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March 18, 2017

This is a very important day with regard to getting clarity and information about the Venus retrograde that we are in. Most retrogrades, certainly Mercury’s, have these triple-transit unfolding structures. That is when I offer you dates to look back to and see what was triggered in the past, in order to connect to something that is happening in the present moment. As you know, I do that with every Mercury retrograde and that can be a very useful tool to help us navigate what can be a challenging internal process.

There is only one of these triple transits that is part of this Venus cycle, which is an Inconjunct to the North Node. The interpretation of this is connected to making small(ish) choices now that have great impact down the line on how we experience Love. This will require moving out of old habits of lack, victim, stories about relationships. No easy task. There is a second transit that will happen only twice, which is a Square from Venus to Saturn. That means that the Great Teacher is hovering over us and willing to throw tremendous obstacles into our path so that we get the lesson. Most of these transits haven’t happened yet, so the bulk of what we will go through as a result of this passage is yet to come in April.

This is partly why there hasn’t been much in my column directly about Venus, though I know we have all been going through lots of stuff this winter. One date you can go back to is February 7th, for that was the first moment we may have been asked to let something go or make a sacrifice in order to grow. I know in my own life, the experience that mirrored this aspect was VERY clear; I hope it is for you as well. If not, today may very well offer some very powerful insight. The second and third pass of this transit will wrap things up next month, but we might feel a bit in limbo with regard to whatever is going on deep inside our Emotional Body.

That can change a bit today. Mercury, the Mind, and Venus, the Heart, are in the same place in the cosmos. These two divergent ways of perceiving the world are so often out of congruence, that when they are in perfect alignment like this, we want to take full advantage. The Sagittarius Moon is Trining them both today and that makes our unconscious mind wide open to receiving the benefit of the Conjunction. Look around your world today and know that everything is offering you data. Every conversation, every thought that passes through your mind, every interaction – no matter how seemingly insignificant – can be helpful to understanding where you’re at in your journey. Judge nothing, but see and hear everything. Of course, more will be revealed, especially in the month of April. But allow today to be a guidepost to your process.

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