Daily Astro Alert July 31, 2013!~

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It’s a bit of an edgy day today. As the day gets started on the west coast (mid-day for those of you in the east), the Moon will move into Gemini, which is a lunar energy that is decidedly crackling and exciting. When you throw in the planetary aspect of Mars square Uranus, there is quite a foundation for the unexpected to happen. Mars governs action and moving forward in the Masculine Principle. Uranus is that energy that can knock everything off balance and turn things on a dime. A square is an obstacle that causes growth. There is a lot in the atmosphere that can trip you up today, so be extra mindful as you move about. There is no more room to be unconsciously blindsided by such abrasive energy anymore; we have all grown to be heart centered enough that though we can’t change the makeup of what we are walking into today, we can certainly adjust how we meet it.

Communication could be dicey today as well. The Gemini Moon always adds a bit of sass to atmosphere. Mercury, the archetype who rules communication, is relating to Neptune in a sesqui-square. This is a minor angle in geometry, so this is not something we will feel in a huge way, but we WILL feel it. If the communication planet is in an agitated angle with the archetype that has a tendency to cloud things up and create blind sides as Neptune does, the foundation is laid for conversations to emanate out of this confusion. Add to the mix the aforementioned Gemini sassiness and today is definitely a day to err on the side of keeping your mouth shut when in doubt. Oh, what they heck, keep your mouth shut today even if you are NOT in doubt. What I really doubt is that this is a day where any of us will be particularly good at keeping our mouths shut. But we’ll do our best, right?

So how about some lovely news? There is something coming into focus today that I will refer to for the next few months as the Grand Water Trine Act Two and it kicks off today with a two-day trine between Chiron and the North Node. It becomes a brief Grand Water Trine with Mars tomorrow, which I will write about then. I will also do video and articles on this phenomenon as it unfolds to give you more depth and detail, but in a nutshell, Saturn the Teacher, still in the manifestation-oriented water sign of Scorpio is going to move into a trine (think harmonious flow) relationship with Chiron the Healer. Jupiter, the archetype of abundance and good fortune is involved as well. This is not as focused and interruptive as the Grand Water Trine we just came out of was, but it is hugely expansive and healing. And they are, of course, directly related.

Put more simply, the opening created in your Consciousness in June and July becomes hugely expansive and healing over the next few months. It is a truly lovely occurrence. And today’s transit between Chiron and the North Node is a bit of a way-pointer for us, if we don’t let the mundane chatter and the chaos of today get in the way of us taking in the bigger picture. Above the fray of your personal, conscious experience today, there is a more powerful unconscious indication of where you are heading in regard to your healing and coming into alignment with your gifts and talents. Can you hear the call above the fray?

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