Dreaming of famous people: What do celebrities mean in dreams?

by mlennox on December 16, 2010

I saw this post from a facebook friend:

“Now WHY did I dream about naked dancers from the 70s having a Christmas party in a parking lot outside in zero degrees??? And why was Janet Jackson wearing pink mascara in my dream! Errrr yeah! She was at the party too! Damn, night nurse and brandy hot toddies…. Wow!”

And while I’m not going to venture an interpretation of this particular celebrity in this particular dreamer’s psyche – it inspired me to share the term Celebrity from my upcoming book Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide to Interpreting Any Dream coming in February.


Universal Landscape: Archetypal Character Aspect; heightened expressions of human traits or qualities.

Dreaming Lens:  Were you with a celebrity intimately or was it a celebrity sighting?  Did you know each other?  What was the connection between you?  Were there other people around?  Did you have sex?  Were you comfortable with the connection that you had?  Did you want more?  Did you want less?

Personal Focus:  Celebrities are the gods and goddesses of modern life and represent archetypal human qualities with which we all identify.  The essence of a particular celebrity’s image can be distilled into a character aspect by the ways in which we perceive them.  Millions of people hold the same projected image of celebrities.  The power of all that magnified perception endows them with superhuman status and removes any sense of the person underneath the persona.

Celebrities show up in our dreams when the stakes are a little higher in terms of what we’re dreaming about.  By providing a more powerful image, the unconscious is telling you to pay more attention.  Approach the interpretation the same way you would anyone in your dreams.  When considering the qualities of the person you are dreaming about, remember to look at everything about them and take into account how you perceive them, including if you are a fan or not or whether they are currently in or out of public favor.  When interpreting a celebrity from a dream, first consider what they embody on a universal level.  Then, and only then, add your personal feelings about them.  When you have done this, you will be clear about what character aspect of yourself you are dreaming of.

In the way that people in our dreams represent character aspects of ourselves, celebrities represent character aspects of the global consciousness as reflected by the idea of archetypes.  Celebrities are our modern-day gods and goddesses.  Dreaming about one of these elite individuals represents a need to explore the qualities they embody as a character aspect, but in a much more powerful way.  In a process identical to working with a character aspect of someone at the pedestrian level, a celebrity’s fame elevates the significance of the meaning you assign to them.  Your unconscious is using the notoriety associated with their public visibility to get your attention.  It is, in effect, providing you with an image that has a chance of making the dream memorable upon waking so that you might more readily take notice of the guidance available to you in the dream.

Sexual dreams with celebrities are common.  Most dreamers assume this is so because of how attractive most of them are.  Additionally, what they do puts them in a position to carry the sexual fantasies of their public.  However, in dream work, sexual dreams with celebrities are common because the drive to integrate archetypal energy is integral to the evolution of our souls.  When the unconscious is encouraging you to own the more powerful parts of your psychic makeup, there is no better way for it to get your attention than through highly charged, sexual imagery.

It is natural for us to need larger-than-life representations of the human experience to motivate us through the various challenges we face managing the stressors and disappointments that are a part of life’s journey.  Our culture’s fascination with the life of celebrities provides us with hope that our own lives have the potential for excitement and glamour, even if this is just a fantasy.  In fact, such fantasies can function as survival mechanisms for many people.

Discovering what a dream involving a celebrity might be telling you is the same as with any character aspect.  Since we are in the realm of archetypal energy when dealing with celebrities, the quality that your dream is inviting you to explore may be very obvious.  A sports figure may be asking you to examine your willingness to play the game of life with more confidence whereas a pop singer may be suggesting that more self-expression is crying out for release.  If you get stuck on how to interpret the meaning of a celebrity’s presence, the technique of using three adjectives to describe them works just as well with the famous as with the ordinary.

