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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
The Moon will be in Aries all day today, bringing a fiery energy to the day that will be very different than the past few days of Piscean flow. There is no Void today, so the day is decidedly action oriented. Often the best use of the Aries Moon is to be active. This is especially true when the transits are, as they are today, more friction than flow.

Venus makes a beautiful Trine to the South Node which allows us to heal elements of our past issues at a Kharmic level, as the South Node relates to both our personal past AND our Kharmic journey. Given that we are still inside this very intense pattering of The Six Weeks of Scorpio, such a transit is an important element of that. When the Heart looks upon the past with a loving gaze, we are more apt to move into forgiveness. This is especially true under this transit if what is troubling us today is caused by issues from our yesterday.

Venus is on her way to a meeting with Pluto and that is a major part of the alchemy of this time. And though today’s aspect is not a huge one, everything Venus is up to these days is leading toward this Conjunction which is part of the buildup to the Full Moon on Sunday. We are still in the wormhole and are being taken into territory we have never been before, especially where the Heart is concerned. Today may be subtle, but it can be an important step into the future we are creating.

The Moon will Square Venus today, and that means that the energy that generates our events (the Moon) is acting on the planet that is engaged in a
process. As I just explained, this process is a healing of past issues. The Square from the Moon will provide us all with the perfect circumstances through which to do this healing. Be on the lookout for conflicts or obstacles that allow you to move into growth.

Given how close Venus and Pluto are to each other, if the Moon Squares Venus today, she also Squares Pluto. A Moon Pluto Square brings up issues of power and authority. These two squares together are serving up some confrontations designed to bring us more in touch with our Hearts in the face of The Shadow. The Shadow is where everything scary, unpleasant and disowned lives. This is Pluto’s domain. Pouring the healing power of the Heart into the Shadow is how all integration takes place.

The Moon will also Conjunct Uranus today, adding an element to day of unexpected possibilities. Keep on your toes. Everything that happens this week is moving us toward the Full Moon on Sunday, so while this is a relatively quiet day in the scope of things, it is still part of the major ongoing process that we are engaged in.

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Building Toward The Eclipse Tomorrow!


Today is a quiet day. Ha!

Well, relative to what we have been going through today is rather subdued. However, the aspects that do occur in the astro-weather today are very significant to our journey through this wormhole, so I doubt many of you will see this Saturday as anything but in alignment with whatever your experience has been so far.

We start our day inside a beautiful Void Libra Moon after a Sextile to Venus. This energy shift happens at 5:46am PDT, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is your late afternoon and early evening. What a lovely 4-1/2 hours: The Void Moon happens when she is in the in-between state after she’s made the last major geometrical connection she will make before she changes signs. The transit that sets off this Void is about as nice as you can get; a productive angle with our Heart Center. Enjoy it, because at 10:34 am PDT (5:34pm in London, 4:34am Wednesday in Sydney) the Moon dips into the intense waters of Scorpio and we are what is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon on our way to the lunation Sunday early morning.
The Dark-Of-The-Moon is that period when the Moon is encroaching on the Sun, but before she connects with him in the meeting that is the New Moon. It is the true fertile ground of intention setting and seed planting that the New Moon brings. That makes the entire weekend very connected to the power of both the eclipse consciousness and the New Moon consciousness. And it begins today.

After the sign change, the Scorpio Moon will begin to activate the Grand Water Trine energy that has been present since summertime with a lovely Trine to Neptune. This should put a fairly dreamy energy into the middle of the day. The other lunar aspect tonight is part of the big Scorpio news, but before I get to that, a word about Mercury.

Mercury makes a really important Conjunction today. Late tonight, he meets up with the North Node. If you’ve been reading my work for long enough now, you know that the North Node has the archetypal meaning connected with us moving into the future. It is also the geometrical calculation point in space that actually creates the eclipse itself. Since one of the phenomena that makes this eclipse so intense is that Mercury is retrograde during the same time frame AND at the same place in the sky, the moment that Mercury crosses the North Node is very significant.
The interpretation I give this is that it is a moment of great clarity, where what the Mind is integrating and processing emerges today in such a way that we are guided powerfully into our own destiny. This may or may not be experienced as a conscious thought or an actual conversation. Either way, I trust that whether you are aware of the next steps you must take, the human organism that is the solar system puts in its marching orders from the Mind with this Conjunction.

Within minutes of the planetary aspect being exact, the Moon is there as well – making this meeting an actual cosmic event. It is the Moon that makes an event an event; the planets just set the foundation. So the foundation of this moment is the coming together of our Minds with our Futures. And this is happening just four hours before the eclipse. I do my best to convey the profundity of things in my writing, but I’m not sure I can do this one justice. Because I am so subject to hyperbole, I know that those of you who know me are rolling their eyes right about now saying, “Oh, Michael, everything is the biggest, the most intense, and the greatest.” But I stand by what I say. It’s not that this particular astrological anomaly is no huge, it is not. But when you take it consideration with all of the other synchronicities, this time is just unprecedented.

