Daily Astro Alert: Thursday August 1, 2013

This is a whopper of a day aspect wise. What that means is that there are a lot of connections between planets and the Moon is pretty active as well. What that translates to for you is that it is a day where important things are likely to happen, whether you are aware of them or not. And in the way that yesterday may have acted as a bit of a contraction, the expansion of today should make this a very different day in which the energy connects to the greater picture of expanding consciousness that has been going on in the overall arc of our lives. There is so much going on that this may be one of those updates that some of you may have to read a number of times to make any sense of. I have done my best to break it down simply for you and if it becomes too dense, just forget about understanding it with your rational mind and know that today is a day of great and magnificent healing, no matter what it feels like.

There is a Grand Water Trine between Mars (action), Chiron (healing) and the North Node (the future). As I mentioned yesterday, this is a pre-cursor to the next cycle of healing that began as this past spring became summer. Today is like the preamble to bigger energies that happen in the next few months in a much bigger way, so the more present and conscious you can be about what is being triggered for healing now, the greater the benefit in the months to come. When Mars is in any picture, things are being triggered and the body may be involved as well. This may be your literal physical body resulting in symptom-like evidence of a healing in process (and remember, that even when things are breaking down utterly, it is a healing that is occurring). Mars also connects to the body in the more esoteric way in that he helps bring principles and energies that operate in another dimension and allow us to connect with them here in 3-D.

Venus gets into the mix for she is also at the crucial 12 degree mark from her vantage point in Virgo. Remember, it’s all just math and when I say that one or more planets are interacting with each other, it has to have a numeric correlation to make that so. The planets I mentioned above are at 12 degrees of the water signs and Venus is at 12 degrees of Virgo, grounding our Hearts in the element of Earth. That’s a very good thing because if you have been following my posts, you know that Venus is helping us process all this material, resulting in a greater capacity to fill our Hearts with Love. Venus is opposing Chiron and when the Heart Center faces off with The Healer, something has to happen! A healing occurs today, no doubt about it.

The Moon does something interesting today from her vantage point in Gemini. She squares this opposition between Venus and Chiron. That means she divides the 180-degree split between these planets into two equal 90-degree portions. Squares are obstacles that create opportunities for growth. Gemini energy means that there will be mental access to what is taking place. Things may not feel good while this is going on, but they will definitely be FOR your good. And while these two squares are agitated transits today, there are other connections that the Moon makes that are extremely productive with sextiles to both the Sun and Uranus. That means Consciousness and Enlightenment are at your disposal today.

The Nodes of the Moon are points that represent our movement from the past into the future. They too are at 12 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio respectively. This decidedly healing opposition between Venus and Chiron interact with those points that represent our movement from the past into the future by forming a wonderful shape in the sky that has a lovely name that embodies what it creates. It is called a Mystic Triangle. If I can wrap all of this up in as simple terms as I can (and trust me, I’ve had to leave out a whole bunch of other energy that’s on tap for today) I would say it like this: A healing arises today. It is helped by the mystery that we live in. You may or may not be able to definitively see what it is. The operative word is Trust. Trust that something great is going on for the benefit of your own process of healing and declare that today this is so. And so it is.

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