Daily Astro-Alert: Saturday August 3, 2013

Today ends what was probably the most profound Mercury retrograde cycles we have had in a very long time. By evening, Mercury is back where he started on June 25th. We don’t feel this part of his movement in the same way that we do when he is turning around in one direction or the other, but this has been such a significant cycle, it bears mentioning the cycle is complete today. You may find yourself visiting some of the issues that this past five weeks has brought up one last time.

Of course the reason this Mercury cycle has been so powerful has to do in part with his placement in the sign of Cancer, where all the action has been for months now. And this is where the Moon is today, activating all the points today and tomorrow that have been vibrating due to the recent activity that has taken place in that quadrant of our consciousness. Think self-care, nurturance, nostalgia, emotionality. With Mercury being visited by the Moon, we stand to have a pretty interesting weekend. The mood may be decidedly emotional and tender, but hopefully in a way that allows you to take stock of all the expansion that we have been basking in for the past few months.

The Moon meets up with Jupiter around 3:00pm PDT and this is important for two reasons. One is that it is the strongest energy of the day when the activating force that the Moon is joins up with the most expansive archetype we deal with. It will provide a burst of energy for the late afternoon and evening that should feel quite yummy. And though there are no “bad” Jupiter aspects, they can be a bit over-the-top, so anything you are feeling today is likely to escalate tonight.

The second reason is that we are building toward a Jupiter Pluto opposition in about five days. This hearkens back to the Kite portion of the Grand Water Trine of June and July. An opposition is a polarity, which means that both energies involved in the opposition are fully present. This tension is what creates the inevitable events that oppositions create. When the Archetype of Abundance (Jupiter) faces off with the Archetype of Power (Pluto) amazing things can happen. However, that over-the-top element can really come into play during this transit, so we must be as mindful as we can or this particular wave may just topple us.

I write about this now because all of this energy – Mercury’s retrograde cycle ending, this weekend’s lunar activation of the Grand Water Trine and Jupiter’s coming opposition to Pluto – all feature very strongly in the Leo New Moon next week. We are about to enter a brand new level of a truly profound cycle. The possibilities are phenomenal, but we do have to do the consciousness work so we can navigate the way the Unconscious continues to play a part. It’s like the old argument: Does life unfold in a perfect Divine Right Order or is it random, chaotic and meaningless. And of course, the answer is that both are true. It behooves us to do our part in working with the Divine at the highest level we are capable of embodying at this time and we are being supported to do just that this weekend. Have at it.

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