Eleven Eleven Eleven – Is There Anything To This?

Eleven-eleven-eleven is upon us!  I initially had tremendous resistance to the notion that this moment in time had any real significance.  However, I was asked what I thought about it so frequently, that I had many opportunities to consider all sides of the idea embodied by Friday’s date.

I certainly believe in the power of synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of unrelated phenomenon that, as a result of their proximity, seem to have tremendous meaning.  My life is so filled with this today that I can’t even separate my day to day experience as having it or not having it.  It is visible every moment of every day; from conversations of strangers on the street aligning with words that are coming out of my mouth, to the subject matter on television replicating itself as I change the channels.

But is the synchronistic lining up of numbers in a date enough to merit so much fascination?  After all, as a friend said to me the other day, “It’s just a man made date.”  And he’s right, in a way.  The Gregorian calendar that we follow is relatively new; it was first proposed only four hundred years ago.  And the numerology just doesn’t work out either.  Those principles require that you add the digits of any number up to find its final value (except in the case of master numbers, 11, 22 and 33).  But when you add up 2011, you get four, not eleven.

However, as the date gets closer, I find myself more and more attracted to the notion of its power.  In fact, I plan on spending the entire day in meditative contemplation.  I encourage anyone who is reading this to find their own way of honoring this moment in time as special and transformative.  So I thought I’d do my part by sharing with you my resistance, how I dealt with it and what my thinking is now.

Let’s start with the numerology.  While this year resonates with the number four, which represents foundations and structure (think building blocks, which are square), there is the fact that Friday is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the new millennium.  There is elegance in this alignment that is undeniable.  The number eleven relates to the same meaning of the number two, only on a masterful level.  Part of that meaning has to do with duality.  The mastery of eleven is connected to the end of duality and the beginning of a unity that encompasses both sides of everything that used to be thought of as separate.  Things like you and me, or us and them.

And while it is easy to dismiss the calendar as irrelevant, consider this:  For many thousands of years, people on earth used many different ways to mark time.  Never before has the possibility of a new, global world order been so prevalent.  And the fact that the now seven billion people on this planet are all aligned with the same measure of time, the power of the collective has never been greater.

This brings me to that which is at the heart of this phenomenon; the collective consciousness.  There is some very compelling research that has shown that when large world events occur, there is a measurable response in the realm of thought.  There is a mechanism that uses an electromagnetic field in connection to the creation of random number sequencing.  This mechanism shows that the sequence of numbers is impacted when someone focuses their thoughts on the machine.  It is supposed that the electromagnetic force from the individual’s brain is what is shifting the numbers in the machine.  Hundreds of these boxes have been placed all over the world and the data has been examined to reveal that there is a clearly measurable shift during large world events.  It has been proven in a scientifically sound way that our collective thoughts have energy.

If this is true, then the power of eleven-eleven-eleven lies in this gathered energy of thought.  In my personal world view, I believe that we are all connected and that there is really just one mind and that we are all part of that one mind.  Further, I believe that our individual minds connected on the same thought is probably the most powerful force there is in the Universe.  It is focusing this power on peace that can actually bring peace into existence.

Peace begins with us as individuals, and the most important thing any of us can do to affect change on this planet is to find that change inside ourselves and be the change we wish to see in the world.  I believe this as more than just mere words.  I am committed to healing my heart completely and moving out into the world in love and light.  The more I do this, the better my world seems to be.  And a moment in time where millions of people are doing the same thing on the same day is a big moment indeed!  I hope you do your part.

Come back later in the week for a description of the astrological significance of this week’s transits!

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