Daily Astro-Alert: Thursday August 8, 2013

Every time the Moon is in Virgo these days, we are given the opportunity to make sense of what has been going on lately at a cellular level. I don’t necessarily mean rational or cognitive sense, for that is not Virgo’s domain. Virgo is the energy that understands how to process things; even that which is mysterious is understood by Virgo. So much has been coming up these past months that the two and half days that the Moon will be in Virgo is a welcome opportunity to integrate.

The Virgo Moon will trine Pluto today and sextile Saturn, good news indeed. The Trine to the planet of Power will help us understand what the Shadow has been serving up and the productive Sextile to the Teacher will allow us to make good use of what we have learned.

There is an important shift today as Mercury moves out of Cancer and into Leo. This is yet another way in which the Grand Water Trine that was so enormous has come to a close. As I have already indicated, there is more water in our near future, but this huge event of June and July is behind us and now we have the opportunity to speak more confidently from a newly healed place. It’s interesting that Mercury in Leo can be quite boastful, but on the same day, Venus has an agitating transit with
Saturn and when Venus (Love) and Saturn (the Teacher) agitate each other, issues of self-esteem and inhibition are on the table. Allow these contradictory energies to balance each other out and you will have a good experience today. If you don’t, the impulse to speak may override the readiness in your heart to come from the Truth. Mercury in Leo is VERY different than Mercury in Cancer and you may need a few days to get used to the shift.

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