Mars Cycle Ends – Venus Cycle Begins! Head and Heart Unites!!

It’s gear shift time.  We are just coming out of a fairly intense Mars cycle, just in time for the Venus cycle that starts in earnest next month.  No matter what your experience of last month was and no matter how you may want to qualify it as “bad,” I assure you what was happening was a quantum-level, personal expansion.  Let’s look at what’s on tap for the next few days and lay the groundwork for what’s just ahead.

Mars is the activating principle in our world and he has been retrograde for the past few months.  For the past week, he has not really moved at all, and though he turns around and goes direct tomorrow, he still won’t begin to pick up any significant speed for another week.  Have you felt like progress and movement has eluded you?  I certainly have.  This is the fourth day I’ve attempted to write this article.  So if you’ve been feeling like a horse stuck the gate, know that the gate is (finally) about to lift and where you’ve been aching to get to will shortly be within your reach.

This delay is not without great purpose or advantage.  When a planet stations, that is when it appears to be not moving at all (like Mars is now) is when it is at its most powerful and more importantly, its most objective.  At the end of this article, I will outline a process that can best take advantage of this objectivity specifically designed to prepare you better for the Venus cycle coming in May.

The personal planets are representative of our personal consciousness.  We’ve just been treated to what can happen on the inner landscape when Mars (our physical bodies and our tangible experience on this earth plane) goes retrograde (an integration process) in the sign of Virgo (mastery over the human experience).  During that cycle, we also had Mercury (the Mind) going retrograde (an inward journey) over the connecting point between Pisces and Aries (the point of rebirth).  This signaled a rebirth of how the Mind interacts with the physical world we think of as our three dimensional reality.  Fun, huh?  Well, this has really been preparatory work for what is coming next.

And what is coming next is a profound journey of the Heart.  Oh, thank the Goddess for that!  Everything that truly matters these days connects with learning to live fully heart-centered, no matter what.  What that means is can you live in your heart no matter what you are confronted with in your personal life, your community and work experience or even the national and international news?

This next cycle will help you do just that.  Venus moved into Gemini last week and this is noteworthy in a number of ways.  Most importantly, she is the next personal planet to go retrograde, which she does beginning May 15th.  Mars and Venus do not retrograde with any regularity in the way that Mercury does.  To have such close proximity of personal planet retrogrades is very significant.  On a more profound level, however, is that she does this in Gemini, the sign that rules Mercury, the frequency of the Mind.  With the planet that rules our Heart (Venus) doing an integration dance in the sign that the Mind most identifies with (Gemini), the opportunity to align head and heart has never been better.

With Mars standing still in the sky over the next few days, there is an incredible opportunity on tap to be extremely objective.  Take stock of where you’ve come in the past two months.  Identify for yourself the ways in which you have connected to what your heart shows you on a regular basis.  Identify the ways in which your head still holds sway.  Prepare yourself to let go of allowing your head to guide you so that you can begin trusting your heart more and more profoundly.

There is one human experience that is fairly universal in terms of blocking access to the heart, and that is resentment.  This is a perfect time to do forgiveness work.  Are there people in your life that you need to release from grudges you have been holding?  Are there people you have forgiven in the past, but you might need to do another round of internal house cleaning because they have crept back into your awareness?  And the most important question of all: Is the person who most needs your forgiveness yourself?

Here’s my assignment to you for this weekend.  Take a bit of time to get quiet when and where you won’t be interrupted.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen.  Pick a person, even yourself, and use this guideline to write them a letter.  This is for you alone and should not be sent.  This way, you are more likely to allow yourself to go to a deeper, more authentic place in your expression.

Once you have the person firmly in mind, begin writing using this outline:

 Start with “I am angry that….”

Once you have gotten out all of the vitriol, go to the next step with:

 “I am sad that…..”

The last part of this is to complete the following idea:

 “The deepest desire of my heart now is…..”

When you have done this, my recommendation is the burn the paper, put the ashes in either the ground or in a potted plant and then water it.  This brings all of the Elements together in the process.  Air is the intellectual exercise of the writing.  You bring Fire into the picture by burning the resulting expression.  You ground it with Earth by putting the energy into the soil and you add the element of Water by, well, adding water.

This is an extremely powerful process to do at any time with any person and focusing on any issue.  However, this particular point in time and space makes it extremely fertile for making space for the heart-integration that is just around the corner.  Have at it!

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