Astrological Weather Report For The Week Of 11/11/11.

As promised, here is a recap of the astrological weather for this week including November 11th.  And while the transits are not what I would call over the top, there are some very significant shifts in the cosmos that connect to this date and time.

The inner planets connect with our personal experience while the outer planets have to do with our social experience.  This week, ALL of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) and two of the outer planets (Neptune and Chiron) are doing something significant.  What we have going on is a conjunction (two planets coming together), an ingress (a planet changing signs) and two stations (planets that were retrograde are turning around to move in a direct motion).  And to top it all of, there is a lunation (the Full Moon).  This is a big week indeed, one of the biggest of the year.

This Full Moon features the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus.  Scorpio has domain over death and rebirth, making the theme of this particular lunation about transformation and change.  If 11/11/11 means anything in the world of a changing landscape, the proximity of this particular Full Moon indicates that the old is dying out and the new is being born.  And given that Scorpio and Taurus are both feminine signs, the Divine Feminine is all over this week.

Mars is moving into Virgo, also a feminine sign.  When a personal planet changes signs, we feel this as a very big shift in energy.  Mars rules the physical body and how we move through life in terms of the actions we take.  Virgo is the sign that relates how we process things.  In its opposition to the spiritual sign of Pisces, Virgo’s domain is how we incorporate spiritual principles into our day to day lives.

Mars moving into Virgo is big news.  Any event that happens within close proximity to a Full Moon significantly increases its importance.  In addition, Mars is going to spend eight months in Virgo, which is an enormous amount of time for the fast moving planet to spend in one sign.  Due to a rare retrograde, his prolonged journey through Virgo will give us all the opportunity to truly embody the spiritual shifts of the time.

Further, in the process of changing from Leo to Virgo, Mars will oppose both Neptune and Chiron, the two planets that are going direct this week.  Mars has the power to activate, and oppositions are the most active angle in geometry.  The movement of these two planets is significant in and of themselves.  Mars in opposition to this creates an even bigger wave of energy connected to this shift.

Neptune rules spiritual principles.  It is the planet that has sway over all matters of the invisible side of life.  For the past six months, this planet has been retrograde, turning spiritual matters inward.  When Neptune turns direct, everything we have just learned can now be put into action.

Chiron is an intercepted asteroid which was pulled into our solar system.  Since it has its own gravitational pull, it has a very erratic orbit as it tugs on the Sun’s gravity.  It was named for a mythological figure, a half god who was a teacher and trainer of Hercules.  In that role, he was mortally wounded.  But as an immortal, he could not die.  He wandered eternity in pain.  In his wanderings, he became a master healer.  In a natal chart, the placement of Chiron points to where a person’s deepest wounding is going to be, and therefore, where their masterful healing will take place.  Cosmically, the movement of Chiron expresses how the entire planet is experiencing healing and mastery.

Chiron has also been retrograde for the past months and turns around during this week.  This makes the power of masterful healing flow outward into the world in a very active way.  Healing is upon us and that healing is specifically connected to unity and the new world order.

In Pisces, Chiron is in a position to heal the very deep wounds associated with the misappropriation of spiritual principles by religious dogma.  The last two thousand years was the Age of Pisces.  The unconscious nature of the fish in the deep sea allowed the masculine principle to take the loving message of Christ (that God is within each and every one of us) and use it against mankind to foster fear and separation.  The hallmark of the Age of Aquarius is unity, the healing of this wound and the return of the Divine Feminine.

Besides Mars, the other two rulers of the lower body system are Mercury and Venus.  These two are traveling together and are in exactly the same place this week.  Mercury rules the mind and Venus rules the heart.  And while they come together frequently, this joining is particularly significant because of both the Full Moon and the 11/11/11 date.  They are meeting in the sign of Sagittarius which rules truth and spiritual principles.  Any opportunity for the heart and the mind to get together is a powerful moment of expansion indeed.  Given that it is happening at the same time as these other events, we can rest assured that there is a sense of permanence associated with this particular joining of head and heart.

If you take the astrological interpretations that I have outlined them here and combine them with the perspectives around 11/11/11 outlined in the previous article, there can be no doubt that there is a major moment on tap.  If you look around the world at all of the change that is afoot, I encourage you to see the peace and love that is making itself known.

Sometimes we have to see peace as the space between bullets and love as the constant that flows just beyond tides of rage.  But it is truly what we focus on that we experience in this life.  I encourage all of us to focus on the possibilities of a brand new world, one filled with love and peace.

2 Responses to Astrological Weather Report For The Week Of 11/11/11.

  1. Tom Bunzel November 11, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    Nice overview. Sounds like an eternal truth – “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

  2. mlennox November 11, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    Thank you, Tom. I agree.