Avalanches and landslides in your dreams!

Someone shared a dream image with me yesterday; he wanted to know what meaning I would attribute to an avalanche.  It took several days for us to finally reach each other by phone, and by the time we spoke voice to voice, he had forgotten most of the dream.  But he was still curious about what I would say about an avalanche.  I began to go on about water and frozen states of emotional blah blah blah when he interrupted me and reminded me that he had told me that the avalanche was formed of sand (which he had said, but I missed that detail).  So, I switched gears and began talking about land as consciousness and higher states blah blah blah.

When I woke up this morning, I thought that since there were a number of dream symbol “basics” that this discussion illuminated, I figured it would make a good blog entry.

Our planet is divided into land and sea.  Our mind is divided into consciousness and the unconscious.  Land represents what we are conscious of and the ocean is the realm of the deep unconscious.  Masses of terra firma that reach higher into the atmosphere represent higher levels of conscious awareness.  This is due primarily to the notion of the vantage point that elevation brings with it.  The higher you go, the more you can see.  Of course, this comes with a price; the higher you go, the further you can fall.

One important point that my friend reported in the dream was that he was safe from the dangerous event; he watched it from a distance.  The sand-like avalanche was more of a landslide and probably connects to a vantage point that may have been interesting for him to consider, but one that was, ultimately, not safe to traverse.  And he got out just in time.  I asked him to consider things in life right now that may have followed this course of action – the desire to see certain possibilities that he chose NOT to pursue that might have been in his best interests in the long run.  The sand implies that something that may have appeared to have had some grounded strength was actually flimsy and lacking in foundation.  The net result was that the entire structure fell in dramatic fashion and he was gratefully out of harm’s way when it did.

Since the original image was described as an avalanche, I decided to include some thoughts about that here.  Anything related to water is representative of our emotional selves.  Water that has formed into ice is likely to be connected to emotional matters that we have frozen ourselves off from.  A large snow pack might be symbolic of years of accumulated emotional baggage that is considered far away enough to be a non-issue.  However, if something stimulates this old, hardened snow-pack (think emotional patterns that don’t really serve or nurture us) it may become dislodged.  It will then drop down from the upper realms of our awareness to exactly where we are in our consciousness and sweep away the current landscape in one fell swoop and destroy us in the process.  The moral here is: If we don’t melt our hardened hearts every once in a while, what will we use to quench our thirst for love?

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One Response to Avalanches and landslides in your dreams!

  1. Yip July 15, 2014 at 9:11 am #

    I liked your description in the last paragraph, but I’m not sure it applies to me.

    I saw this event on the 2nd floor of a house that was at the left side away from the avalanche. I watched it from the window and at first I thought it wasn’t going to affect the structure I was in. But as it approached closer, I actually believed it was going to be the end of me and also surprised me that it did affect me. The moment it hit, first it shook the house somewhat violently alike to an earthquake. Within a few seconds later, ice/crystal almost instantly encases half of the building. I first thought I was completely trapped. But I just turned around to find a small window that was unblocked and easily jumped out. Kind of like in a casual manner, and the other side of the house had a different mood setting though I think the feeling was somewhat undercurrent. I saw two people on the ground, but they aren’t distinguishable.