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March 27, 2015

This is an interesting day to attempt to write about in advance of it unfolding. The Moon is in Cancer, arguably the most tender and emotional sign of the zodiac. When the Moon is in this sign, we tend to feel nostalgic and emotionally sensitive. So while that sensation is the foundation that the day is built upon, we also are facing the first identity crisis of the wormhole, the First Quarter Moon.

The First Quarter Moon is halfway between the New Moon and the Full Moon, where the seed planted when the Sun and the Moon got together faces its first possibility of a breakdown. It is here that things will both germinate and begin to grow, or fall away as a result of not being ready to come into form. We experience this as a conflict between our inner and outer selves, where the conscious mind wants one thing, but the unconscious mind may not be in congruency. We face this today.

Given that we are in the wormhole between eclipses, this could be an intense moment. Given that the Moon is in Cancer, this could be an emotional moment. We are hurtling through consciousness at a very past pace and things are moving particularly fast. Put all of this together, and the day could elicit some grief or at the very least some profound sensitivity. Be gentle and make sure that self-care is at the top of your list today.

Venus in her home sign of Taurus will Square the stationing Jupiter today. There is a saying that goes “there are no bad Jupiter transits,” as Jupiter is the arbiter of all things expansive, abundant and the planet that brings good fortune. Venus is all about Love and money. But a Square implies that two energies who want the same thing are coming at it from completely different viewpoints and there is no chance that they will agree. Each will stay steadfast to their perspective and it is through their conflict that the thing they are building rises up.

These two in any interaction can bring a really lovely sensation into the atmosphere, but the inherent crisis in a 90 degree angle combined with what the Moon is doing and how this day plays out is anybody’s guess. The one thing to be on guard for today for sure is any tendency toward excess as this can be exacerbated during this transit, so be sure to keep things right sized. This is definitely a day to just ride the wave and not take anything too seriously or make anything mean much. The word that bubbles up for me as I write this is Trust.

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