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Isabella Streyar April 15, 2013 at 7:15 am

Well I had a dream of meeting lady gaga…she came to my house…and me and my 3 best friends and few of my family members were here…hanging out with me inside the house. Lady Gagas rv thing she goes on tour with. It was snowing in the dream and I live in AZ. She was throwing out back stage passes and tickets to her show like no tomorrow! I am so confused with this dream…Lady Gaga is one of my favorate singers and I am 14 years old. I love finding out what my dreams mean but I just can’t seem to crack this one so please help me. >_<

isaac April 19, 2013 at 5:36 am

i dreamt i was wit akon in a parking and he was proposing to girl friend right in front of me wat does that means

Libby May 3, 2013 at 11:26 am

I want to ask if you could tell me your opinion about my dream. I dreamed about a festival competition then this actor(I would not name him) came. We met when I was about to live the site of the competition then I bump into the person infront of him. That’s when he noticed me and he came towards me smiling. And I felt in my dream that we are very close, the closeness of two peoppe having mutual understanding. In my dream, he disguises as an ordinary person. That’s why we will do things like walking and eating carefully. He would like to hold my hand and sometimes intertwine with mine. There came a time he lifted me and he ran around smiling and laughing. After this dream, I started to like that very actor despite my not liking him before. What would that mean???could you pls tell me??

Libby May 3, 2013 at 11:30 am

By the way, I never met this actor before and I could only watch him sometimes in TV. Maybe Twice a month. I’m not a fan of him.

Al May 19, 2013 at 8:25 am

I know this might sound weird but I had a dream I was with my girlfriend in a very large old house with my family and I looked outside I saw Freddie mercury in a wheelchair he looked like the last few days of when he was alive very Ill and when I saw him getting out of the car Iran over to him and carried him inside and he looked at me and started to cry I could see tears running down is face he didn’t say anything but I had to rush him to see my dad.I am a fan of queen and was o ly young when he died it has been one of the most clearest dreams I’ve had in years can you please help try work it out

rodrigo June 28, 2013 at 5:17 pm

i had a dream involved being at some mediation gathering.i was there sitting down, listening with other people to the one and only,Russell Simmons.it was crazy.i think we were inside some aquarium.there was relaxing music, i remembered.he was talking about meditation and being connected with the true self. i know he’s a meditator for a fact, and i been doing it for a year now.

Oliver August 5, 2013 at 12:57 am

I dreamt of a famous actor coming to my mum’s house (I won’t name him for now). All of a sudden he surprised me with his real name and his true ethnicity. He spoke it very well. I kept on reminding my parents and guests how much money he has. Once he left but then I told him to come back because this was once in a lifetime for us. I told him to come back because I needed to take a picture with him. He has one downside but the surprising part was his real name and ethnicity.

Brianna (Age 14) August 26, 2013 at 6:19 am

The other night, I had a dream about Niall Horan from One Direction… I absolutely love One Direction and Niall… in the dream, I saw Niall, but for some reason it wasnt Niall, but it was… and I was kind of like.. hey! Oh my gosh! Can I get a picture? And stuff like that.. and then we were taking some pictures and he hugged me.. and then random people were taking pictures of us….. Now, one of my goals in life is to get a ‘Horan Hug’ which is a hug from Niall Horan, but he said he was going to give me a Horan Hug, and he did, but it was a specific type of hug (in real life it’s just a regular hug) then I called my best friend and told her I got a Horan Hug. And that was the end of my dream… really strange.. Another thing to add, it was the same night that I actually (not in a dream) met Lazaro Arbos and almost all of people from the 12th season of American Idol… after the concert outside of the place.. I’ve been waiting for the day to meet Lazaro, (just like I have, Niall) and I asked Lazaro for a hug, so I thing what happened that night, triggered the dream..

Bella October 7, 2013 at 12:38 am

i used to dream about Joe Jonas like every day that i finely got to meet him and we dated ect and now i dream of him once in awhile. i never saw him until last month and i just been seeing him on TV

