Last Week’s Full Moon – Take Stock This Week!

What a time we had last week.  Each day felt as full as a week within itself.  When I look around my world, nothing seems to be the same as it was.  This is especially true in the world of relationships.

Astrology is often used for glancing forward; like checking the weather before heading out on an excursion to make sure you are properly prepared.  Now and then, however, the best use of astrology is a backward glance.  Such is the case with the energy of the Full Moon.  Let’s take a look at what occurred in the cosmos last week and see if it can help inform you about the deeper shifts that are on tap now.

When the Sun and the Moon face each other every month from across the heavens, they are in the full expression of their dynamic relationship.  Everything that can be seen is visible in that moment when the Sun’s rays are fully reflected by the entire surface of his lover’s otherwise hidden face.  This is the moment in our journey each month, where we are able to see everything there is to see about who we are and how we are doing.

The archetypes involved here are Leo and Aquarius.  The Full Moon was in Leo, so the personal question to ask yourself is “Are you doing enough of that which brings you joy?”  The Sun in Aquarius asks “Are you paying attention to the needs of your community?”  These two together reminds us that it is when we funnel our joy into anything that will benefit humanity, the world opens up to us in unexpected and wonderful ways.

This particular Full Moon had two additional energetic elements that made it significant.  Firstly, Mercury was involved.  This is the planet that represents the frequency of communication, words and the mind.  Mercury was right where the Sun was during the lunation.  The Sun sheds light on things and generates life force where it is focused.  By adding the element of Mercury, you have a moment of true heralding.  It is almost as of the Archangel Gabrielle was participating in this moment, shedding light on just how far you’ve come at this juncture in time.  Take stock of where you are in your own personal journey in terms of deriving joy from the serving of humanity.

The second moment of note was the energy of the later part of last week.  There was a very powerful configuration in the sky involving Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.  That’s a lot of players and they all spelled a beautiful sense of expansion.  The specific shape that they made in the sky has a fun little name; it’s called a Yod.  Better still is its nickname:  It’s known as The Finger of God.  A Finger of God is a moment where fate steps in.

Late last week, we were all pushed into new territory by circumstances and inspirations that were beyond the personal.  This transit featured the moon moving into the sign of Libra.  Libra rules relationships, so the arena in which this movement played out for most of us was the realm of deep, personal interactions with the loved ones in our lives.  A lot happened last week for many people in this area.

Amidst all of this, the great Teacher, Saturn went retrograde, also in the sign of Libra.  It did so at the thirtieth degree of that sign, which is the point of mastery.  This frequency asked each and every one of us to step up to the plate with regard to relationship issues.  If relationships are changing dramatically under this influence, you can definitely feel the hand of God on the whole process.  Divine Order is being made manifest, sometimes through some very rocky transmutation of how those relationships are structured.

And once again we are reminded that there is no “out there” out there.  The quality of ALL of our relationships is based solely and directly on the quality of our relationship with ourselves and with the Divine.  Last week was a moment where we were all being tested in this area.  What grade would you give yourself now that we have a little distance and perspective?  Know this: whatever has shifted for you, it is in the perfect and natural order of things.  On this day when love is in the air, the question to ask yourself is are you your own Valentine?

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