More spiders in dreams!!

One of the most delightful elements of the work that I do is the fact that I get to witness first hand how certain themes, issues, patterns and images appear to come up in cycles.  In a very general way, I could make an argument that all of my clients at any given time are actually dealing with exactly the same things.  Of course, the details differ greatly and the way each individual experiences their particular challenges is never the same, for me as the one who gets to witness the human condition, the commonalities are undeniable and, ultimately, delightful

One of the images that have been coming up over and over again in the past few weeks is spiders.  They are everywhere:  In my dream circles, with individual clients, in facebook posts, emails.  Even in my own home, I’ve been seeing more of them crawling across the floor and leaving their tell-tale webbing in the corner of my living room ceiling.

In just the past twenty-four hours, I received an email from a gentleman who was listening to me on Playboy Radio last week.  The following morning, a friend on facebook shared a dream that she had just had.  Both of them involved spiders.  So I decided to dedicate my latest entry on these fascinating creatures.

First, let’s hear about the dreams themselves.

Here is the one from the woman, a mother living in the UK:

I had a very strange dream last night – a talking spider – it was quite cool actually, I genuinely thought it was real, like I had a proper conversation with it – it even wore cute little boots & stuff…I think I must have been watching too much kids TV with my little man!!

This one is from a man living in the United States, an avid listener of Playboy Radio:

This is a dream I had recently, I was in my kitchen looking out at a spider and 2 deer came running up to the screen looking for my help and ran away. They were being chased by a tiger, male and female lion. I was then sitting at my counter and the next thing I knew I had the male lion sitting to the left of me licking my left arm and the female lion sitting on my right side licking my right arm.

These two dreamers could not be more different.  They are separated by age, gender, geography, culture and all sorts of sensibilities that I may not even be aware of.  However, there is a universal perspective that can be attributed to the image of a spider that appears in both of their dreams.  And no matter how unlike each other these dreamers are or how different their dreams, the collective unconscious that they share as human beings indicates that the universal meaning we can apply to symbol of the spider connects them in a powerful way.

Spiders connect to two notions that at first glance might seem unrelated, but are in fact very much connected.  They are responsible for these amazing feats of engineering that they are able to make from a substance that comes directly out of their body.  In this way, they relate to the essence of creation in a powerful way.  And while engineering might be considered a masculine principle in concept, the creativity element holds more weight.  Considered in this way, spiders represent powerful creativity.

And what does a spider do once it has finished its masterful creation?  It waits.  What does it wait for?  It’s prey.  If you take the brutality out of the equation, what it is patiently waiting for is its own sustenance; that which nurtures it. In this regard, spiders also represent the ceaseless power of patience required to generate self-sustenance.

So, now we have a very clear, universal meaning associated with the symbol of spiders: spectacular levels of creativity and the enormous patience required to attract abundance in the form of sustenance.

Dreamer number one is relating more to the spider as it connects to her role as mother; the provider of infinite amounts of patience and the one who offers sustenance.  The other dreamer is connecting to some level of patience as it relates to taming his more aggressive instincts.  I don’t know enough about either dreamer to go any further than this with my interpretation, but I am hopeful that the point I am attempting to make is clear: Universal meaning comes first, and the personal nuance that connects to the individual dream comes second.  Putting them together can offer a satisfying interpretation.

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2 Responses to More spiders in dreams!!

  1. Anthony Arechiga October 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    i had a dream of a talking spider. i was in my bed already asleep and i wake up and i see a spider crawling up from my feet on to my chest and i thought it was going to bite me but no it started to talk to me and i don’t remember what it said
    what dose that mean its been bugging me for days now

  2. Madison November 20, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    Thank you for both posts on spiders. Very different meanings from what I’ve read elsewhere. I had two dreams about spiders one featured my deceased maternal grandmother and a little girl in the home she owned when I was little (I think the little girl was me) and the other was a rather large one in a bathroom in a home I’ve never been in before. I wasn’t afraid either time but just wondered why. I like the idea of creativity/creation and patience. Makes complete sense in regards to what has been going on in my life this year. Thanks much!!!