The best way to take advantage of this is to begin the ritual work associated with the New Moon. Like any intention setting moment, it is time to be very clear about what you are creating. While the Scorpio Moon demands a watery approach (and I do recommend that anything you do in the form of ritual over the next few days include water in some way) I would also make a pitch for you bringing the Air to the table since there is none cosmically.

Writing is an Air experience, so putting any intention setting in written form would be a great ritual to do when attending to what you are creating for yourself during this wormhole. You might want to plant it in the ground somewhere and then flood it with water in a symbolic seed planting. Since the eclipse occurs in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, tonight is the big fertile timeframe. Make your intentions VERY clear.

PS – the New Moon is exact Sunday morning at 4:48am PST in Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon at 12:48pm in London, Sunday afternoon at 2:48pm in Pretoria and Sunday night at 11:48pm in Sydney.

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Today Is The Biggest Day EVER!! Friday November 1, 2013


Astrologically speaking today is one of the biggest days EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but in a very long time. Remember the ongoing Square between Pluto and Uranus that stared in June of 2012 and continues until spring of 2015? That three year transit has an activation point today. They first hit their 90 degree relationship well over a year ago, but due to their slow orbits and retrograde motion, they will move in and out of this Square angle a total of seven times. The fourth of those seven is exact today and that in and of itself is a very big moment to consider.

And while this isn’t exactly and event maker, the timing of this Square coinciding with an unprecedented Mercury retrograde cycle and the eclipse on Sunday makes this a very important part of the wormhole that we’re in. Pluto and Uranus both connect to change; Pluto’s version of change is slow, methodical and absolute. Uranus changes things through lightning flashes and paradigm shifts. A Square creates obstacles and conflicts that foster change and growth. This gear shift is the agonizing movement into the Age of Aquarius and the challenges and chaos that are happening in the world right now can be understood as a reflection of this mighty relationship between these two powerful archetypes in this particular geometry.

But more immediately, we are in a wormhole and inside a Mercury retrograde. When you combine these elements you get an astrologer’s wet dream. Today is a BIG day for Mercury. Now in his retrograde motion, he was bound to reconnect with Pluto, Uranus, Chiron and Mars, since he hit them all a few weeks ago while in his direct shadow. As he did, he brought up issues that we were going to have to revisit during this time. What is remarkable about this calibration is that because all of those planets have lined up at about 9 degrees of their respective signs, Mercury hits them from his retrograde position – all on the same day. That’s just Ca-RAY-zee.

What this offers us is a moment of calibration of the Mind with an enormous chunk of our Higher Consciousness AND our ability to embody what we suddenly become aware of (courtesy of Mars). Pluto relates to power and authority, Uranus represents sudden awakenings and Chiron brings profound healing into the mix. We have been up to a magnificent experience of these elements of our psyche interacting with each other and today in one fell swoop; the archetype of the Mind calibrates the whole mechanism. It is a powerful day of integration.

What I just described would make today extremely important in Mercury’s retrograde cycle even if there wasn’t something else that makes this an important Mercury moment! Today is also the day that he meets up with the Sun. This happens halfway between every retrograde and it represents the moment of clarity when whatever is most prescient for us to learn and glean from the integrative process the retrograde offers will be made clear to us. Well, that is happening today as well.

Here’s the kicker about that: Since the Sun and Mercury are meeting up today and Mercury is activating all of those other planets today, then the Sun is activating all of those other planets too. The clarity of The Mind (Mercury) and the awareness of the I Am Consciousness (the Sun) working together to connect with power (Pluto), enlightenment (Uranus) and healing (Chiron) AND embodiment (Mars).

What a day. The Sun activates BOTH the Mars Kite and the Mars Finger of God today. These patterns have been lining up for over a week now and as each additional activation occurs, it is like an expansion of how we relate to the new consciousness that is building. The Kite helps us soar into new territory and the Finger of God allows us to make the choices that serve us most and have the Divine Mind ushers us along. What happens today is that our Conscious Awareness is brought into the mix because that is what the Sun represents.

In some ways, I am more curious about the energy of today than the eclipse on Sunday. There is such a unprecedented gathering of aspects that I am inclined to be believe that the build up toward the eclipse is really the big news and that Sunday’s lunation is really just the switch that turns all of this consciousness on. Today is the surge of this wave and it immediately begins to subside after this and the New Moon that follows is the starting point of the journey we are being outfitted for now.

