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Los Angeles Full Moon Event: Cosmic Insight – Balancing Contrast!

Saturday January 23rd
6-9pm, $60
Yogala Studios – 1840 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles


Special friend discount! Bring a friend, or friends, and get $10 back for each person you bring up to price of ticket.

The year is almost over and it’s time to start laying the groundwork for what promises to be a spectacular 2016. Start your year off right by spending the evening with Breath-worker Robert Lee, Sound Healer Jamie Ford and astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox.

Saturn, the Great Teacher and Neptune, the Great Spirit, are forming a Square in the heavens next year, that edgy geometry that causes two energies that want the exact same thing, but bump up against each other because they come from completely different approaches.

Like the floor that constantly tells the wall to lie down and the wall’s response to demand that the floor stand up, any objects interacting from ninety degrees apart create an obstacle from which growth is the ultimate result. The floor and the wall never give in to each other’s mandate, but between them, the room rises up into form. Such is the case when the planet that represents structure and responsibility forces us to reckon with our Spiritual nature. This astrology creates the foundation onto which we will build 2016 and you will want to be as prepared as you can to create the most magnificent year you can.

We will gather on one of the most fortuitous Full Moons of 2016, which also happens to be the first one of year. Register today and find yourself immersed in the work of three master teachers where you will have the opportunity to:

• Understand the astrological implications of the year and how they relate to you personally!
• Experience a deep dive through the transformational power of the breath!
• Luxuriate in the benefit of sound healing as the tones of planet gongs bathe you in vibration!

Get clear, get ready, and get activated for the New Year!!
Register Now!

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DOWNLOAD TODAY – Eclipse Season 2015 MP3 Recording!

The eclipses are coming and September promises to be a pretty wild month. Be prepared for all of the changes and opportunities for transformation that come along with these bi-yearly events. This month features the fourth of the Blood Moons and so many intersecting cycles (including Mercury’s next retrograde), it will be a challenge to navigate all of the changes that will be happening at once.

Download this 60-minute recording and allow me to usher you this spectacular moment. The MP3 will be delivered right to your email within 24-hours of your purchase and will feature important dates as well as a sign-by-sign impact description so that you can know exactly how these crucial astrological events are going to be hitting you personally. The exchange is only $20, so order yours today!

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Venus Is Going Retrograde – MP3 Recording For You!

Venus goes retrograde on July 25th. This happens once every three years. The last time she did this was in the middle of 2012, the next time won’t be till 2018. This summer promises to be one of the most expansive in the arenas of Love and Abundance that we have ever experienced. Be prepared to take advantage of everything that the next four months has to offer. Download your recording today!

This 60-minute recording will feature:

An explanation of Venus retrograde and what is possible during this cycle!
Key dates that mark shifts and important moments to be aware of!
Information on each of the Full and New Moon opportunities that connect to these crucial months!
A sign-by-sign description of how this Venus retrograde is likely to impact you directly!

For an exchange of only $20, you will receive your downloadable MP3 recording in a direct email within 24 hours of purchase (likely much sooner!). Purchase yours today by clicking on the link below.

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Daily Astro Alert Subscription Series!

I offer a daily subscription to offer inspiration and guidance from the astrological movement of the planets sent to your email box every day. These detailed posts are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before so you can plan your day with the astrological weather at your fingertips.

It’s only $8 per month and not only will you get a daily description, I also send out periodic Dream Alerts when the transits are ripe for petitioning wisdom from the dream state and other special notices that are reserved just for my subscribing readers. Just click the button below to subscribe.

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Operating Instructions: Eclipse & Pluto/Uranus Square MP3 Download!

Eclipse season is upon us and it’s going to be very intense. The final Square between Pluto and Uranus as well as the Trine between Jupiter and Uranus is locked in as part of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th – both of which are TOTAL eclipses. WeeDoggy! It’s going to be a wild ride.
This 60 minute MP3 recording will guide you through and includes some things I’ve never done before, including:

  • Opening Visioning Meditation
  • Overview of the wormhole
  • Breakdown of each of the lunations
  • Personal Influence of the Full Moon by Your Sun/Rising Sign
  • Day by day forcast for the wormhole period

The exchange is only $20, so click below and have your MP3 recording delivered within 24 hours!

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The Consciousness of Prosperity: Calling in Abundance in Challenging Times

Thursday March 5th
7 pm – 9 pm
PSLA Heart Center – West Hollywood
9056 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
(scroll down for map)

Internationally known astrologer and intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox and award-winning intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Karen Hager want to meet you in Los Angeles for this amazing class! Astrologer and intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox combines his gifts to help you receive a deeper understanding of who you are … and where you’re going! Michael’s touched the lives of people all over the world with his accurate and insightful readings. Intuitive guide and psychic channel Karen Hager is known for her quick connection and spot-on intuitive guidance. She brings through messages with clarity, compassion … and a lot of laughter! Let Karen help you step out of the fog of confusion.

