First New Moon Of Summer – And WHAT A Summer!!

The New Moon is upon us Wednesday evening and it is once again time to plant seeds of intention.  Astrologically speaking, it has already been a jam-packed summer and the season is only a few weeks old.  As such, I have been tempted to write several times.  However, I prefer to direct you to an opportunity to take action toward the expansion of your consciousness rather than just report on the weather.  New Moons are always such an opportunity, and so I offer this view of what’s on tap so that you can best utilize the power of the lunation that is coming up.

In order to fully understand the majesty of this time, it is best if we go back a few decades.  The slow moving outer planets hold sway over our societal structures and their interactions with each other have a powerful effect on our social consciousness.  Fifty years ago, Pluto (change through destruction) and Uranus (change through sudden awakenings) met up at the exact same place.  The combination of these two frequencies teaming up brought us the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution, the women’s movement, gay liberation and the first anti-war demonstrations.  Life on Earth would never be the same.

When the Sun and the Moon are in the same place, it is called the New Moon and we know that as seed-planting time.  One week later is the First Quarter Moon, when the Moon and the Sun are at a 90 degree angle toward each other.  This hard angle represents a moment of crisis when any challenges to the seeds that have been planted are going to arise.  The same is true of the cycle of any two heavenly bodies.  When Pluto and Uranus came together, society was planting the seeds of dramatic change.  Now, five decades later, these two planets are squaring each other and we have reached that crisis moment where we are being confronted with the challenges and obstacles associated with the intentions for peace we set during the originating aspect.

When the outside world is in chaos, we must turn within.  When we clear away any obstacles to living grounded in our own Hearts, only then will we see a world reflected back to us where there is peace and harmony.  Today, our job is to focus on what we want to create for ourselves, our lives and the world in which we live.  This includes a graceful ability to turn away from the enmity that is out there.  Not to deny it or squeeze it out of our focus, but to simply say, “That doesn’t interest me; I am focused on Light and Love.”  The necessity to do so now and to do so with utter conviction and constancy is more important than ever before.

While the current big news involves the outer planets, therefore impacting our social experience, it takes a connection with the inner, “personal” planets to make an astrological event more profoundly, well, personal.  Mercury just went retrograde last night (I can hear the collective, “what again??”) and this is actually going to help.  In fact, the simultaneous retrograde of both Uranus and Mercury couldn’t have been better timed.

Uranus went retrograde on Thursday and Mercury on Saturday of this past week; astrologically speaking that is essentially simultaneous.  These two planets are also related to each other as they both resonate with the mind.  Mercury is the small, human mind and Uranus the Mind with a capital M.  Uranus is considered the great awakener, and these two planets going retrograde at the same time is a fantastic opportunity to transform how we utilize our minds AND our Minds in order to free ourselves from the bondage that thinking and cerebral mentality has over us.  That they are doing this one hundred and twenty degrees apart, the distance of a triangle, makes this process easier than it might normally be as the trine is the angle of grace, ease and flow.

Where you focus your mental attention dictates the experience of your life.  There is no mistaking that almost all of the energy present in this moment is in the Masculine Principle, and yet both the Sun AND the Moon are in the deeply feminine sign of Cancer.  We are all being given a profound opportunity to be the Light and Love we wish to be, NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING on the outer landscape of our lives.

The New Moon that is coming this Wednesday evening is exact at 9:23pm PDT.  I love when the New Moon occurs at night as the best time to ritually take advantage of this energy is in the hours before the Sun and Moon actually connect.  We benefit from the thrust that the New Moon generates for us for days after it occurs, but the juiciest time is in what is called the Dark-of-the-Moon, which is the hours before the event itself.  What better way to honor the nurturing, self-care element of Cancer (actually Cancer is more about care for others, but in this time where we truly understand that there’s no “out there” out there, all care is self-care) than to make sacred your preparation for sleep.

Take a ritual bath if you can (Cancer is a water sign, so the more water you can include the better).  If you make a list of intentions, plant them as seeds in the ground or in a house plant and be sure to water them liberally.  Center your objectives on this concept of staying grounded in your Heart no matter what the outside world is throwing at you.  Remember that the Universe doesn’t distinguish between your thoughts about the past (resentment) or your ruminations on the future (anxiety).  Stay focused powerfully on what is happening in the very moment that you are IN and your Heart will lead the way into the new world we are creating for ourselves and each other.

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2 Responses to First New Moon Of Summer – And WHAT A Summer!!

  1. Lia Mari July 19, 2012 at 1:06 am #

    Excellent article, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  2. SheekHair December 23, 2015 at 2:19 pm #

    Ever since Mercury went retrograde my blog gets more reraeds. But maybe now that I’m a Catholic rather than a Pagan either I’m immune to Mercury or it has a reverse effect.There’s an old Rabbinical tradition that Jews are immune to astrological effects and since Christianity is in essence an outgrowth of Judaism the same probably applies.But when I was into the astrology thing I did a lot of horoscopes of famous persons with a computerized astrology program and there are often some very fascinating coincidences.