Daily Astro Alert – Sunday August 4, 2013

Today is an interesting mix of Fire and Water. The Cancer Moon keeps things more emotional and nostalgic today. At the beginning of the day, she conjuncts Mars. At the end of the day she conjuncts Mercury. A conjunction is when two planets meet up at the very same place and when the Moon does this, she has the effect of activating their energy at a pretty powerful level. Since Mars and Mercury have recently been engaged in a pretty deep process these past months, the Moon’s visit will likely bring up issues that were handled by the Grand Water Trine. By the time we wake up this Sunday morning, the Mars activation will have occurred, bringing physical issues to the forefront. The day closes with the Mercury aspect, making this the first moment where you have the opportunity to use the new level of consciousness garnered by the watery process we have just come through. If you are engaged in any type of conversation of importance today, you can expect it go differently than ever before. Notice the change.

So here comes the Fire. The Sun squares the Nodes and trines Uranus. Without getting into a lengthy teaching about how the eclipses work, just know this: The eclipses occur because of the relationship between the Sun and the Nodes of the Moon (you have heard me speak of the North Node of the Moon as representing our future; well the South Node represents the past). When the Sun is conjunct one of these points, which it hits every six months, we experience an eclipse. The eclipse season is a major moment of consciousness upgrade and we can mark our evolution by the rhythm of these six month events. Today, the Sun is halfway between the last eclipse and the next one – he is ninety degrees away from each Node, hence the “square.” When we get to the next eclipse in October, we will be permanently integrating all the shift that is happening now, so the halfway mark is a fairly important portal to pass through. While not an event-making transit, it is certainly an interesting one.

The spice of the day is that the Sun also trines Uranus. A trine is like a meeting that goes really, really well. Trines are harmonious flow. Uranus is the lightning flash where anything can happen and probably will. The Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries are a setup for a big spark to ignite today. All of that water led by the Cancer Moon will keep us safe from any danger, so the net result of this fiery trine and the Cancer emphasis is some boiling water. What will you do with the steam? Navigate it well and you could power your engine for good today and propel you a bit forward on your journey.

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