Hunted by wolves in the forest in my dream.

I thought I would share this dream which came in through the Facebook page “Perchance To Dream.”  Join us there if you are so inclined!

Here’s what our dreamer had to say:  I have had a very similar dream twice in the last week. I am in some kind of forest with my brother (who I have always been very close to but don’t see much since we live far apart). It’s night time and we are hiding from some kind of dangerous creatures which are out to get me, I get the feeling of wolves or something similar. We end up hiding in a small shack or cabin but I am desperate to find a way out because I know my children are somewhere in the forest.

I would love to know what that could mean!

And my reply:  Forests are part of the land, which means they represent areas of the conscious mind (as opposed to the ocean which represents the unconscious). However, the density of trees makes this dream relate to thought patterns which are deeply buried and hard to discern. This is basically a dream about Shadow material (the unwanted, disowned parts of the self).

That you are with your beloved brother probably connects this dream with ways in which you operate in the world that connect to your family of origin; patterns that you and your brother might share. He also would represent the part of your own personality that most resonates with ways he operates in the world that you might consider helpful assets.

The dangerous creatures are typical fear-based symbols that plague all of us human beings (fear, doubt, rage, hurt, loss, etc.). Wolves in particular are mysterious creatures of the night, further relating this dream to Shadow material.

Wolves are also sometimes connected to the feminine principle (they howl at the Moon and are sometimes known to offer mothering to wayward foundlings!). And since your own children feature prominently in this dream, I wouldn’t be surprised if what is being expressed by this dream doesn’t connect to the way in which you were mothered and the way in which you, in turn, mother your children.

The small shack or cabin represents your sense of self (houses = sense of self) that is small and diminished when you are facing some of your deeper fears.

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