Buy your ticket now for $20!

(please note that Michael and Karen will not be doing readings during this class)

Are you struggling with abundance? Worried you might be going at this all wrong?

If you’re sick of being told you need to be “perfect” before you can attract prosperity … or that you need to “vibrate like a rich person” when you just don’t feel like one … this class is for you!

Abundance is available to us always … not just when times are good or when we’re in the flow. It is our Divine birthright, and we have the ability to call in more prosperity any time. Even when (especially when!) things seem bleak.

You’ll experience Michael’s unique new moon ritual (created especially for this class) that will allow you to activate and re-activate your prosperity consciousness each month.

Gain new awareness of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves, as Karen shares wisdom and tools to begin to unlock our paralysis around abundance.

Get a fresh perspective on the secret language of affirmations! We often harbor resistance in our unconscious mind, and Michael has powerful, loving tools to open your unconscious and shift that resistance.

Learn to begin to appreciate the subtle abundance in all things, as Karen gives you a peek into her own prosperity practice and helps you explore the power of gratitude … even when you think you have nothing at all to be grateful for!

And finally, Karen and Michael will lead the group in a transformative experience that allows us to set a collective intention for abundance and release blocks in a guided meditation and clearing that will leave you open and ready to receive all the good the Universe has in store!

There will be time for Q & A, and of course the whole evening will be steeped in the high-vibration, positive, generous energy that Michael and Karen bring to all their work together.

Buy your ticket now for $20!

This is an office building on the south side of the street across from Pavilions Market and 2 block west, directly across from Dan Tanas Restaurant. There is meter parking till 8:00pm, so be sure to read the signs! The Center is right off the elevator on the 2nd floor.

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Astro-Overview 2015 – Live Conference Call and MP3 Recording!

THE LIVE CALL HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE – but you can still purchase the MP3 by clicking the button below. Register today and you will get your downloadable link in less than 24 hours!

After the craziness of this year, I know many of you are hoping for a little less intensity in 2015. And while the enormous transits that made this year a bit off the charts are done, next year has plenty to make it a time of reckoning. The 7-part Pluto/Uranus Square that has been changing EVERYTHING finishes up in March. Jupiter in Leo turns around and makes spring and summer a veritable explosion of expansion. The wormhole of late March into April is guaranteed to knock your socks off and don’t forget we have two more Blood Moons to navigate.

Tune in for my 2015 forecast where I will cover the year in a general way with a focus on the first half, including all the retrograde cycles and details about the eclipses. I am deliberately doing this on the Winter Solstice to add some mystical power to the experience of coming together for the purpose of expanding global consciousness for the year to come. This call will include a brief but powerful prayerful meditation for World Peace.

Whether you listen in to the call LIVE, or wait for the mp3 download or both, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for what next year has in store. The exchange is $25.

Date: Saturday December 20, 2014
Time: 11:00am PST, 2:00pm EST, 7:00pm GMT

Whether you tune into the live call or listen to the recording afterwards, you will be connecting to the energy of like-minded souls gathering to affirm a powerful experience of this time.

Register to get the dial-in number which will be available through a link on your receipt page. You will also receive an email the morning of the call. When you dial in, you will be connected to the call which will last approximately 60-90 minutes. Everyone will receive an mp3 of the call whether you participate in the live event or not.

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Daily Astro Alert – Subscription Information!

I offer a daily subscription to offer inspiration and guidance from the astrological movement of the planets sent to your email box every day. These detailed posts are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before so you can plan your day with the astrological weather at your fingertips.

It’s only $8 per month and not only will you get a daily description, I also send out periodic Dream Alerts when the transits are ripe for petitioning wisdom from the dream state and other special notices that are reserved just for my subscribing readers. Just click the button below to subscribe.

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Life Is Just A Dream – Part 1

We use the same word to describe the mystical phenomenon that happens during sleep and the aspirations that we hold for our unfolding lives. I had a dream. I have a dream. Additionally, we are told of a spiritual principle that invites us to view life itself as a dream, unfolding magnificently in a way that reflects the notion that anything can happen and probably will.

I have noticed that the idea of lucid dreaming is gaining more traction out there in the zeitgeist. When we become more consciously aware of our dreaming experience while we are sleeping, the more we can bring that conscious awareness to our dream-like waking life and the aspirations that we hold dear as we create our magnificent futures. I feel quite blessed to have devoted my practice to holding the dream as sacred and powerful. And never before has it been quite so clear that we must treat all three of these dream states with the exact same reverence.

There is a mystical text that most people in the Western world are quite familiar, even if they don’t recognize it as a mystical text. I committed it to memory when I was about three years old. It goes like this: “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!” This may sound like I am trying to be funny or clever, but truly, this is a piece of wisdom that we all learned at a very young age and everything you need to know about how life works is held within these four lines.

