Dreaming Comes Of Age: There’s An APP For That!

To all of my dreaming readers, I want to take this opportunity to let you know about a fantastic development in the world of modern technology.  There is a new App designed to improve dream recall and to connect people on the basis of their dreams. The developer of this technology has just released the second version and it’s time to tell the world!  Please have a look at the description below and forward / share / tweet this to anyone you think may be interested.

The application is called DreamGlobally, and is currently available only for Apple devices but it will be expanding to other platforms soon.  There are both free and paid versions on the App Store.

Here’s the link to purchase this application:


DreamGlobally is an app and website for people interested in their own dreams and in dreaming as a global phenomenon. It is also a network for connecting with other people who share these interests.

DreamGlobally works on three levels.  One the personal level, DG is your own private dream recorder and dream library, available to you right on your Iphone.  At the global level, it includes a searchable, world-wide Dream Database open to all users.  Additionally, it is social, allowing you to connect with others on the basis of your dreams.

Here’s how the app works.  Set it up and you will fall asleep listening to a recorded suggestion to help you remember your dreams.  You will be awakened at a time you select by a recording of questions designed to clarify the dream in your mind.  The questions start very quietly and, very gradually, get louder.  You are literally greeted in your unconscious mind by the voice on the app.  It asks plants the seed of bringing your conscious awareness into the dream landscape.

At the end of the questions, the App automatically starts recording sound. You just begin speaking and your dream is recorded.  You don’t have to move or even open your eyes and in this undisturbed state, you create a permanent record of your dream.  This is the ultimate in new age technology meets dream journal.

The app also features a database function that allows you to keep track of your dreams, share them and connect with other dreams based on what you are dreaming about.  The dream landscape just got smaller!

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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