I broke into a warehouse and forced the worker’s to watch Shakespeare!

So I saw this post on facebook from Brett.

“I dreamt the other night that Derek Medina and I broke into a warehouse with masks and pistols. We took over the place and forced the workers, at gunpoint, to watch an educational Shakespeare show.”

In a post, I said to Brett that if he told me who Derek Medina was, that I’d be happy to interpret his dream on my blog.  I got this reply:

“Awesome! Derek is my longtime performing and fight-directing collaborator.”

Of course, I need a little more information about Derek.  In the principle that all inhabitants of a dream are actually character aspects of the dreamer, I asked Brett to give me three adjectives that describe him.  The three he shared with me were “straightforward,” “spiritual,” and “free-spirited.”

A few things to know about this dreamer.  He is an accomplished and talented actor who has an expertise in Shakespeare.  And since Derek is a collaborator in this arena, we have a lot of information available as to what part of Brett’s life is being examined in this dream; this is a dream about his current relationship to his artistic life as an actor.  It is also likely exhibiting elements of the struggle around this part of his life as the character aspect he has with him in the dream is the person who helps him with combat choreography.  It’s a dream about the fighting aspect of being an actor.

The setting of the warehouse tells us that we are in a part of Brett’s psyche that is off the beaten track of his every day thoughts and actions.  A warehouse is not only a storage facility (old thoughts and ideas) it is also a redistribution center where objects are stored until they can be shipped off to another location where they will be utilized more effectively – perhaps in this dream, what is being stored in the warehouse of the mind might be pent up creative energy.

The masks and gunpoint are fascinating details.  Both connect to the persona; the part of the psyche that deals with how you show up in the world and how you are seen by others.  Something about this moment makes Brett feel he must hide his true intent and/or feelings (mask) and that he must be prepared to increase his perceived power with enormous intensity (the guns).

The resource he brings with him in the guise of Derek, long time performing and fight-directing collaborator, tells us that whatever the waking-life situations are that are triggering this dream, they inspire the dreamer to have at the ready a more straight-forward approach to current challenges, but to also be prepared to be more free-spirited and spiritual at the same time.  He may need to fight for something he believes in, but the fight had better be well planned and, ultimately, more of a dance than an actual brawl.

We round out the interpretation by virtue of the final scene.  With criminal intent, Brett and Derek break into this warehouse and descend upon the innocent workers unawares,  flashing their guns and order them to, what?  Watch an educational Shakespeare show.  Sounds a little anti-climactic to me, but it’s not my dream.  Only the dreamer can provide the meaning for this salient part of the dream.  But clearly it connects to some effort to balance the polarities of force (break-in) and surrender (Derek, the character aspect of light-heartedness), aggression (fighting) and assertiveness (fight choreography) being stuck (the warehouse) and being creative (the Shakespeare show). 

The question that this dream leaves me for the dreamer is, “what do you need to do right now in your life to feel more creatively fulfilled.

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