Daily Astro Alert – Friday August 2, 2013

The Moon is void most of this entire day until it moves into Cancer tonight at 9:29pm PDT. I have explained many times what the Void Moon is from a technical place, but let’s talk a little about what it is good for, and what it inhibits. To review the math of it, the Moon changes sign every two and a half days. As it progresses through the cosmos during that time, it is covering exactly thirty degrees of air space (360 degrees divided by twelve signs, each sign covers 30 degrees). As it moves, it dings other planets in geometrical patterns and those patterns, known as aspects, are what I describe in these posts as a function of the energy that we feel each day. There is a time in each two and a half day cycle where the Moon makes her very last major connection with a planet and where the very next energetic event that she will generate is the changing of signs. This in between space, where the Moon is essentially inactive, is known as the Void Moon.

Depending on where the Moon is in relation to other planets, these Void Moon periods can last anywhere from a few minutes to an entire day. Lately, we have been having pretty long void periods overall. The Void Moon is the realm of the Divine Feminine, for it is through the Moon that we access that part of our nature. When she is free of activity, she has the power to reign supreme in her glory without any of the usual distractions.

The Void Moon is a wonderful time to bask in these energies. As such, when the Moon is Void, it is a great time to go within, to attend to self-care, to support your creativity and to nurture your inner life. It is a better idea to make plans than to begin executing them. If you have something important to put into the world, the Void Moon supports creating what you have to say, but not actually putting it out there. When I have an important announcement to release to my clients, readers or other people that I do business with, I may use the Void Moon to formulate my writing, but I would never hit the send button until the Moon is active once again.

During today’s Gemini Void Moon, make that list. Clean up that pile that needs your attention. Write the draft to that email that needs sending, but wait till tomorrow to send it. Maybe initiate that intimate but scary conversation you have been waiting for the right time to have. Mars and Venus are interacting today in a productive Sextile with each other. Mars in Cancer draws our attention to the healing of the physical body and the need to relinquish the sometimes overwhelming desire to take action. Venus in Virgo continues to help us process at a very deep level all that has been coming up deep in our Hearts. These two archetypes are working very powerfully today to deepen any healing that emerged this week. Today would be a better day to rest your muscles rather than tackle the mountain climb and I mean this literally and metaphorically. We are building toward the official end of Mercury’s retrograde cycle on the 4th and the New Moon in Leo on the 6th, marking a powerful beginning to a new, very different cycle of energy. But today, we are still in the wrapping up of the cycle we are currently completing. Don’t overlook anything in the recesses of your inner-space that needs your attention.

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