Full Moon In Taurus – First In Scorpio Landscape!!

Monday afternoon is the first Full Moon of the new Scorpio paradigm and it bears paying attention to. This past week offered a significant shift into this territory with two major conjunctions in the sky on Thursday. The Sun (Consciousness), who just last week moved into this territory, joined up with Saturn (the Teacher) while Mercury (the Mind) met with the North Node of the Moon (the Future) – all in the sign of Scorpio. The Full Moon is in Taurus, reflecting the Sun shining his light in the Scorpio consciousness, bringing the manifestation of thought into form in a grounded and practical way into full focus. I am writing this because it is a good moment to take stock of exactly where you are in your personal journey.

Scorpio is the alchemist; profound levels of change, transformation and instantaneous manifestation are now the name of the game. I have been watching this process speed up. It is now so fast it is absolutely alarming. And this is just the beginning.

Taurus, where the Moon will be on Monday, is a very physical sign. It’s all about stability, comfort, touch and our tactile nature. Get your body moving and grounded in preparation for this next download and you will receive the most benefit.

Saturn, the Teacher, moved into Scorpio at the beginning of the month, marking the beginning of a two and a half year period of lessons to be learned in the area of being responsible for our thoughts. Of course, you don’t need to accept that responsibility, but since it is your thoughts that create your reality, you might want to take this lesson plan to heart (there’s a pun buried in there; did you catch it?). The Sun rules our Consciousness. What made this past Thursday so significant is the Sun, the last body to finally enter Scorpio, met up with Saturn, fully engaging our Consciousness in the Scorpio journey. Game on!

Toward the far side of the Scorpio realm is the North Node of the Moon, which backed its way into Scorpio a few weeks ago as well (the Nodes of the Moon move backward in the sky). This powerful point in Astrology is a slow moving direction-maker that guides us toward the future. It represents Dharma, which is the energetic opposite of Kharma. Work diligently with your Kharma (life lessons) and you will naturally be deposited toward your Dharma (destiny). This is the entire point of life, in fact.

It will take eighteen months for the North Node to cross Scorpio. And the simultaneous entrance into Scorpio by Saturn (which rules Kharma, by the way) and the North Node is incredibly significant. The Teacher (Saturn) and the way-shower (North Node) are coming together in the sign of manifestation. We are truly being led into a world where we are fully responsible for everything we experience, for we are the creators. While this may feel overwhelming, there is a tremendous amount of power here. Great healing and miraculous transformations are possible; the next two years is major in this regard.

In my last article, I pointed out that outrageous synchronicity of Mercury and Saturn moving into Scorpio at the exact same moment in time on October 5th. That meeting was a gathering of the Mind and the Teacher, setting us up to receive information about the lessons to come. Last week, Mercury met up with the North Node. The agenda at that meeting was to give absolute clarity to our actual movement and direction that these lessons will provide. Think of it as an alignment of your conscious and unconscious minds, bringing them into congruity. It is crucial to pay attention to the recent messages your life offered up to you this week. What guidance have you recently received about your journey? If it came up last week, it was important information indeed.

The Moon is full exactly at 12:48pm PDT, but the wave of energy will be felt for a full three days Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Here’s the beauty of ritual: Anything can be turned into a powerful experience by adding the element of intention. I plan on getting a massage on Tuesday and bringing to the event a sense of sacred realization of all that I am creating in my life and my work at this moment in time. Given that Taurus governs the bodies’ delight in being sensual, this is actually a perfect expression of the celebration I expect this upcoming week to be. Find your own version of this for yourself; make it something that will feel good in an earthy sort of way. Move your body. Do some gardening. Play with clay. Whatever you do, add to it the intention of grounding into your physical presence all the blessings that your life has to offer you at this time.

The eclipses are coming in November, which bring the opportunity to truly integrate all that has taken place in the past six months into our consciousness on a permanent level. I will be writing about those events as they get closer to help us all prepare for how to best utilize that powerful occurrence. In the meantime, be on notice that the new session of life-school has begun and the name of the course we are taking is All Thoughts Become Form: Manifest Responsibly. Class is hereby in session! Good luck to us all.

3 Responses to Full Moon In Taurus – First In Scorpio Landscape!!

  1. Lia Mari October 27, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    Thank you so much!

  2. Maya Edwards October 29, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    Thank you, Micheal. It’s always good to be reminded that thoughts have wings and as we think, so we shall become. And so it is!