Monday June 3rd – Grand Water Trine Begins

The energy is shifting very dramatically in this next cycle that’s coming up with the New Moon on Saturday.  We can already feel it, and “feeling it” is the name of the game for the next month or two.

All of the planets that have been traveling together that represent our personal sense of Self will be moving into Cancer – bringing lots of water, lots of grace (lots of deep emotions, too, but better depths of emotion than waves of chaos, right?).  This watery Cancer energy will be harmoniously interacting with Saturn in the Water-Sign of Scorpio and Neptune in the Water-Sign of Pisces, forming a triangle of Water energy. 

A Grand Water Trine brings harmony and flow in the sensibility that the element of Water brings to us (think fluidity, flexibility and all of the powerful Feminine energies we so need right now).

Look for my article on this upcoming New Moon weekend which should be coming mid-week.  Meanwhile, take advantage of today’s fiery Aries Moon; it may be the last spark of ignition you will have for a while.  Start something up today!

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