Jadyn Olivera November 1, 2013 at 2:24 am

I saw the comment speaking of Michael Jackson on the previous page, but what does it mean if you are the celebrity in the dream? I occasionally dream of him, but in this particular dream I’m actually him. I live out his entire life and I’m noticeably “growing” from his childhood to his early adulthood. This was a very strange dream. The dream began of me being in my old room at the house. There was a little boy, his father, his uncle, and his mother. I was just the camera. The mother was just in the background while everyone else was playing around. Time seemed to speed up or something because the child aged quickly. It then switched to my mother and I in the car and we turned around in my Aunt Yolanda’s drive way, but our garage door open hers which was very strange. I remember saying, “Glad she wasn’t home, or she’d be freaking out.” Then I was watching this tv and all of a sudden, I was a little boy. I was Michael Jackson as a little boy. It was very strange. I started off as a kindergartener and for some reason I had a hard time adjusting. I began hanging out with the older kids and they called themselves Seminoles like the Seminole negroes. Although I was Michael, I was my own separate person and I didn’t know everything Michael felt or knew. I did know that the Seminoles were doing his homework for him because the handwriting was way too neat and I saw it for myself. As they began doing his homework, they said that he need a certain “guana” or “guapa”. I believe they said “guana” (I’m not even sure those are words, but that’s what it sounded like). I, as Michael, then repeated them and smiled at their previously occurring laughter. Michael was waiting on his brother Jackie but this didn’t occur to me until he arrived. Jackie tried to see my notepad but I would let him because I knew he would figure out that I was cheating on my homework. I ran to the bathroom and began to practice hoola-hooping. It was something I was so fascinated with for some unknown reason. Jackie came to find me. My hoola-hooping changed to dancing and I was no longer a little boy. I was teenage Michael. I mean I looked JUST like him so much that I almost scared me because I had forgotten that I was not Jadyn. I even had his voice at that point. At that point, and I know it sounds crazy, I was Michael Jackson and if I didn’t know any better I’d have believed I was him in 1976 or something. It was as if everything he was became apart of me. So his brothers became mine, and they and I had a dance off. But then I looked in the mirror again. My eyelids were darker, almost purplish and my face looked like a look-a-like Michael and not the actual Michael. I noticed that I was changing but when I asked Jackie he said I looked fine. Michael as himself looked in the mirror and I felt that he just shrugged it off and moved on in his thoughts. As he walked out of the bathroom with Jackie, Jermaine, and Marlon, Michael’s hair grew from an Afro to long and wavy like in the 90′s but he wasn’t  effected by the vitiligo. Jackie did agree that his hair changed, that it was twice as long as his. Jackie’s hair changed also.  It was short and straight. They all progressed through the decades they lived, but Michael “grew” the fastest and made the most significant change. They continued walking down the long corridor. It then switched to myself being in this store like Best Buy or The Radio Shack and I was hiding from someone and the back of the store looked like Wal-Mart. Then it switched to my mother and I walking the shores of a Californian beach at dusk. It was windy and rainy.  Then, I woke up. So is the meaning of this dream similar to the other Michael Jackson dream, or is it completely different? Thanks for your time Dr. Lennox.

mlennox November 2, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Great dream! This is what I do for a living, so if you would like an interpretation of this dream, you will find more details about that through the home page of this site!

Jadyn Olivera November 17, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Thanks Dr. Lennox!

Ken Kago November 29, 2013 at 2:40 pm

I often have lucid dreams of being “with” a certain unnamed Japanese Idol. I’ve been a fan of hers for almost a decade. There will be times when I don’t dream of her for a while and then she will just appear one night, it’s like everything becomes alright when she visits. The love I feel for her is indescribable. All my problems vanish for a while. I tell her that I’ve missed her so much and ask why doesn’t she come by more often. I never get an answer, but I don’t really care.

Bradley thomas December 7, 2013 at 1:54 pm

I left my phone on playing a quite of few songs but in my dream luke bryan pretty much hung with me all day like we were buds, if there was a day full of adventure we was there hell I was even back in highschool and he was my guest there I introduced him to everyone and just to see the look on their faces , I asked him about everything I wanted to ask him how he got famous just everything and I remember it all! We raced down a hill with scooters ha we were crazy I had a lot of fun! We watched a I wanna say Oprah and I told him I had some song written he look at me with hesitation like he wanted to hear but again he didn’t so I started thinkin in my head like head theses are my song I think I wont tell him ha but back to my phone being on I could hear it in my dreams he sang just like you would hear it on my phone lol but it was cool I felt like he was there for me my attention no homo but it was cool because I felt like I learned becuase I wanna be a country singer and in my dream for a moment I looked at my shadow and thought we were friends because I was also famous and I felt like I was just woke up and I remember every detail fisrt time I was actually focused in my dream..

benn January 4, 2014 at 8:31 pm

i had a dream i was with justin beiber we had a pure gold turntable that we had been given by the kenyan president and justin was teaching me how to use it.i later saw rozzy and we were having some rap battles, some pop singers tried to lure me to their side but rozzys crew refused me to leave their side.