The Moon is relatively quiet in Libra today with no Voids; this quietude is probably a good thing because if the Moon were very active today I don’t we’d be able to handle it. Remember that the Libra archetype is best experienced through the consciousness of reflection and using the mirror to bring things back into harmony and balance. It’s a great day to remember that all you see in the world is simply a reflection of your own consciousness. And since our consciousness is changing dramatically, this would not be a good time to judge anything that is passing in front of you. It’s all in the process of changing, so let’s just see where things land in a few weeks before we declare anything good or bad. Libra is an Air sign and since there is no planetary Air right now, the Moon is holding the only access we have to anything remotely intellect oriented. Be grateful!

We have three days before the eclipse to prepare even more for the reboot that’s coming. If you are reading this, then you have all the tools at your disposal to prepare for this. The real invitation here is to do more and to go deeper. Whatever you respond to in the area of self investigation and the inward journey, do more. Go deeper. Write forgiveness letters. Work with your dreams. Do more conscious breath work. Meditate more. Approach your prayer with more abandon. Call that person you need to work that issue out with. Increase your levels of self-care. Eat better. Exercise with vigor and determinism. Saturn is leading this entire charge and he demands our absolute best. Anything that you do in the next few days in anticipation of Sunday’s eclipse has the opportunity to be grounded into your consciousness when the beam is broken Sunday morning. Pump it up now and you will receive the benefits in the months to come and beyond.

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The Eclipse Officially Begins! Wednesday October 30, 2013


Things are starting to heat up in a big way. The Virgo Moon continues to keep the concept of processing all that is going on front and center, though many of the lunar aspects are not too comfortable today. The first half of the day features a really nice Sextile to Jupiter and we should have a pretty great experience as the day gets going. However, by the time the late afternoon arrives, we begin moving toward the eclipse in earnest. And it starts with the Moon in a Semi-Square with both the Sun and the North Node, just as they are coming together for their inevitable meeting.

The North Node is a point that I usually treat in this column as if it were a planet because energetically it operates as one. However, up in space, it is a focal point where the orbit of the Moon and the Orbit of the Earth around the Sun connect. If you can picture the solar system in your imagination and let yourself visualize these two orbits, let a sweet spot appear just where the two orbits cross each other. It is a direction pointer in a way; I like to think of it as the energetic point that is first to move into the future as the winding clock that is our solar system moves through time and space. And that gives it its archetypal meaning as the point associated with our Future as we move into it. Mathematically, this point has everything to do with making an eclipse happen, for when the Sun gets close to this point (which is does twice a year, by conjunction now and in opposition six months from now) the angular relationship between the whole system is such that a shadow passes between the moving bodies and we call that an eclipse.

In the interpretive world of archetypal mind, we are talking about our very Consciousness (the Sun) meeting up with where we are headed (the North Node). Though the eclipse doesn’t actually happen till Sunday, today is the day where the Center of our Awareness meets the very road we are trudging to get to wherever it is we are heading. The fact that just as these two meet up, the Moon is in an agitated relationship to their meeting point is right in alignment with the times. This transit is a Semi-Square, which means it is a minor crisis that causes growth, and grow we must.

We cannot escape our own transformation these days. For better or worse, whether mildly uncomfortable or utterly painful, we are meeting ourselves mightily on the path of our unfoldment. We are changing, growing, expanding and being uplifted so that we can attend to the powerful work at hand of bringing Peace on Earth. Change means discomfort and today is no exception.

The Moon will dip into a Void just before 8:00pm tonight. This is another one of those good news bad news things. A Void Virgo Moon connects us deeply and easily with our Divine Selves, because that is the nature of both Virgo and of the Void Moon. However, the aspect that sets us into this Void is a Square to Venus, which could generate a growth opportunity through experiences and sensations that make our Hearts hurt a bit. I suspect that many of us are used to this by now and remember that where we are attempting to get to is a level of consciousness where even an uncomfortable moment is recognized for the blessing it is for we know it is bringing us more into integration with our Wholeness. That is certainly what is possible this evening.

Mars is a huge player during this entire process and tonight he sets off some very important energy that, if used well, is perfectly designed to help us process our past issues, step into the amazing amount of alchemy available and fly steadfastly into a level of healing that comes from truly facing yourself in the mirror. When a planet makes an aspect inside a Void Moon, it has much more power to go to a deep place in our Psyche. Inside the Void, Mars will Oppose Chiron, setting into motion the Kite formation that has been building for weeks and is a major part of this wormhole.

A Kite Formation happens when at least four bodies create a pattern in the solar system that forms the shape of a kite. And what do kites do? They fly. And when the archetypal energies of the planets involved meet each other in this way, the interpretation we give the moment relates to this notion of a flying kite. Mars is creating the tail of the Kite and that is a good thing because the point that makes the tail is the one that is most involved in our ability to control where it is going to fly. Mars rules the physical body as well as the principle of Embodiment, which is best understood simply by the idea of moving through life in congruence between what we say we want for ourselves and the actions we choose. The bumper sticker version of this principle is I Walk My Talk. This Kite will help us all get to a deeper level of this.

