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Daily Astro Alert July 31, 2013!~

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It’s a bit of an edgy day today. As the day gets started on the west coast (mid-day for those of you in the east), the Moon will move into Gemini, which is a lunar energy that is decidedly crackling and exciting. When you throw in the planetary aspect of Mars square Uranus, there is quite a foundation for the unexpected to happen. Mars governs action and moving forward in the Masculine Principle. Uranus is that energy that can knock everything off balance and turn things on a dime. A square is an obstacle that causes growth. There is a lot in the atmosphere that can trip you up today, so be extra mindful as you move about. There is no more room to be unconsciously blindsided by such abrasive energy anymore; we have all grown to be heart centered enough that though we can’t change the makeup of what we are walking into today, we can certainly adjust how we meet it.

Communication could be dicey today as well. The Gemini Moon always adds a bit of sass to atmosphere. Mercury, the archetype who rules communication, is relating to Neptune in a sesqui-square. This is a minor angle in geometry, so this is not something we will feel in a huge way, but we WILL feel it. If the communication planet is in an agitated angle with the archetype that has a tendency to cloud things up and create blind sides as Neptune does, the foundation is laid for conversations to emanate out of this confusion. Add to the mix the aforementioned Gemini sassiness and today is definitely a day to err on the side of keeping your mouth shut when in doubt. Oh, what they heck, keep your mouth shut today even if you are NOT in doubt. What I really doubt is that this is a day where any of us will be particularly good at keeping our mouths shut. But we’ll do our best, right?

So how about some lovely news? There is something coming into focus today that I will refer to for the next few months as the Grand Water Trine Act Two and it kicks off today with a two-day trine between Chiron and the North Node. It becomes a brief Grand Water Trine with Mars tomorrow, which I will write about then. I will also do video and articles on this phenomenon as it unfolds to give you more depth and detail, but in a nutshell, Saturn the Teacher, still in the manifestation-oriented water sign of Scorpio is going to move into a trine (think harmonious flow) relationship with Chiron the Healer. Jupiter, the archetype of abundance and good fortune is involved as well. This is not as focused and interruptive as the Grand Water Trine we just came out of was, but it is hugely expansive and healing. And they are, of course, directly related.

Put more simply, the opening created in your Consciousness in June and July becomes hugely expansive and healing over the next few months. It is a truly lovely occurrence. And today’s transit between Chiron and the North Node is a bit of a way-pointer for us, if we don’t let the mundane chatter and the chaos of today get in the way of us taking in the bigger picture. Above the fray of your personal, conscious experience today, there is a more powerful unconscious indication of where you are heading in regard to your healing and coming into alignment with your gifts and talents. Can you hear the call above the fray?

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Astrology 101 – Learn How To Interpret Your Natal Chart!

In order to live your soul purpose, it is helpful to examine your unique horoscope from the perspective of what it reflects about your personal life mission, kharmic lessons, and event timelines such as the Saturn Return (kharmic journey), Uranus Cycle (mid-life transition) and Jupiter Cycle (12-year cycle of abundance).
In 6 classes, you  will explore the astrological horoscope as a way to learn more about how the soul has chosen to manifest the creative forces this lifetime.
You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Astrology including:

•The Signs
•The Planets
•The Houses
•The Aspects
Working with your own birth chart, you will gain a full understanding of your personal identity and soul’s purpose through the lens of Astrology.  This information will prepare you for the next steps of working with the current transits in order to use Astrology as a predictive tool and for relationship compatibility.
Classes will be held Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm every other week beginning January 8th through March 19th.
•January 8th & 22nd
•February 5th & 19th
•March 5th & 19th
All classes will be held at The Crystal Matrix, in Atwater Village in Los Angeles.
3215 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
For more information or to register, check out The Crystal Matrix or Matrix University International online, or by calling 323-644-ROCK (7625).

Tuition: $324, payable in full upon registration, or $54 per class if you prefer.

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Eleven Eleven Eleven – Is There Anything To This?

