Full Moon In Capricorn – Let’s Go Fly A Kite!!

The Full Moon in Capricorn is exact this Sunday morning at 4:30am PDT.  By now, you have all probably read about it being a “Super Moon,” which is when she is at her closest proximity to Earth.  The Sun is still in his three-day Solstice placement, where he is the highest in the ecliptic, the system of parallels that the planets orbit around.  Given the Sun is at his zenith and the Moon is at her nearest, the beautiful dance between the Masculine and Feminine, the Conscious and the Unconscious, has never been so prominent in our awareness.  Remember that if it is happening out there in the Cosmos, it is also happening inside of you.

I have written and spoken extensively about the Grand Water Trine that we are smack dab in the middle of.  The Sun moving into Cancer this past Thursday night is increasing the power of this healing structure.  We are heading for a deep activation of this when the Sun hits 5 degrees of Cancer next week.  At the same time, Jupiter will move into Cancer bringing even more volume to the flow of Water in our archetypal makeup.  In this way, the peak of this experience is still yet to come.  That said, this Full Moon will activate something that I have not yet articulated that will illuminate just how transformative this time is.

A Grand Water Trine divides the cosmos into three equal parts resulting in a large equilateral triangle.  A Trine in and of itself cannot actually bring about change; it can only increase the flow of energy that is available.  Add just one point in opposition to any one of the corners that make up that triangle and the resulting shape looks exactly like a kite, which is the term used in astrology to describe such a patterning.  And what do kites do?  They fly!   Suddenly, the increased flow of the Trine can actually burst forth into a soaring experience of shifting consciousness.

The key activation point of this current configuration is in the Cancer domain as Mercury, Venus, the Sun and soon Jupiter and Mars all bring this shape to life.  The real big news, however, is Pluto hanging out in Capricorn, the sign that is at the opposite position in the sky to Cancer.  These Cancer activation points generate the tail of this particular kite, but the head of the kite is Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the archetype of total transformation.  By the time we get to the end of summer, nothing will have escaped the crucible of alchemy that this moment has generated.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs just close enough to Pluto in astrological terms to be within what is known as the “orb of influence.”  An orb in mathematics is an arc of energy that implies enough proximity to engender a powerful relationship between two points.  This Full Moon, which is super-sized and powerful in and of itself, will also reflect the Sun’s light at the moment when it is at his absolute highest heights of expressiveness.  And if that’s not big enough, it is within the orb of influence to Pluto, pulling his capacity for transmutation well into the mix, making the Kite that is our lives right now fly like mad.  What an opportunity to harness universal energy and cosmic power!

Capricorn is the archetype that allows us to aim high and go far.  The Goat’s trip to the mountaintop not only signifies the achieving of goals and aspirations, it also represents our ability to connect to the Divine that is the highest part of our consciousness.  One of the most potent tools of the Full Moon is the release of that which no longer serves.  If you combine these two elements in your Full Moon ritual this weekend, you will be well on your way to embodying the spiritual mastery that this time has to offer.

Capricorn is grounded Earth energy.  Tap into your wordless knowing, that part of your being that can lean into a moment and declare, “This feels right to me.”  Even if your cognitive mind has no idea what you are talking about, your heart knows you are on the right track.  If you feel the need to identify a habit or pattern that you know has blocked you in the past and you are ready to let go of, use that as the portal to your ritual experience.  Write something that you feel complete and done with on a piece of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet and be rid of it courtesy of the Grand Water Trine.  Then put on some rhythmic music and just dance around the living room, feeling into your life and what you are creating for yourself and use the mantra:  This. Feels.  Right.  To.  Me.  The Heart’s Intelligence speaks to us in this way and when you learn how to tap into it, it offers an undeniable clarity that will help you fly your own Kite into the magnificent future you are creating.

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