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Dream Sight Book Dr. Michael Lennox


Everybody dreams. Even if you don’t remember them, dreams are there, offering messages from the unconscious. Dreams can be the most valuable resource you will ever need for insight and self transformation. They reveal our hidden desires, motivations and fears. Processing them through interpretation can change your life – it’s that simple.

My book DreamSight: Tools for Interpretation & Dream Dictionary will allow you to interpret your own dreams and the dreams of your friends and family.

• Master DreamSight, the three-step approach to interpreting images.

• Explore the different types of dreams and what they mean.

• Remember your dreams more effectively.

• Find the meaning that works for you from dozens of tips and techniques.

• Discover the insight available from the dream world.

• Learn what to do with the information you gather.

A dream tells a story. Usually, it is a chaotic and confusing one. An accurate dream interpretation is a story about the story from your dream. DreamSight guides the dreamer through the process of constructing a linear and clear overview of the dream’s meaning in a succinct, three-step process.

After you have written down your dream, you first must uncover the most widely held meaning of each individual symbol, one by one. By considering them in this disintegrated way, you are automatically discarding the personal for the universal. This establishes your clarity of vision by positioning you to see the meaning from the same vantage point as others likely would, even if the information contains concepts or facts that you are not even be aware of as part of your personal and cultural history. No matter what your conscious mind thinks, your unconscious connects deeply to the universal. By starting your vision quest with this foundation, you are discovering the Universal Landscape on which your interpretation will eventually rest.

While holding onto this view of the universal, you then augment your understanding based on the context in which the symbol appears. This includes the other symbols in the dream, your actions regarding the symbol in question, your emotional response in the dream as well as thoughts and feelings upon waking. This perspective of dream context adds the Dreaming Lens to the process. Here is where you tie together the universal and the contextual, thereby enhancing your dream vision.

The Personal Focus is the most important step, but it can not be done effectively unless the previous two steps are completed first. These are the considerations that would come from other possible meanings a symbol might have for you based on your background and belief system. Your personal feelings and attitudes should be invited back in at this point to add personal texture to your interpretation.

” I am committed to the possibility that interpreting dreams for ourselves and each other will one day be both common as well as revered for the powerful tool for living that they are. I have been blessed to experience two decades of watching people blossom into deeper understanding of who they are through helping them explore their dreams. The most exquisite part of that journey is to witness what occurs when someone truly understand what is so in their lives and believe in the power of creating the life they want for themselves; the life of their dreams. ”   ~ Dr. Michael Lennox

Everything you need to know to navigate this complicated thing we call living is inside of us already, we need only remember how powerful we are. Dreams are the most direct, revealing and powerful tool that I know of to turn the crucible of life into the magic of transformation. All you need to do is understand how to navigate the nebulous world of the inner landscape.

To effectively interpret a dream is to uncover a clear vision of the content where no clarity appears available. The intensely personal nature of dreams creates a challenge to maintain a truly objective vision. My approach to dissecting a dream engenders a view that is free from the constraints of personal feelings, judgmental thoughts or fears. This three-tiered approach will empower you to accomplish this sometimes unnerving task.

When you see the images in your dreams with authentic objectivity, you are effectively viewing your dream world with what I call DreamSight.

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