Eleven-eleven-eleven is upon us!  I initially had tremendous resistance to the notion that this moment in time had any real significance.  However, I was asked what I thought about it so frequently, that I had many opportunities to consider all sides of the idea embodied by Friday’s date.

I certainly believe in the power of synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of unrelated phenomenon that, as a result of their proximity, seem to have tremendous meaning.  My life is so filled with this today that I can’t even separate my day to day experience as having it or not having it.  It is visible every moment of every day; from conversations of strangers on the street aligning with words that are coming out of my mouth, to the subject matter on television replicating itself as I change the channels.

But is the synchronistic lining up of numbers in a date enough to merit so much fascination?  After all, as a friend said to me the other day, “It’s just a man made date.”  And he’s right, in a way.  The Gregorian calendar that we follow is relatively new; it was first proposed only four hundred years ago.  And the numerology just doesn’t work out either.  Those principles require that you add the digits of any number up to find its final value (except in the case of master numbers, 11, 22 and 33).  But when you add up 2011, you get four, not eleven.

However, as the date gets closer, I find myself more and more attracted to the notion of its power.  In fact, I plan on spending the entire day in meditative contemplation.  I encourage anyone who is reading this to find their own way of honoring this moment in time as special and transformative.  So I thought I’d do my part by sharing with you my resistance, how I dealt with it and what my thinking is now.

Let’s start with the numerology.  While this year resonates with the number four, which represents foundations and structure (think building blocks, which are square), there is the fact that Friday is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the new millennium.  There is elegance in this alignment that is undeniable.  The number eleven relates to the same meaning of the number two, only on a masterful level.  Part of that meaning has to do with duality.  The mastery of eleven is connected to the end of duality and the beginning of a unity that encompasses both sides of everything that used to be thought of as separate.  Things like you and me, or us and them.

And while it is easy to dismiss the calendar as irrelevant, consider this:  For many thousands of years, people on earth used many different ways to mark time.  Never before has the possibility of a new, global world order been so prevalent.  And the fact that the now seven billion people on this planet are all aligned with the same measure of time, the power of the collective has never been greater.

This brings me to that which is at the heart of this phenomenon; the collective consciousness.  There is some very compelling research that has shown that when large world events occur, there is a measurable response in the realm of thought.  There is a mechanism that uses an electromagnetic field in connection to the creation of random number sequencing.  This mechanism shows that the sequence of numbers is impacted when someone focuses their thoughts on the machine.  It is supposed that the electromagnetic force from the individual’s brain is what is shifting the numbers in the machine.  Hundreds of these boxes have been placed all over the world and the data has been examined to reveal that there is a clearly measurable shift during large world events.  It has been proven in a scientifically sound way that our collective thoughts have energy.

If this is true, then the power of eleven-eleven-eleven lies in this gathered energy of thought.  In my personal world view, I believe that we are all connected and that there is really just one mind and that we are all part of that one mind.  Further, I believe that our individual minds connected on the same thought is probably the most powerful force there is in the Universe.  It is focusing this power on peace that can actually bring peace into existence.

Peace begins with us as individuals, and the most important thing any of us can do to affect change on this planet is to find that change inside ourselves and be the change we wish to see in the world.  I believe this as more than just mere words.  I am committed to healing my heart completely and moving out into the world in love and light.  The more I do this, the better my world seems to be.  And a moment in time where millions of people are doing the same thing on the same day is a big moment indeed!  I hope you do your part.

Come back later in the week for a description of the astrological significance of this week’s transits!

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Writing Dream Sight: Q&A with Debra Eckerling

I so enjoyed my experience with Debra Eckerling and this interview, I decided to share it here.  Check out everything in Debra’s World at

What inspired you to write Dream Sight?

I wrote Dream Sight because I had to. It was like this massive “thing” in the way of anything and everything I wanted to do with my life and career. I sometimes think of it as the cork in the bottle of wine that is my life unfolding; in order to drink the delightful beverage contained within it, I first had to struggle with getting the bottle open.

