discovered water and brought it back to the community.  Water allowed for life to begin and flourish.  If you can’t actually do a ritual with others sometime this weekend, do your best to share your intentions with your immediately community of soul-trekkers.

Bring the Life Force to your world.  Call your friends and set some intentions at the group level this weekend!  And while you’re at it, make sure that whatever you are intending to create for yourself is also good for humanity.  Right now, we need all the help we can get.

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