At the head of the Kite is Neptune which Mars opposed ten days ago setting this into motion on October 20th. Since Neptune is so close to Chiron, they are working in tandem. Neptune rules our spiritual awareness and Chiron is the great healer. Together, they offer us unprecedented access to our Higher Consciousness. On one side of the Kite is Pluto and the other is the South Node. Pluto allows complete and utter transformation and the South Node represents our issues from the past. These two points are 120 degrees away from each other and this Trine allows them to work in perfect harmony.

Do you see why I am so certain that NO MATTER HOW YOU HAVE BEEN FEELING, I know something magnificent is happening? I believe this with every fiber of my being and if you still are struggling with knowing this for yourself, I will know it for you until you can join me.
We are building toward another Mars initiated pattern, a game changing Finger of God with Mars, Uranus and the Scorpio Stellium, but more about that tomorrow.

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The Six Weeks Of Scorpio Act II – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We come to the second act of our journey with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday October 18th at 4:38pm PDT. For my friends down under, this is Saturday October 19th at 10:38am in Sydney. This is the astrological moment of the Full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other. This is different from the mathematical timing of the eclipses in terms of when the shadow of the Earth is passing over the Moon. That timing begins about an hour before and continues for an hour or so after this time, making the whole on Friday and Saturday very powerful in terms of Full Moon energy.

The eclipses happen every six months when the alignment between the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun cross paths in such a way that the shadow passes between them, breaking the relentless flow of light from the Sun’s gaze reflected back at it by the Earth and the Moon. This interaction between the Sun and the Moon is actually what makes us who we are – a constant dance between what we are aware of and what we cannot be aware of. If we didn’t get a periodic break from this relationship, we would not be able to take in new levels of awareness. When the beam is broken, it is our opportunity to reboot our Consciousness and upload all of the wisdom we have been collecting for the six months that precede it.

This particular Full Moon is in Aries, the most fiery of the Fire Signs. As such, any ritual you do should include fire, or fire-like expression. This can include literal fire and you can burn away all that doesn’t serve you by doing some writing and sacrificing what you create in the sacred flames. But fire can also be an expressive experience: Dancing or any spontaneous movement is a very Aries sort of construct. Aries also connects to a sense of freedom and abandon, so you can truly do whatever you are drawn to and have it feel sacred under this lunation. If you have been following my writings and have been doing your homework, you should be pretty clear what you are ready to release from your life. Gather those ideas into your awareness and then burn them away with FIRE.

In my last article, I put the emphasis on Mercury’s data collection in preparation for the wormhole of the eclipse period coming up. That is still occurring, but Mars and Venus are also actively helping us prepare for the transformative power that begins this weekend. Just yesterday, Mars entered Virgo, changing the lay of the land considerably. Mars has governance over our physical experience, so he rules not only our bodies themselves, but the way in which we embody our experience. In a way, integration happens in this domain, for as we shift our Mind and Heart into congruence, it is in the Body that we have the sensation of those two domains coming together (or not).

As you go about your next few days, ask yourself how the atmosphere feels different. Where in your body are you feeling your thoughts and emotions? How is your body speaking to you? What does your body want from you? The body has tremendous wisdom and Mars in Virgo offers us access to that wisdom at a very tangible level. Begin today to see if you can tap into that wisdom, for you will be called upon to put it to good use in the weeks ahead.

Venus will Square Chiron today giving us a great restorative opportunity. Venus is our Heart center and Chiron is the Healer. A Square offers a conflict or an obstacle that provides growth. Venus and Chiron are steeped in the domain of the Divine Feminine and today’s Pisces Moon brings the Christed Consciousness into the mix as well. Around the same time, Venus makes a second aspect, this one a Trine to Uranus. A Trine is harmonious flow and when that happens with the lightning flash that Uranus brings, be on the lookout for a miracle! Now, Uranus doesn’t know from good or bad, so the sudden element that he brings to the mix may appear as positive or negative. It is not your job to judge what comes, but to trust that a healing is underway. There is so much more going on right now than meets the eye, try to just go with the flow and know that you are being lifted up no matter what circumstances are helping you get there. It is a week of healing that poises us to receive the benefit of the eclipse on a very deep level.