From a purely rational standpoint, it made sense that if I was to declare myself an expert in the world on dreams and dream interpretation, I pretty much needed a calling card. On a more irrational basis, I was driven to write it in a very slow fit of madness.

The inciting incident occurred when I was first introduced to television audiences as a dream expert. My manager at the time suggested that I needed to be able to explain how I did what I did when I interpreted a dream. My first response to that was to cry. It seemed an overwhelming task. But in the weeks that followed, I began to observe myself while I listened to a dream and responded with an interpretation. That was the beginning of Dream Sight.

What was your process for writing Dream Sight?

Dream Sight is the result of seven long years, thousands of hours of napping, and several hundred movies on DVD. The fact is, I am very slow to approach writing. I say slow to approach, because I actually think very fast and can write just as quickly. But getting me to the computer is another story.

The two parts of the book are very different and were created with an entirely dissimilar approach. The first four chapters were created by writing hundreds of pages about dreams: the how, why, where, what-do-I, etc. I wrote many chapters only to narrow them down to what was most relevant. I reworked all of it until I found a format that was concise and accessible. There were essentially two versions that I wrote: One at the very beginning of my process seven years ago and a second one a few years later, after I finished my Doctorate. I then revisited this material and wrote something entirely new. However, I don’t think the final version would exist without having written the first two.

The terms in the dictionary were an entirely different story. They were torture to write. When I am on my feet and speaking, you can toss out anything to me and I can interpret it. This is organic, where I tap into a way of thinking and expressing that is very fluid and immediate. Sitting down and trying to convert that flow into a linear, typewritten expression was very much like root canal. Even trying to record them audibly didn’t help; the mere notion that I was eventually going to be writing my words down shut me down completely. So the process was slow, ungainly and agonizing.

How did you get your book published?

Getting it published was interesting; by the time I was finished, there had been a number of other dream books introduced to the market. I figured there was no way a publisher would be interested in yet another dream dictionary. So I starting working on my book for parent’s on children’s dreams called Not Just A Dream. With four completed chapters and a pretty good book proposal, my agent started to pitch this project. While on a phone interview with an editor at Llewellyn, I casually mentioned my dream dictionary. She stopped me cold and said, “Wait a minute … you have a dream dictionary? That’s not published?” And so much to my delight, Dream Sight was to come first.

What is your favorite part of being a writer? The greatest challenge?

My only favorite part about being a writer is having written. The greatest challenge is absolutely everything else about writing.

How do you balance writing and the “dream business?”

I work at home and I have a mild case of Attention Deficit Disorder. The best way I have found to balance all aspects of my life and work is to be free to allow my attention to fall onto anything that needs attention for as short a time as I care to. I may skip from task to task to task, do a client or two and then back to other things. In the end, everything gets done.

How can writers turn their brain off before sleep?

Meditation. Hot baths or showers. Breathing deeply. Strong medication or a large sledgehammer work too.

How can writers use their dreams to solve problems in their creative work?

Most of who we are dwells in our unconscious minds. Creative problems, blocks, confusion, etc., can be maddening when the root causes of such stuck moments is in the realm of the invisible. Asking your dreams for guidance is very effective for dealing with the unconscious in its own language. You don’t even need to know intellectually what a dream might mean to have a release. Ask for a dream, take the dream you get, deal with it creatively (such as drawing it, acting it out, meditating on an image from the dream), and you may find some movement.

Advice for non-fiction writers?

Love what you are writing about … or change careers.

What do you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

Just how long things take; I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself because my pace is slower than I’d like it to be. I wasted a lot of energy telling myself I was failing, when I just wanted to take a nap.

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The New Astrology – Am I Still A Leo????

Okay everybody.  Settle down.  No one has to change their astrological sign.  If you just read an article that has recently gone viral that indicates that you as a Virgo have apparently lost your previous virginity and are now a Libra, fear not.  This is not the case.

I have been inundated with calls, emails and facebook posts and messages asking about this phenomenon and I am writing this to do my best to offer an explanation that will quiet all of commotion this information has caused.

