Astrology 101 – Learn How To Interpret Your Natal Chart!

In order to live your soul purpose, it is helpful to examine your unique horoscope from the perspective of what it reflects about your personal life mission, kharmic lessons, and event timelines such as the Saturn Return (kharmic journey), Uranus Cycle (mid-life transition) and Jupiter Cycle (12-year cycle of abundance).
In 6 classes, you  will explore the astrological horoscope as a way to learn more about how the soul has chosen to manifest the creative forces this lifetime.
You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Astrology including:

•The Signs
•The Planets
•The Houses
•The Aspects
Working with your own birth chart, you will gain a full understanding of your personal identity and soul’s purpose through the lens of Astrology.  This information will prepare you for the next steps of working with the current transits in order to use Astrology as a predictive tool and for relationship compatibility.
Classes will be held Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm every other week beginning January 8th through March 19th.
•January 8th & 22nd
•February 5th & 19th
•March 5th & 19th
All classes will be held at The Crystal Matrix, in Atwater Village in Los Angeles.
3215 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
For more information or to register, check out The Crystal Matrix or Matrix University International online, or by calling 323-644-ROCK (7625).

Tuition: $324, payable in full upon registration, or $54 per class if you prefer.

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