Full Moon Ritual This Weekend – Powerful Change Is Afoot!

We are building to a Full Moon which is exact at 8:18pm PDT on Saturday evening September 29th. In my last article, I pointed out that this lunar cycle is without a doubt the most intense of the year. And this Full Moon is the crescendo of the month, so it absolutely bears paying attention to.

The Moon represents our unconscious mind, which can only be seen by virtue of the light that the consciousness of the Sun shines on it and its ability to reflect that light back to us. When the Moon is full, we can see the most of what can be seen at any given time. One of the benefits of such a moment is that we can clearly see that which no longer serves us and therefore needs to be released. When we take advantage of the opportunity that a Full Moon offers us, we usher in the expansion of our consciousness faster and more powerfully than if we were to leave everything up to chance.

Part of what makes this Full Moon so extreme is how directly connected it is to the ongoing square (obstacles and confrontations that change or build things) of Pluto (the frequency of change through destruction and regeneration) and Uranus (the frequency of change through sudden shifts and bursts of enlightenment). These two planets began this dance earlier this past summer and will continue to square each other through retrograde motion a five more times over the next few years.

This square gets activated any time a faster moving planet moves into territory that connects to the shape they are making in space. When this happens, the energetic themes that these two planets are generating get a big jolt of energy. Saturday’s Full Moon does just this and does so in a way that makes it potentially very intense. The wheel of evolution is turning mightily and this weekend marks a significant rush in the winds of change.

The Moon will be conjunct Uranus on Saturday, meaning they will be in the exact same place in the heavens in an influential meeting. The conjunction is the most powerful relationship in astrology because the force of each increases the energy of the other. Uranus is the lightning flash that can change any situation in a flash, making this Full Moon filled with surprising possibilities.

The Sun is opposing this meeting from the sign of Libra, where Saturn is making his last hurrah (read my last article if you need an update of what that means). The light of our awareness is going to be shining on our Libra consciousness. This will help make the way we are still stuck in separation consciousness or suffering from the perils of duality very clear indeed. If you can see it, you can make an adjustment to it more effectively. Taken all together, this picture allows us to create big changes in an instant.

We harvest during the Full Moon, so this is a moment to recognize and receive the benefit of the work we have done thus far. More importantly, we cast off that which doesn’t serve us when we reap. Focusing on that element of bringing in the crop will pay the most dividends at this time. Think of wheat: We keep the grain, but most of the plant is discarded and left unused. You can consider all those stalks and stems as wasted, but in truth, they decompose and help fertilize the field for next season’s growth. What we leave behind serves us very well.

This is a perfect opportunity for a releasing ritual. Take some time over the weekend (Saturday night would be the most powerful time, but any time on Saturday, Sunday or Monday will do) to attend to this process in a sacred way. Look to any area of your life that indicates it is time to let something go. Certainly if you have been following my posts, you will have a sense of what areas of your life and your thinking are not supporting you.

Identify what you wish to let go of and step into a powerful declaration of your freedom from that which has kept you in bondage. Make a list of behaviors you are done with, create a drawing of the scenarios that have held you back or write out the story you have been telling yourself that you no longer wish to stay attached do. And since Aries is a Fire Sign, burn whatever you create in the flames of transmutation. Do this and watch what happens!

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One Response to Full Moon Ritual This Weekend – Powerful Change Is Afoot!

  1. Rita M. Carreon September 29, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    Thank you for this Michael… I think my Full Moon hit Me approximately 3 weeks ago though… a sudden and dramatic breakup occurred that I was already having mixed feelings about. (a relationship that was not to my highest purpose) I’m still mourning the loss, however day by day I get a little stronger. I will doing a writing burning ritual tonight/tomorrow. Thank you for this explanation of what I am going through.