The first thing I will offer is for any of you who aren’t going to be interested in or have the patience to suffer through the details of what will follow.  I don’t blame you for losing interest; I don’t even know if I will be capable of explaining a fairly dense perspective in a way that will not leave you feeling like you are underwater and I am the person holding your head down.  For these people, let me just say this:  Do not worry.  You are still the “sign” you have always thought yourself to be.  So, for those of you who simply trust me, read no further.  All is well and all is as it was.

We live in a continuum of time and space in a mathematical system governed by the number twelve.  There are twenty four hours in each day, twelve of which are experienced facing the sun (daytime) and twelve facing away (night).  Each hour is made up of sixty minutes. 

There are 360 degrees in the circle that makes up the solar system that we call home.  That system is equally divided into twelve segments of thirty degrees each.   Every degree of space is divided into sixty smaller segments called none other than…minutes.  And yes, each minute of space is divided into even smaller increments, sixty of them, called seconds.

So do you see now that time and space are measured the same way.

And so if the whole system is tilting and pointing in a slightly different direction, bit by bit, year by year, the WHOLE SYSTEM is moving and it is moving relative to itself.  Therefore, nothing is really changing from this relative perspective.  We are indeed expanding, so in that regard, everything is changing every moment and we are not in the same place we were when you started reading this sentence.  We will never return there again.  But from the perspective of us here on earth who live within that system, nothing is changing.  By this I mean there are still only 360 degrees in all of the circumference of space around us.

This shift in how we are oriented, both with regard to the tilt of the earth and as it relates to our entire solar system’s relationship with the center of our galaxy is always shifting slightly; an infinitesimal amount every year.  It has always done this and always will.  The way this article hit, it read like (and was responded to in kind) this tilt in the earth happened last week and we are just reporting now.  “As of Tuesday of this week, everybody’s astrological sign must be adjusted.”  I’m reminded of Y2K!
Now, let’s look at what the zodiac is (and ipso facto, what it isn’t).  The zodiac is a system of archetypes.  These archetypes exist in the mind of mankind and are based on energies that are present in the universe that are beyond our understanding.  What the zodiac isn’t is a bunch of animals hanging around in the sky determining who likes to clean their closet out on a regular basis and who does not.  They are simply mysterious energies that are very distinct one to the other that seem to have boundaries that are 30 degrees wide.  The constellations that represent these archetypes are random star placements that really don’t (and never were intended) to resemble the archetypes they inspire.

It would be a miracle indeed if I could explain how different fractals of space embody distinct energies when they get to us here on earth and combine in the chaotic mess that is life and, essentially, become us.  But I certainly believe that this is so.  And even if the reference point of how the earth is sitting inside this soup is changing, it can never change the relative relationship of it all as it moves in it’s perfect clock-like manner as time ticks on.

When the moon is full, we understand that the sun and the moon from the vantage point of earth at the moment of fullness are exactly opposite each other.  No doubt about it…the moon is full and they are exactly 180 degrees apart and we are between them and we see that as full, bright and beautiful.  Now imagine that same full moon and understand that the whole things is 17 degrees to the left of where it was 5,000 years ago.  Still full.  Still exactly opposite each other.

We live in the western world and western astrology has twelve signs.  Perhaps Vedic astrology as practiced by Hindus in India are incorporating a thirteenth archetype into their system.  And that would be absolutely irrefutably true for all of us.  If we were Hindu.  And if we lived in India.  One inch is 2.54 centimeters.  America never adopted the metric system as we were threatened it would when I was a kid in the 70s.  Do you think it makes any difference to the inch-worm?  It doesn’t.

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New Moon – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn!

Besides being a psychologist and dream interpreter, I am also an astrologer.  Every once in a while, there comes a significant moment that I feel moved to share about.  This is one of those times, so here it is.
We are between the eclipses.  The eclipses are when the Sun and Moon are aligned in such a way that the constant beam of light between the two luminaries is broken, resulting in the visible shadow that we see. What we don’t see is the cosmic download that this event marks.  When the beam of light is broken, it is much like what happens when you reboot a computer.  All extraneous material is discarded into the abyss of unconsciousness and all the important stuff is saved safely in retrievable memory.

