Embodiment and the Integrated Life
Practical Tools for How to Be In the Unknown and Thrive Every Day
Shalom Mountain in Upstate New York
Thursday, April 07, 2016 to Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Masterful Life is one that is lead with your daily spiritual practice as the natural foundation for all else you wish to embody and create. When your spiritual practice is placed first, everything else will fall into place naturally and organically.

The Heart has an intelligence of its own and the Body holds all the wisdom we could ever need. And yet, the thought of opening to this great mystery of masterful living can cause fear and constriction. In this weekend retreat, Dr. Michael Lennox will help you navigate the deep waters of the Soul by bringing his multi-varied experience together in one comprehensive curriculum. Designed to shift your relationship to this beautiful world, you will dive into the mystery of life through dreams, breath, movement, ritual, creative expression, meditation and mysticism. When we awaken the Teacher within, we come to live and embody a life that is integrated and vibrant. Join us for this rich, dynamic, and illuminating weekend. You will leave transformed.

Come and join me for a weekend of deepening consciousness and exploring what it is to live a masterful life! I will be facilitating a weekend retreat at the mystical Shalom Mountain in upstate New York this spring. From Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon, April 7th through the 11th, we will explore dreams, ritual work, breath-work, ecstatic dance, affirmative prayer and more, as well as tools brought forward by the leadership in the circle that gathers.

This immersion weekend is designed to deepen your commitment to your own spiritual practice and inspire you to leave prepared to inspire others. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER!