More and more spiders!!!

For anyone following my posts of late, I wanted to add a brief spider-synchronicity on the spider front. Months ago, I posted about spiders because they were coming up often and one of the moments where that happened was at a local eatery where a waiter asked what I did for a living and when I told him his eyes got as wide as saucers and told me about his constant dreams about spiders. Other spider moments followed, so I posted about spiders.

Yesterday, not fifteen minutes after I posted about spiders yet again, I was driving past that same eatery and there he was – my spider-fixated waiter. I chuckled to myself about the memory and went on my way.

This morning, I awoke and made the trek across my kitchen to the pantry to retrieve my hazelnut creamer for my coffee and there on the floor, just sitting there, was a spider.  Just lazing around as if to say, “Yes, Michael, there really is a Santa Clause, and his name is synchronicity.”  So, even if it feels like overkill, I’m posting my term “spiders” from my new book (FINALLY available in book stores everywhere and on and Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream.  If you want to become more facile with dream interpretation, but my book!

And now, once again from Dream Sight, the term: Spiders:


Universal Landscape:  Powerful feminine energy.  Patience.

Dreaming Lens:  Were you encountering a spider or spider webbing?  Was it frightening?  Were you in danger?  Did you kill the spider?  Did you want to?  Did the spider want to harm you?  Was the overall scene macabre or more magical?

Personal Focus:  Spiders are a powerful image of the feminine principle, which relates to creativity and receptivity.  Spiders embody this by virtue of the creative act of making a web and the patience involved in awaiting their prey.  Many, if not most people, have an aversion to them which makes them a creature of the shadow.

Spiders can be found everywhere, which is one of the reasons why they feature prominently as a common dream image.  While not all are venomous, the most widely known spider is the Black Widow, famous for mating with and then killing her male counterpart.  This is the feminine principle in its most ferocious expression.

A spider’s webbing is a miraculous feat of engineering and unparalleled beauty.  Its purpose is two-fold.  On the side of nurturing, it is a home.  However, it is also a weapon of prey–a trap set to capture, kill and eat.  Spiders also connect to the numerological expression of abundance because of their eight legs (see Numbers).  Any or all of these themes may be being expressed in a dream that features this image.

A spider web may point to creative ideas that are currently being spun.  This also indicates that a period of waiting must follow in order for success to be achieved.  A spider bite may indicate that an infusion of the feminine principle may be in order for your current dealings to succeed.  The irritation, illness or death that is possible with a spider bite indicates the level of sacrifice that will be required of you on an emotional level at this time.

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3 Responses to More and more spiders!!!

  1. Noelle December 5, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

    This is interesting because I just had a dream about spiders. I like spiders, so they don’t scare me. I was in a grassy area with trees around, the spider webs were big and low to the ground, they were horizontal vs. vertical and we were crawling under the web that was hanging like a net. I was instructing someone behind me to be careful not to touch the web and disturb the spider that was a black widow. The webs and the black widows were all around, not just one. Then there was a half black widow half little girl standing in the middle of an upright web. hahaha!! That’s all I remember!!

  2. Myrion June 24, 2015 at 1:43 pm #

    I had a dream of a talking giant spider wanting to have sex with me and showing me how it would do it. It was bizzard

  3. David July 9, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    In my dream a friend and I were in his home (a home unrecognizable in the waking world but one I was comfortable with in the dream), we were sitting on the couch when suddenly waves of spiders began falling from the ceiling down on the floor, they had very long spindly legs, no hair or fuzz, and they either were black widows or brown recluse spiders. At any rate they were a little hard to explain in appearance, my friend and I put on some kind of protective gear like a hazmat type suit but with no helmet. We killed all of the spiders by crushing and poisoning th with chemicals. After the spiders were eradicated my friend told me that he had breathed in so much of the poison fumes that he was going to have a lifelong illness such as cancer or along those lines. I took all of the dead spiders in garbage bags and put them outside. When I was outside I could see that the neighbors houses had spiders as well and they very well have been the source of infestation by the spiders. Back inside the house as I was about to sit on the couch and once again the dreaded front legs poked out from the cushions, except this large spider had only 4 legs and after it emerged it was obvious that the exoskeleton was metal and it seed mechanical. It was at this point that I awoke, it struck me as most odd that I am able to remember so much of the dream in such vivid detail as usually my dreams fade away very quickly when I wake. I apologize about the length of this message. Have a great day.