This process happens every six months like clockwork and operates in a two-fisted structure – lunar eclipses first, followed by a solar eclipse two weeks later.  The solar eclipse that we are about to experience occurs at 1:00am Tuesday, January 4th.

A solar eclipse is a New Moon, the moment where the Sun and the Moon are at the same relative position from the earth.  For thousands of years, farmers know that the best time to plant seeds is during a New Moon.  The gravitational pull on the Earth is very intense and is directed inward.  This force draws water into the Earth (as opposed to the Full Moon when the Earth is being pulled on in opposition and therefore upward, out of the ground).

Make no mistake about it, the seeds of Mind are no different than those literal seeds we plant to grow vegetation.  The New Moon every months is the best time to plant the seeds of desire and intention into the fertile soil of the Mind.  The energy that the eclipse adds to this process is that it is the one time of the year where you can actually change your consciousness in order to do the work of manifestation.

This New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn.  The goat will get to the top of the mountain no matter what it has to do; it will eat a tin can for lunch and climb over any terrain, but it WILL get to the top.  In this way, the archetype of Capricorn is expressive of achieving goals and arriving at a desired destination with great fortitude.  Can you imagine a better energy for alignment with a new year, setting an intention and having all the resources you could need to power you up the mountain of your heart’s desire?

If that weren’t enough, how about the fact that just a few weeks ago, Mars (action), Pluto (transformation) and the retrograding Mercury (the Mind) all met up and had a conference in Capricorn (this was December 13th, so think back to what you were up to in the middle of last month).  While they were there, we were all being treated to a powerful punch; marching orders, if you will, for just how to prepare for the next chapter that will be 2011.

This is an extraordinary moment.  Plant your seeds.  Be clear about what your intentions are.  Write them down in a sacred manner.  Plant the paper in the ground even.  Do this before you go to bed Monday night.  If you can’t get to this on Monday, rest assured that this energy is available to do your bidding all week long.  Don’t let this moment pass without being conscious of just how much power we can wield with our minds when they are aligned with our hearts and we allow the transformational power of the human experience to consciously guide our actions into the brilliant world we are creating.  Have at it!

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What Do Elevators Mean In Dreams?

Here’s an interesting twist on an elevator dream from Mark L.

I’m descending in an elevator, but I’m not IN the car, I’m on TOP of the car (on the outside) and can see the cables and counterbalance weights.

Elevators move us up and down within a building and therefore connect with the easy ability to move up and down within our consciousness.  Higher floors relate to higher thoughts, lower floors…well you get the picture.

This higher and lower consciousness idea connects to many images that relate to vantage point: A mountain top would offer a broad, expansive view of your world, whereas a hole in the ground would be pretty restricted.  This distinction of an elevator, however, is that is located inside of a building; a man-made construction that has limited boundaries and specific purpose.  In this way, a building is much more about a construct of thought or ideas you may have created for yourself and an elevator represents your ability to move freely within the different levels of thought that this particular “idea” may contain.

So, now let’s talk about Mark’s conundrum.  In his dream, his elevator moves easily up and down, stopping at all the various floors representing different ideas he’s built up for himself.  However, he can’t access any of them because he’s stuck on top of the elevator car, separated from the doors that provide the entrance to what’s available in this particular building.  Sure, he has a good sense of how things work and the mechanism BEHIND the ideas (cables and weights) but this dream is probably coming along when he can’t actually utilize the information he has to expand his life using the knowledge available to him.

I’ve included the term Elevator from my upcoming dream dictionary, Dream Sight, coming from Llewellyn Press in February 2011.


Universal Landscape:  Rapid transition between levels of awareness.

Dreaming Lens:  Were you waiting for the elevator or already riding it?  Was your intended destination being reached?  Were you frightened or in danger?  Were you going sideways?  Were you stuck in an elevator?  Were you moving faster than what felt safe?  Who were you with?  Were you pushing the buttons or was someone else?