Mercury goes retrograde and begins his backward journey on Monday the 21st (Tuesday in the southern hemisphere) and there is a nice timing with this. The Full Moons is a culmination point, where we can see the most of what is normally shrouded in darkness. How great that we get this opportunity to view the depths of our Unconscious just before we begin the most profound Mercury retrograde we have experienced in many years. While this may not be free of the appearance of pain, the truth is that we are being given so much support to allow the transmutation that we are up to in going to the deepest levels possible.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, bringing our Conscious Awareness into the alchemy mix. I was recently asked to define alchemy, as it is a word I use frequently to describe what the Scorpio archetype is assisting us with. Throughout history, alchemists have been engaged in the Divine occupation of turning base metals into precious metals, most notably lead into gold. Lead is symbolic of heaviness; the emotional, psychic and spiritual density that is akin to depression, judgment and criticism. Gold is symbolic of the spiritual heights of joy, bliss and Divine Consciousness. When I use this term now, I am referring to the daily spiritual practice of taking our leaden experiences and turning them into gold. Despair becomes joy, depression becomes enthusiasm and judgment becomes forgiveness. We do this through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, relationships, self-care and the panoply of other tools we have collected over the years.

All of the current astrological focus in in the sign of Scorpio, the archetype that kills and connects us to the principle of Death. Death is always followed by a rebirth. Alchemy is the ability to continually die to self with a small s in order to be reborn to Self with a Capital S. The eclipses give us a profound opportunity to attend to this transformation at a very deep level. The wormhole begins with this Full Moon on the 18th and between then and November 1st, the level of shift and change that is possible is unprecedented. Keep your eye out for more on this in the coming weeks.

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The Six Weeks Of Scorpio – Mercury Begins His Journey

Once again, we are going through a very intense period. I am calling this “The Six Weeks of Scorpio.” When Mercury moved into this sign of alchemy and transformation on October 1st, we began a process of integration and change that is totally unprecedented in the history of our consciousness unfolding.

Let me take a moment and explain why this time is so very powerful in what must seem like endless repetitions of me saying, “We are going through a really intense period.” Within the last several years, all of the outer planets have changed signs. These slow moving planets only do this every eight to fifteen years, depending on the speed of their orbit. All of them doing this in such close proximity to each other is very rare indeed.

This sets the stage for us to be entering brand new cycles in several different areas of our consciousness at what is, astrologically speaking, the same time. The outer planets represent our outer world on a social and global level. They also connect us with our higher nature and higher consciousness. Put more simply, our entire higher consciousness has entered brand new territory in the past few years.

Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and now Saturn are all hovering at around 10 degrees of the respective signs that they are in. They move slowly enough that they hold this space for fairly long periods. All year, there have been geometrical interactions powerfully felt at or around the 10 degree point all across the cosmos. As the faster moving planets change signs, which they do with great frequency, they also hit this sensitive 10 degree point in whatever sign they are passing through. The faster moving planets are personal in nature; they represent our personal sense of ourselves. When they interact with the outer planets, it is like a calibration is taking place between our lower consciousness and our higher consciousness. This is what is making this year so extraordinary in terms of our growth and expansion.

The first planet through the Scorpio stellium was Venus, allowing for great Heart openings to occur at the alchemical level earlier this past summer. We led with the Heart and that is a good thing. With Mercury being the last planet to move through Scorpio, we have the chance to align our Mind with the Heart that has already opened. This is a big shift from our old consciousness where we did it the other way around, attempting to open our Hearts based on what our Mind was doing. It is much more organic to open our Hearts wide and allow our Minds to adjust to the landscape that our Heart lays at our doorstep. This is where Heart and Mind congruency is born.

Because the degree points that Mercury will pass over includes 10 degrees of Scorpio, it means that he will connect with just about every other planet as part of his retrograde journey and will do so three times. That makes this particular cycle on of the most comprehensive of any we have experienced in a number of years. The days between October 7th and 12th are particularly notable for their highlighting of issues that are likely to be up for integration during the retrograde cycle ahead.

Pay a great deal of attention to everything that is coming up right now because the issues that arise in these few weeks are what will be revisited between October 21st and November 10th. We have a lot coming up and this prequel is our opportunity to be utterly prepared. The first eclipse of the season is on October 18th, Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st and the beginning of November features a grouping of transits that is about as over-the-top as we have seen, including the Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio. I will support you with articles along the way and have already posted a video HERE to help you navigate this challenging time. If you want daily support, this would be a great time to sign up for my Daily Astro Alerts; just click the button below.

I send you all love and blessings in this magnificent moment of alchemy and transformation.

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New Moon In Libra – Friday October 4th!

We are building toward one of the big moments in this fairly intense period with the New Moon that happens on Friday at 5:35pm PDT (10:35am Saturday morning for those of you Down Under). Tonight, the Moon will enter Libra at 8:00pm PDT, the sign that the New Moon is in, and that is the official start of the lunation. However, we have all day with the Moon in Virgo, and I want to let you know how profoundly powerful the Virgo Moon is in helping us process and ground the changes that are going on for us. It is an important preparation for the upcoming intensity of the next six weeks.

