Daily Astro-Alert Monday August 5, 2013

This is probably the quietest day of the week, which is fitting since we hit the New Moon in Leo on Tuesday. The Moon moves into Leo at 9:57am PDT, so we enter what is called The Dark Of The Moon by the time today gets into gear. The “Dark Of The Moon” is one of my favorite phrases in Astrology. Partly because it’s just kind of sexy, but also because it points to something truly powerful. It is the period of time when the Moon is in the same sign as the Sun which heralds that a New Moon is about to happen, but before they actually join up at the same place in the sky. Think about this: A seed never germinates in the light. It needs the dark to burst forth and bring life, tucked away beneath the soil. That’s where we spend today all day and up until 2:40pm tomorrow when meets up with the Sun and creates the New Moon event.

Even though we have lots more Water processes to come in the next 12 months, this New Moon is a true New Beginning and sets us off into a brand new cycle. Fifteen degrees of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) is known as a world axis. This means these four points connect to the world at large and when they are activated, they often relate to world events or things that affect us globally. I am never interested in pointing this out as a function of what might take place “out there.” There are plenty of opportunities to focus on everything that is happening out there. I would rather have you focused on remembering the truth that there is no out there out there. Everything that you see is simply a reflection of your consciousness. The impact of this particular New Moon on the World Axis means that it is truly time for us to be taking all we have garnered and share it with the world…out there. A Leo New Moon is no time to be reserved or to hold yourself back.

The big New Moon ritual days are tomorrow and Wednesday. Spend today thinking about some way that you can spend your Tuesday or Tuesday evening embodying the notion of being a presence in the world, your world, in such a way that you bring Love where you go in a big way. Leo is about warmth, generosity, leadership and creative expression. It’s time for that grand gesture you’ve been saving up.

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