Personal Focus:  Elevators carry us from one floor to another at the push of a button.  The different levels they transport us to connect to various perspectives of our awareness.  We decide our destination on an elevator, aligning this symbol with the choices we make about what areas of our consciousness we are willing to investigate.  What happens in the elevator of our dreams may reveal how well this process is going in our daily lives.

The floors involved in a dream can hold significance.  In a general way, moving upward connects with higher, more sophisticated levels of thinking and moving downward indicates investigation of lower levels, past issues and behavior patters.  Moving downward can also align with visiting hidden or shadow material.

The actual floor number or numbers, if remembered, can be examined through the concepts of numerology for additional meaning (see Numbers).  If there are specific associations with the floors you visit or the building where the elevator is located, this should be factored strongly into your interpretation.

To be going up when down is desired may indicate a pressing need to operate with a higher insight than with which you are currently engaged.  Going down when up is anticipated may point to the need to uncover additional material hidden in the lower depths of your consciousness or your past.  Being stuck on an elevator is to be midway through a process or shift.  Your response to the lack of movement may reveal levels of impatience with your progress in some area of growth.

An elevator out of control is similar to a falling dream, but the added component of transition and choice must be considered.  While you may be falling, you have chosen to take the elevator in search for new information.  Going sideways is to be confused about the direction in which a current transformational shift may be taking you.  If the elevator is out of service, you may be stuck in some issue in your life.  Another possibility with a broken elevator is a need to stay where you are and not try and escape your current situation by rising above it or sinking to a lower level.

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Dream Interpretation ~ Nightmares Dissected

A nightmare is essentially like any dream, mixing familiar and unfamiliar imagery, offering non-sequitors, fragmented stories, and replaying scenes of real life.  What make a dream a nightmare are simply the feelings and sensations that accompany it.  Dreams are compensatory by nature.  They help us restore balance to our emotions.  Life can be scary and dreams that leave us frightened are part of what helps us wake up and face life again with a clean slate.

A great many of the images that populate children’s nightmares arrive there via the media children experience.  This has created the notion that scary movies will “give you nightmares”—and they certainly can.  You watch Snow White with your kids and that night they dream about the Wicked Queen.  One of your children wakes up in the middle of the night crying; you find out that they were dreaming about the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.  This is not a new phenomenon; one can imagine the children a hundred and twenty-five years ago waking from nightmares after having read the latest short story from Edgar Allen Poe. But certainly the images offered to our children these days—both their graphicness and their frequency—cause nightmares of increasing ferocity.

Nightmares often share characteristics. They are all of common breed. Often there is a sense of danger in an otherwise idyllic setting.  Sometimes, there is a clear villain and they feel they are in danger of some kind.  Often, the sense of terror is what your child remembers without being able to report on any specific imagery.  Whatever the case, the power in the nightmare is its ability to represent the scary side of life.

We need this symbolic representation of the dark.  Despite our insistence that life should be all ease and goodness, it really shouldn’t be. A world without fear would be a very destructive place for our psyches.  Fear teaches us, helps us grow—it is foundational, one of the necessary elements of being alive.  The only way to live free of fear’s domination is to possess healthy mechanisms that help you to deal with fear and express it rather than repress it. Nightmares are one such healthy mechanism, allowing us to express fear in a very practical and effective manner.

They do their job well, and can be so effective that they stay with us for a long time. A friend of mine, Emanuel, a forty-one year old man who grew up in New York and Los Angeles, still remembers a nightmare from his childhood.  When he was about twelve, he dreamed of being a passenger in his father’s car.  They drove through his neighborhood on a cloudy fall day.  When he looked out the window, dead people were sprawled on the lawns of the houses they passed. As he shared his dream, a surprising thing happened.  Dozens of details flooded his memory. He began to recall more and more of the dream, and was shocked at how much he could actually remember.  His unconscious opened up, and poured vivid details back to him. He said he felt as though the dream had just occurred.