The best is yet to come with regard to this energy, and that is when the Moon goes Void at noon today. Virgo is already aligned with the Divine Feminine and when she goes Void, the connection to this inner realm is unmistakably healing and profound. The last transit that leads to a Void also sets the stage of the sensation and power of the entire Void stretch. In this case, it is a productive and creative Sextile to Venus. You can’t get much more loving than that.

Between noon when the Moon goes Void and this evening at 8:00pm when the Moon enters Libra, we are in a kind of healing heaven. Take a moment during this period to do something that helps you feel grounded in your body and your Heart. Breathe consciously for a few minutes, say some deep prayers, meditate quietly – it doesn’t matter what it is that you do, but do something while the energy is ripe for taking you on a deep ride within and allow this moment to prepare you for the ride that’s coming. You’ll be glad you did.

This morning has two planetary transits that will support the possibility of jumping up to higher levels of awareness. Both the Sun and Venus will interact with Uranus. When Uranus is involved, the Great Awakener has the capacity to create paradigm shifts. With the Sun (Consciousness) and Venus (Love) doing the activating, the opportunity we have today is to become more conscious of how we are living in our Hearts, and to have that increase exponentially. The Sun will Oppose Uranus, setting the stage for expecting the unexpected. The Venus transit is a Sesqui-Square; a subtle but agitating angle that forces us to try a new way of operating.

Taken together, this is one of those days where you will more easily flip into your Heart because it is starting to feel uncomfortable when you are not aligned there. This isn’t always a good feeling to have, but it is a necessary ingredient for living more congruently. We should all welcome a little friction when our Hearts are out of balance. It’s that shift that happens when we stop judging and criticizing, not because we think it’s a good idea, but because it begins to hurt when we act out in that way. We let unloving behaviors go because it is in our best interests to do so. It’s that kind of day.
From 8:00pm tonight and on, we are officially in what is known as the Dark of the Moon. This is that very fertile place where the Moon is in the sign that she will meet up with the Sun in, but before that actually happens. This is the most powerful seed planting time frame and we stay there from tonight until tomorrow early evening when the Full Moon is exact.

The Sun and Moon will align tomorrow in their monthly meeting, this time in the sign of the mirrored consciousness, Libra. In old astrology, Libra was represented by the scales that embodied beauty, balance and art. However, as we increase our consciousness, we recognize that Libra is the guardian of the perfection of life as a mirror. There is no out there out there and all of what we experience in our lives starts first with what we perceive inside of us. Instantaneously, our consciousness reflects this back to us with perfect symmetry. If you don’t like what you see out there, change what you feel in here. This is what Libra is telling us. And this New Moon moment is a chance to really up our game and increase our willingness to do this with courage and strength.

Also happening tomorrow is that Saturn will Inconjunct Uranus. This is a big transit as Saturn and Uranus are each VERY big players in the larger landscape these days, but have not done much interacting with each other. Tomorrow they meet up in an aspect that is known as the Great Eliminator. You can take that very literally, as an opportunity to eliminate something from your life that doesn’t serve you. Saturn insists that you take full responsibility for doing this at a Kharmic level. Uranus offers you the power to make a change instantaneously and with a suddenness that can feel a bit miraculous. When used together, these two planets can change the course of your life in a hugely dramatic way. This is a slow transit that is exact tomorrow, but has influence over us for several weeks on either side. This interaction is part of the power that is embodied in what I am calling “The Six Weeks Of Scorpio” that we entered earlier this week when Mercury entered this sign of alchemy and transformation.

As the New Moon builds, the Sun will Semi-Square Venus. A Square is an obstacle or conflict that fosters growth. A Semi-Square is, well, half that. It’s a subtle angle that offers a less intense version of this concept. Venus has been experiencing quite a lot of agitated transits of late and all of these are designed to actually get us INTO our Hearts. Tomorrow is no exception to that. This is another transit designed to helps us do what I described above as assistance with dropping into the Heart simply because it is too uncomfortable to live any other way.

This Libran consciousness of reflection is one of the reasons I love astrology so much. The planets don’t influence us; they ARE us. And if it is happening in the cosmos, it is happening in our Consciousness. If the Sun and the Moon are meeting up in the heavens, then the Sun of us (our sense of I Am) and the Moon of us (the Spiritual Body) are gathering for an important moment of conference. They get together and say, “What shall we create next?” And here is your New Moon ritual. Look into the mirror and ask yourself, “What shall we create next?” And then give yourself the answer. Be as detailed and courageous as you can. Take BIG leaps. We are masters of our own lives. This is a perfect moment to start acting as if that were true.

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Full Moon In Pisces With Triple Kharmic Conjunction!!

The Pisces Full Moon is exact in the wee hours tomorrow morning and the culmination that this lunation represents is very much a part of this current moment of awareness that we find ourselves in. As ever with the Full Moon, we have a magnificent opportunity to peer into the Unconscious Mind with as much vision as we can ever have, for that is what Full Moons offer us. This particular lunation comes packed with a number of other astrological cycles that have been building over the past two weeks that make this moment particularly rich for the process of deepening your Heart Centeredness and seeing exactly where you are in the journey from the Mind to the Heart.

