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March 21, 2016

The Moon is still in Virgo so the perspective that I described yesterday that this archetype is the one responsible for integration of new information and expanding wisdom applies to today as well. In fact, even more so today, because the lunar aspects include a Conjunction to Jupiter and a Trine to Pluto. If you look back to the post for March 16th, you will see how much emphasis this particular passage has by virtue of the connection between these two planets by Trine. That enormous energy is triggered by the Moon which makes today, though otherwise somewhat quiet, fairly important in the scheme of things. We are changing at very deep levels and expanding in hidden ways that will reveal themselves in the months to come. There may be some progress in those narratives for some of us today, whether they are obvious or not (many things right now are happening behind the scenes.

There is another importance to that day through the principle of rulership. Mercury, the planet that is the archetype of the Mind, has rulership over two signs; Gemini and Virgo. What this means is that any time the Moon is in either of these air signs, there is more emphasis placed on what Mercury is doing, if anything. At 5:30pm PDT this evening, Mercury will cross the same birth canal threshold between Pisces and Aries that the Sun traversed yesterday.This passage is an important part of the wormhole that we are in building to Wednesday’s eclipse and it carries even more weight because this change of signs happens under the light of the Virgo Moon. We are giving birth to a new landscape; a new Self, a new world. We all have an enormous responsibility in this to know who we are the gifts that we bring so that we can impact the world at this time of crisis.

Remember that there was a rare configuration of Mercury, the South Node and Chiron, all at the 22nd degree of Pisces back on March 17th. That began a process of diving into the depths (Pisces) for information (Mercury) that is part of our healing (Chiron) and processing the past (South Node) that is leading us toward a great releasing as part of the Full Moon on Wednesday. Mercury is the guidance system and when he moves out of the watery realm of Pisces and into the fiery charge that is Aries, he is likely to be bringing with him some valuable guidance, inspiration and information with him. Starting tonight and tomorrow, look for insights, flashes and material designed to help you do just that.

It’s a big week, with Wednesday being the pinnacle of what has been a pretty intense passage. Let the next few days guide you; keep your eyes and ears wide open.

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