First Eclipse Of 2013: Full Moon In Scorpio

We have come to the first eclipse season of 2013.  The eclipses are an extremely important moment in the rhythm of expanding consciousness.  The never-ending interaction of the light of the Sun and the reflection of the Moon is consciousness itself, in a constant dance of expression and reflection.  Every six months, this relentless process is interrupted in order for a true shift to take place.  The breaking of the beam is not unlike what REM sleep and dreaming is to the brain; during that respite, we discard that which is unnecessary and integrate the important stuff and wake up smarter and wiser.  Eclipses do the same for us, but on a larger scale.

Because of the geometrical angles that are currently in place, we are going to experience two Lunar Eclipses with a Solar Eclipse sandwiched in between them.  This three-in-a-row configuration is what is known as a wormhole.  Just like in a sci-fi special effect (or for real, in the world of quantum physics) a wormhole picks you up in one place in time/space and transports you clear across time/space into brand new territory.  Such is the lay of the land from this April 25th through June 7th.  The more aware you are of where you want to go, the more likely you will be to land somewhere you will be happy to be.

A lot has gone on in the past few months.  There have been a number of Fingers of God; dozens of them, in fact.  These are moments where the fork in the road has been undeniable and unavoidable.  Habits and patterns are being dropped like layers of clothes that suddenly become obsolete as things heat up.  I trust that you have been facing these moments of choice by taking the higher road to the best of your ability to do so.

The Uranian Jolt which highlighted the earlier part of this month helped us surge into new realms; often because we had no choice.  Unexpected events and out-of-the-blue occurrences rocked our world and sent us into unchartered territory.  Don’t forget that for every explosion that happened in the outside world, there was equal combustion inside each of us.  There is no “out there” out there and everything we see is simply a reflection of our own consciousness.  As the chaos heats up, it has never been more important to know this on a deep level and return to Love as fast as you possibly can every time you are knocked off balance.

This past weekend should have offered some clarity about the impulses you have been feeling building up for the past three weeks.  It is finally time to take action.  It has never been more important to be mindful about whatever choices you make, for any action taken over the next six weeks will have profound repercussions as you move into the future you are creating.  If you thought that the phenomenon of thought manifesting instantly into form has been increasing of late, get ready for more, because a wormhole multiplies that process abundantly!

Most of the focal energy that we are working with now is in the sign of Taurus.  Over time, the faster planets move around in what is known as splash/gather/splash/gather.  That is, they splash around in a spread out distribution, and then gather together in a bunch.  We are currently in a period of a gather, where the inner planets are traveling in what is essentially a group formation, moving through the signs together.  In February, the focus was in Pisces where we all took a dive into the inner domain of the Collective Unconscious.  Then, late March into April was Aries in nature where the thrust of new beginnings and out of the blue occurrences came seemingly from nowhere.   We are now entering into the Taurus portion of our journey, making the next six weeks a key time in the manifestation process, as Taurus connects to the tangible energy of Form.

On Thursday of this week, the Full Moon will be exact at 12:57pm PDT, making that afternoon and evening a perfect time to do a serious assessment of what it is you are up to in the world.  Since the Moon is in the alchemizing energy of Scorpio and the Sun is in the grounded, earthy sign of Taurus, the entire wormhole is characterized by creating what you desire concretely in the here and now.

It’s always best to start with what is, and that’s a great use of the Full Moon’s energy.  If you still feel a little lost about what you are up to creating for yourself, start with making a gratitude list for what you currently have in your life (always an excellent Full Moon ritual, by the way).  There will be a chance to plant seeds of intention with the New Moon on May 9th and another chance to recognize your Higher Truth with the third lunation of the worm hole, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 24th.  I will write before each of these to guide your journey through each of those moments.  For now, prepare yourself to have a sacred evening of magnificent self-expression Thursday night.  In terms of designing a ritual for yourself, consider this: What would you do to celebrate being a mystical person of enormous power if you were just that.  Then remember that you are and have at it!

Don’t forget that Saturn and the North Node of the Moon are both in Scorpio all year long (and longer).  That puts an enormous amount of energetic emphasis on the Scorpio consciousness which always includes its opposite sign, Taurus.  Back in 2012, I was pointing out that Saturn (the Teacher) and the North Node of the Moon (the Future) in Scorpio (the Alchemist), makes for this year and most of next year very much about being responsible for the power that we all wield as co-creators of our experience.

Think of this worm hole as a frenzied upgrade into higher ground as far as generating your own destiny goes.  We are doing this all the time whether we are aware of it or not.  With awareness, we create the life of our dreams.  Without it, what we create comes straight out of our unconscious Shadow.  Both versions lead us to our perfect destiny, but which route would you prefer?  The choice is yours.


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  1. Paula Capocchi April 25, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    Thanks for this info Michael!

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    Thanks for this info Michael!