There are very few other transits active tomorrow, which is strange since there have been very few days of late that are as geometrically quiet. Of course, the major one of the day is the Full Moon and that should certainly keep us filled with big energy. In fact, I think there is something elegant about such a day where there isn’t much to distract us from the main event. A Full Moon gives is great vantage point for peering into our depths and seeing what is usually hidden from view. Take advantage of your awareness today; anything you see is likely to be newly formed territory in your Consciousness.

The timing of the Full Moon is in the wee hours, around 4:13am PDT. The means we move into this energy fairly early in the day. And while this may not offer us a very peaceful sleep tonight, at least we won’t be burdened by the buildup that the time leading up to a Full Moon can often bring. We start our day tomorrow right in the thick of it.

Today, Wednesday, features a huge transit that has been building for quite some time, with increased emphasis these past ten days. We have reached the moment in our Kharmic journey where the archetype of Love (Venus) has arrived at her meeting with the Lord of Kharma (Saturn) and the Future (North Node) as it is unfolding toward us. These three planets are aligned today in a very rare triple conjunction. The first conjunction Venus makes is with the North Node at 7:07am PDT followed by Saturn at 1:53pm PDT.

Saturn and the North Node connecting with each other asks us to be responsible for all that we know with regard to utilizing our spiritual practice as primary in our lives. These two meet up regularly every 20-30 years, so while an infrequent occurrence; it is not a rare one. Venus being present at the exact moment they come together however is rare indeed. This adds the element of bringing the Heart fully into focus as part of this responsibility. We must drop into our Hearts no matter what; it is a mandate and nothing less than Peace on Earth as at stake. And it begins as an individual, inside job. As an experiment for the next few days, I invite you to look at EVERY moment and ask yourself, “How would I see this if I were living FULLY in my heart.” My suspicion is that it will be easier to do this than you imagine.

You have every bit of knowledge and information you need to live fully in your Heart and to return to your Heart the moment you get sidetracked by the ego’s rants. It’s not difficult or complicated. What is requires is the discipline to do it (whatever “it” is for you) over and over and over again until you are living your entire life in a prayerful posture, conscious of every breath you take. That’s truly what this passage is all about; not about fixing what’s wrong, because there is nothing wrong. It’s about increasing your willingness to be mighty about your spiritual practice. And I don’t mean by that adding ten minutes to your morning meditation, or chanting louder than you did the day before. I mean taking that connectedness you feel in your devotions into your pedestrian life. By being as open in traffic as you are in your home staring at candle.

The sign of this lunation is Pisces, the deepest Water that we bathe in in the zodiac. If you are so inclined to do any Full Moon ritual over the next few days, you might include water in whatever you do. Pisces rules the ocean and the notion that we are all connected through the collective. We are all in this together and though we each experience very different facets of the experience, it is comforting to know that there is only one of us here. Are you doing your part?

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New Moon In Virgo – Thursday September 5th!

The New Moon is upon us and will be exact on Thursday morning at 4:35am PDT. Both the Sun and the Moon are in Virgo and this is good news for us all. Virgo is the sign most associated with process and integration and boy, do we need that now.

We are going through an outrageous amount of upheaval both globally and personally. Remember, everything that you see out in the world is happening inside of you and that includes the movement of the planets. So much upheaval is also an opportunity for restructuring, transmutation and healing. These processes are all Virgo’s milieu and it is under her precise and caring domain that we put together some of the pieces that our Consciousness has recently been exploded into. We need this moment to integrate and make sense of the New World Order we are currently birthing.

The summer was dominated by two Grand Water Trines which I wrote about extensively and also did some videos to describe; if you need a refresher on those you can go to my website ( or watch videos ( This was followed by a Grand Earth Trine between Pluto (Alchemy) and the South Node (the Past) and this New Moon makes up the current third activation point of this aspect. When two Grand Trines like this exist side by side, it creates a six pointed star in the heavens. This profound shape makes this time a powerful moment of manifestation and expansion.

When you mix all that Water with a little more Earth, you get the perfect recipe for making bricks from which to construct your next chapter. This all sounds like great news, but I want to acknowledge how difficult and uncomfortable this Grand Earth Trine has been for many. In my daily posts, I have been referring to this pattern as helping us process our past at an alchemical level and this New Moon is the initiation point of this portal. Earth energy is grounded and solid, but it can hurt to pass through such density.

In terms of the energy of Thursday in and of itself, the morning (around 7:48am PDT) starts off with a really expansive, confidence boosting Sextile from the Moon to Jupiter. This energy goes uninterrupted until the evening hours, which could make for a small stretch of lovely sensations today and I know most of you would welcome that.

