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May 18, 2017

Today features the biggest transit of the year, and I’m more interested in writing about Venus and the completion of her retrograde cycle! In some ways, Venus’s journey IS more interesting. Or certainly more important to our individual experiences of being part of this one, unified whole that we are navigating at an alarming rate these days. Seen in this light, the alarming rate I speak of is the Trine between Saturn and Uranus (exact today), and our navigation of that is how we relate to Venus and her movement this year.

Remember that the planets do not influence us, they ARE us. Venus IS our Heart Center. Last February, she moved out of Pisces where she is extremely happy and where it is easy and natural to feel One with everything. This Oneness is our Truth, and when we can live in that non-intellectual sensation of connection, we are at our most powerful. But as she crossed over into Aries, she hit the wall of fire that says that everything is duality. The first sign of the zodiac knows only individuality, which translates to separation. This ingress took her right out of her comfort zone. In Aries, Venus is tested with remaining in a loving posture when faced with decidedly unloving circumstances. So, a month later, on March 4th, she turned around and said, “Forget this, I’m going back to where the Love is,” and began a retrograde journey back into Pisces. This was by design; to teach us how to open our Hearts so much, that even when faced with challenges to staying open, we will learn how to do so more effectively than we ever have before.

This was one of the great lessons of the spring. She went direct on April 14th, but needed till now to wrap things up and present us each with opportunities (in the form of circumstances and relational issues) to allow us to Love in a new way. As of today, this process is done, for a few years at any rate (2020 in Gemini). By Saturday, Mercury will complete his latest cycle and the Heart/Mind connection will be completely reset. The heavy lifting is over for the time being, and things may begin to smooth out a bit in the next few months.

The Grand Fire Trine that accompanies this year peaks today with Saturn and Uranus Trining each other from the fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries respectively. The North Node in Leo is what makes up the third corner of this powerful, open, burst of flame. Fire transforms. The North Node guides and directs. Saturn builds structure and Uranus provides sudden advancement, change, possibility and inspiration. Thankfully, we take our newly opened Heart and freshly aligned Mind/Heart connection with us wherever we are taken courtesy of this thrust of fire. This transit reminds me of the burst of flames that emerge out of the bottom of a rocket as it drops its load as the booster propels it further on its journey. That’s where we are today, so I hope you have your seat belts on.

The Uranian influence lasts about a month, for that is how long the North Node and Uranus will stay in this triangular pattern. What this means is that for the next four weeks, absolutely anything can happen and probably will. Allow for tons of flexibility as you navigate the time between now and June 6th, because the velocity that has been building over the past weeks leading up to Saturn and Uranus Trining continues through then. Beyond June, Uranus leaves the immediate picture and we are less likely to be caught off guard, but Saturn and the North Node continue their triangular dance through October 8th. That means that we are learning lessons and being called up to higher levels of responsibility around how to navigate our vision in ways that may be difficult for the next five months.

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