Daily Astro Alert Wednesday August 21, 2013

Here is the first paragraph of today’s Astro-Alert for Wednesday August 21st. If you want to receive the rest of this posting and get these emailed to you every day (as well as the occasional added bonus like yesterday’s email blast letting my subscribers know it was going to be a BIG night for dreaming) why not sign up for this subscription today. It’s only $5 per month, about fifteen cents a day.

Oh yum. Today is a watery day indeed, with the next leg of the Grand Water Trine that I have been speaking about, the one that began being activated with Jupiter’s Trine to the North Node that I wrote about on August 16th. Today is today the day that Jupiter Trines Chiron and that is lovely in and of itself.
The Moon is swiping through Pisces and activating this pattern, making it a very prominent astrological occurrence. Of the three legs of this Trine, the Pisces Moon lights up Chiron, the Healer, making the dominant theme for the day healing at a very deep level.

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