The evening may be another thing entirely with two Semi-Squares from the Moon, first to Mars and then to Saturn. A Semi-Square generates a minor but noticeable conflict that causes us to have to stretch beyond our usual capabilities. The fact that one is with Mars makes this something we will experience palpably in our bodies. That the other one is with Saturn will create the unavoidable need to be responsible to show up for the growth that is possible.

The only planetary aspect all day involves Mercury and the Nodes at 1:15pm PDT. While this is a bit of an agitated transit, it has some importance from a number of perspectives. First and foremost, it activates with The Mind the Grand Earth Trine that is being powerfully emphasized by the Virgo New Moon. This should help make some sense of the energy swirling around us right now. The nature of the aspect actually forces us to deal with the past by being confronted with some sort of growth-oriented conflict designed to move us into our Future as we face things head on. This is not the most pleasant New Moon we have had of late, but it may in fact be the most important.

Whatever the word “process” means to you, engage in that at some point tonight, tomorrow or in the days to come. If you are a list maker, make a list. If you like body work, schedule a session. If yoga floats your boat, spend twenty-six breaths in downward dog. If a vision board is your thing, get out the magazines and scissors. If you benefit from banging a tennis racquet into a pillow, do that. Dance around the living room in your underwear. Whatever instincts emerge in you that will help you feel integrated and up for the expansion that is occurring, spend a little time investing in an imaginative recognition of the process at hand. And then just let it flow like the mystery that it is. We all may want to know exactly where we’re going, but at the end of the day we’re just along for the ride. Let it be amazing.

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Full Moon In Aquarius: Once In A Blue Moon Is Here!

And so begins a fairly intense stretch that starts with the Full Moon in Aquarius today which is exact at 6:44pm this evening PDT. This will be the second Full Moon in a row in the same sign, which is also known as a Blue Moon (hence the term, “once in a Blue Moon”). This is not as rare an occasion as many people imagine it to be. It is also not all that powerful, but it does have some benefit and, as ever, the more you can understand a concept, the more you can take advantage of what it has to offer.

All of astrology describes the expansion of Consciousness. It does this through the prism of Archetypes. The Aquarius archetype is about intuition, the power of the collective and taking action for the good of the Community. A Blue Moon is unusual in that it offers a second opportunity to enjoy the harvestable benefit of the particular archetype it is vibrating under. When we usually have just go-round through each Archetype in that fully expressed manner every twelve months, the Blue Moon says, “Take one more pass at this; it’s important that you get it on a deeper level.”

Take a look at how your intuition was speaking to you at the time of the previous Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd. The same energy will be available to you this time, only with deeper understanding and expanded consciousness. Such is the power of the Blue Moon.

The one planetary aspect that there is today happens just twenty minutes before the Full Moon is exact, essentially linking the meaning of this transit with the Full Moon event itself. It is a Mercury transit, which we mostly experience in some form of mentality: a conversation, an insight, awareness of thought or a drive towards words in some fashion. The transit is a Sesquisquare with Pluto, a fairly subtle but agitated interaction between the archetype of Communication and the archetype of the Power that forces a shift in direction.

A Full Moon offers a level of awareness of that which is normally unconscious, so sentience could be high today. Aquarius is powerfully intuitive, so the ability to synthesize information and make sense out of it is also more present than normal. Put these together and you may want to look for ways in which you are being made aware of information that is coming toward you in an intuitive fashion. Then express what you see and speak into what is coming up for you.

Of the six other lunar transits that are present today, only one of them is a major one and that is an opposition to Mercury. Do you notice that Mercury is very connected to this Full Moon? An opposition demands that something happen. As in life, when two objects come at each other from directly across from each other, something must happen. They will swerve, crash or dance. When the activating influence of the Moon opposes the planet that guides our communication, we are forced to take some sort of mental action.

While more will be revealed when Mercury and the Sun join each other on Monday of next week, there is some important information that emerges today that is part of that meeting, and therefore connected to the other important transits that take place next week. The more mindful you are now, the more graceful you will be later. Today is like that; keep your eyes and ears open!

Aquarius is an Air Sign, and as such the best way to honor it is with the Mind. If you are all attracted to the use of divining tools (cards, runes, i-ching, etc.) make your Full Moon ritual an intuitive reading of some sort. You will find your receptivity for such guidance tonight will be, no pun intended, off the charts.

One thing to point out for my friends in the United States and Canada is that because the Full Moon is exact early in the evening, we will be treated to an exquisite visage as she rises tonight, especially on the west coast. The moment the Full Moon is full, she begins to wane and it is in the building up of the energy that we feel (and see) it the most. As she rises tonight, she is also waxing full and this will make her shine very brightly indeed. It is one to watch if you can.

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