Cornflake January 21, 2014 at 4:57 am

so may i ask seeing a famous persona which in my case is Jonny Depp ( and i m not fond of him even though i acknowledge his a brilliant actor) what do i need to focus on about myself ? I m going through a rough time in my life so i am asking for a small enlightentment ….. Ty

Abigail January 26, 2014 at 4:16 am

So I had dream about Niall horan… So the dream was about that I was dating him and we went on date to a fancy restaurant in California and we talk ect and remember I wore a little black dress with mint accessories and he wore a suit nastier What does my dream mean?

SimpleGenius March 7, 2014 at 5:31 am

I dreamt of French Montana; my phone ranged and I picked it,ordinarily with the thought of maybe one of my usual contact,and as I press the answere button,the voice I hear next of French Montana,talking to me as if we have been very close,but I was addressing him,like a celebrity and he was just saying his usual sound that ”haaan” sound…so later through some kind of network unstability,I couldn’t hear the remaining of the things he was teeling me,so I guess he hung up,when I was just saying,”what? Can’t hear you”…but wheb I wake up in the mornin I was kind of elated like change is gonna happen in my life,but I dont know if this is,so I think someone should with the imtepretation. Although I’m an African,from Nigeria to be precise. And I like writing raps but I’ve not got dough,to make it out with a track. Stil schooling. Someone help me with this shit I dreamt of.

otega ipheghe March 13, 2014 at 7:22 am

I had a dream, I was sitting at a table with president Obama facing him diectly at a recession in his honor and he asked me to give the vote of thanks or the closing remark which I did after which he shook my hand along with others. What does it mean?

otega ipheghe March 13, 2014 at 7:40 am

Meanwhile, I am not a fan of his, though I respect him a lot.

biranne wells March 18, 2014 at 6:24 pm

okay first before i start i only heard about…like seven of their songs and i don`t really know anything about them. okay now i will tell you my dream.

I was in a big room in a build. Don`t know what kind of build. The room had white walls. A few doors that lead in to other rooms. In the far corner on the north side of the build was a kitchen. There was a 5 foot wall around the kitchen with 5 foot doors. I was here with my mom and a few of my brothers and sisters; Josh age of 8; Ryan age of 6; Katie age of 4/2; Adison age of 2/2. My older brothers and sisters; Sarah age of 16; Matt also the age of 16; Luke age of 17/2; Jacob age of 19 wasn`t here with us at all. In the room satting down in some chair was 5 guys. They all had long black hair. Some of them you could see had tattoos. Some didn`t. I knew them as; Andy, Jake, Ashley, Cc and Jinn. You probably know them; They are in a band called black veil brides. Really good band. Their songs have meaning to them. I was holding my baby sister on my hip as i was walking to the kitchen with my little brothers and sister behind me. As i got closer to the boys one said “Hey brianne.” i knew that voice as ashley. I said a ‘Hey’ back to the boys. Their started talking about adison; How cute she was. “Look adison they are talking about you.” i said stopping in front of the boys so adison can see them. She didn`t like that i stoped. She point to the kitchen, reaching for it. The boys started laughing. I smile before heading my way to the kitchen with my brothers and sisters. In the kitchen i got my brothers and sisters something to eat. Once they started eating. I look up at the boys. My mother was talking to them.

then i woke up.

what does my dream means??? i never had a dream like these one before.

otega ipheghe April 1, 2014 at 5:23 am

I had a dream where I was in the mix of world leaders, heads of governments and political leaders, no one was allowed in their mix except reporters, I am not a reporter neither was I a reporter or appeared as one in the dream and yet was in at the very center of the gathering of those world leaders and heads of government, where issues concerning ukrian and russia where being discus and surprisingly I found out on the evening of that same day that here indeed a gather of G7 leaders with Obama in attendance where issues concerning ukrian and russia where actually discused. What could this possibly means?

A random guy April 2, 2014 at 3:19 am

I had a dream that I was married to and making out with Lorde. Something interrupted us, then I kept trying to talk to her about having sex but she showed me a positive pregnancy test. WTF! I don’t even like Lorde or her music!

stephi April 17, 2014 at 8:45 am

i had a dream about amy and Nick (karmin )
whats dose it mean?

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