As you might imagine, it is the last line that interests me the most, as life is indeed but a dream we are dreaming up as we go along our way. However, the entire piece can be interpreted to both understand the journey on a deep and profound level. At the same time, doing so can offer insight into the principles of interpretation that inform all of the work that I do in my own spiritual practice and that which I teach to others.

One of the most powerful tools in interpreting a symbol is the principle of implication. Much like a detective surveying a scene for clues, the landscape of an image offers an enormous amount of information. Firstly, we recognize that we are on a journey as represented by being in a boat on a stream. This is symbolic of how we are to move through life. It is, ultimately, a navigation of emotional territory for water represents the emotional body and a stream is a small current, individual-sized flowing of water, much like our individual selves. When we connected in large numbers, we form a river and we are all heading toward the ocean of the collective. When examined more closely, we are part of the ne3ver-ending cycle of water flowing, evaporating, being redistributed to flow again. The stream is the fluctuating path that our life is to take and the boat we are in connects to our individuated sense of self.

We are given an instruction right off the bat. We are to row. We do the rowing and we are to row our own boat. Not each other’s. Not someone else’s boat; just your own. Row YOUR boat. And there is going to be some effort involved. How do we know this? The instruction is repeated three times. Clearly, there is going to be some effort involved.

Now just in case we are overwhelmed by all that rowing, we are given a powerful qualification. Several in fact. The first one I’ll point out is that we are moving down stream. It won’t always feel like it, but we are to know that even when the going is the most strenuous, we are still going down stream. To me, this is akin to the principle that consciousness is always expanding and that everything that occurs happens for your benefit. Even when it looks like anything but this, the truth still remains. We are expanding at every moment of the journey. And it’s a gentle ride, which is a very clear suggestion to lighten up and go with the flow. Row gently. Stop fighting. Resistance is pointless. When it doubt, choose the gentle path.

And here is my favorite part. It’s supposed to be fun. We are told to do all that we do with a sense of merriment. This is such an important principle it is given a lot of emphasis. It is repeated four times; one more merrily than there are rows. That means no matter how hard it gets, it’s STILL supposed to be more joyful than effortful. It’s supposed to fun, so do everything you can to cultivate joy.

And of course, the best part of all. Life is but a dream. And what are the qualities of a dream? It is a magical landscape in which anything can happen and probably will. It is a time when we are profoundly creative, causing the seemingly impossible to happen just by using the power of our thought. It is a state in which we get to see our blatant humanity while simultaneously becoming acquainted with our precious divinity.

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New Moon In Cancer – June 27th!

The New Moon in Cancer is upon us, so prepare for starting a new cycle in the realm of self-care, nurturance, the home and matters of intimacy. These are all areas of life that are governed by this archetype and the Feminine Principle at the most personal level. Cancer is the first of the water signs and so she connects to the emotional body and the way we process feelings. She carries her home on her back and can retreat there any time she doesn’t feel safe. Whatever this image conjures up for you is being set into motion in brand new ways with this New Moon.

Jupiter is participating in this lunation in a significant way. There is a saying that goes “there are no bad Jupiter aspects” and this must be put into play with this particular moment. Jupiter will T-Square the Nodes – that means he will interact with the South Node (the Past) and the North Node (the Future) by Squaring both of them. A Square is an obstacle or conflict that fosters ultimate growth as two energies want the same thing but approach that thing from completely different perspectives. Jupiter is confronting our past and moving us toward our future in such a way that a boatload of personal growth is surely involved. Growth can mean pain or challenge, and yet the catchphrase, “there are no bad Jupiter aspects!”

Jupiter is wrapping up his yearlong foray through Cancer. During this past year, we have all been benefiting from this archetype of good fortune blessing us in the area of self-care and home life (now, I know some of you have been struggling in these areas, but trust me that Jupiter is bringing expansion around these themes even if it is in the form of current lessons that will bring benefit later). Additionally, there have been so many truly unprecedented transits during this past year that have completely alchemized all of us a very deep level. It is Jupiter that allows us to take those changes in and operate in our world in a transformed state (Jupiter is a social planet and relates to the expansive element of our communal experience).

This T-Square is our opportunity to take everything we’ve learned about our past and envisioned about our future and take a giant leap forward. The New Moon connects this opportunity to a new cycle where we get to plant the seeds of our own dynamic version of what will make our Soul sing. Take time today or tomorrow to do some sort of ritual honoring the next steps toward your unfolding vision. Make sure it includes some water – take a bath or a swim if you can. We are still moving very fast, though until Mercury goes direct we still might not know exactly where we are going (hold tight, only a few more days).

The exact moment of the Sun and Moon coming together was last night just after 1:00am, so we spend the entire day today and tomorrow being thrust forward by this powerful aspect. The day itself may feel decidedly introverted, as the Cancer archetype is more comfortable in a hidden posture than out in the world. Do your best to honor that today if you are so inclined and have the luxury to follow the impulse.

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