He remembered being at a party before leaving in the car with his father. He recalled the layout of the house, its roundness, its large, spiral staircases surrounded by balconies of varying size and shape.  After climbing the stairs, he went out onto one of the balconies, where blood began dripping from somewhere above. He remembered running to the floor above, where he found the source of the dripping blood was, in fact, a decapitated head.

After remembering these additional details, Emanuel now had more pieces of the puzzle.   He recalled walking through the neighborhood, staring long, gated driveways that led to mansions hidden by hedges and trees.  The dead bodies on the lawns were the security guards, and there was no one else around.  Alone, he remembered his father had gone up to one of the houses to see if they could find out what was going on.  Standing on the street, he saw a woman dressed only in a black negligee ride past on a bicycle.  He described her as a prostitute and added that she seemed very out of place.

That’s a lot of detail, all resting in his unconscious for thirty years, waiting for a moment to be let out again.  What can we make of this?   Well, let’s start with a little interpretation.  Without knowing exactly what was going on with Emanuel when he had the dream, we can’t be too precise about what to make of it.  But given that he says he was about twelve when he had it, we know that we are talking about the period of time just prior to adolescence.  Given that, there are two images that stand out:  the decapitated head and the prostitute on the bike.  This could very well connect to the intense thoughts that preoccupy most adolescents, sexual feelings exposed and out of place, could be symbolically represented by the bike-riding whore. These thoughts might just be too much to bear, hence the decapitated head.

There are more themes being expressed in this dream as we look at some of the other imagery.  Houses often represent our sense of self in dreams, and in this dream, the houses are not visible, conjuring thoughts of not being ready to show one’s self to the world.  The security guards protect these homes and have been killed, further emphasizing a sense of vulnerability.
But why did this dream stay with this dreamer for so long?  The human mind is still more mystery than mastery, but I can surmise that there is some very important function that dark, scary images provide for us.  They give us the hooks on which we hang the coats of our fears and uncertainties, so that we can approach life with confidence and self-assurance.  And just like waking life experiences that stay prominent in our memory, so can the traces of long ago dreams last well into adulthood.  By staying with him so long, Emanuel was certainly able to gain some insight into his childhood experience by examining this dream several decades after it occurred.

Dr. Michael Lennox

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What is DreamSight – Dream Interpretation Guide

is an innovative concept designed to help you effectively interpret the symbols that appear in your dreams.  It guides you through the examination of specific dream imagery in three easy steps. By looking at this material on universal, contextual and personal levels, the resulting interpretation will reveal what your unconscious mind is expressing through your dreams.  Through this technique, you can gain even more insight from your unconscious to help you in your waking life.

When most people attempt to interpret an image or symbol that appears in a dream, they begin with their personal feelings about what they are attempting to understand.  Since we experience our lives through our conscious minds which can only view the world through the lens of our individual perspective and experience, this is quite natural.  However, it is not the most effective way to approach the unconscious mind.

There are many psychological theories that attempt to explain how our unconscious mind works and why all human beings seem to be related through what is known as the “collective unconscious.”  You don’t have to know or understand these theories to use them.  However, if you are interested in exploring your dreams, then you have probably already noticed the strange and wonderful connection that all human beings share.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the dreams people have as exemplified by the similarity of images and themes reported by dreamers from completely different walks of life.

The language of both the personal and collective unconscious is symbolic in nature and predominantly expresses itself through creative endeavors such as art, slips of the tongue, seemingly accidental behaviors, and of course, through our dreams.  Though it is the much larger part of our psyches, the unconscious is felt as very separate from everything that we experience consciously.  The meaning we assign to something with our conscious minds is the personal meaning and includes our thoughts, feelings, opinions and judgments.  In order to bring you to a truly revealing interpretation of a dream symbol, you must combine both the personal meaning and the universal meaning of that symbol.  DreamSight is designed to help you accomplish this often elusive and misunderstood task

Dr. Micheal Lennox

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