Astro-Alert Wednesday August 14, 2013

Mercury is all over this day, so communication is key. Remember that Mercury rules The Mind, so when he is active, conversations may be the primary mechanism through which you feel this influence. However, the same can be said of anything mental: Ideas, plans, negotiations, thought patterns, inspiration, prayers, writing…anything that you use your Mind to do will be very prominent in your Consciousness today. And indeed, there is a connection to how your Mind is active today and the ongoing Grand Water Trine I began speaking about yesterday and I’ll start today’s post with that.

One of the points in the Grand Water Trine that will be in effect for the next week or so is the North Node of the Moon. This is a point in the cosmos that represents the direction in which our future is unfolding. When it is activated by transit, the actual movement of our lives and where we are heading is at stake. Today, Mercury Squares this point and a Square is an obstacle or a confrontation that forces a growth opportunity.

Additionally, Mercury will Inconjucnt Chiron, the Healer, which is another one of the points in the Grand Water Trine. An Inconjunct is a fork-in-the-road and is also known as the Great Eliminator, forcing a choice that allows us to put down an old way and begin operating in a new paradigm. Mercury did this very same aspect with Pluto yesterday and these TWO inconjuncts from one planet in succession like this forms a pattern in the sky that is so powerful, it is known as a Finger of God. There is no getting away from it – this week features the opportunity for Divine Intervention to participate in how you are operating in the world through the Mercury Consciousness. How are you approaching your world differently through your words, conversations and thoughts?

There is a third aspect involving Mercury today as he also Trines Uranus. This can bring about a lightning flash to any situation. Expect the unexpected today. The First Quarter Moon occurs around 4:00pm PDT and brings with it a bit of an identity crisis. Understand that each quarter Moon phase is a Square and Squares are obstacles that foster growth opportunities. Today is the moment in each lunar cycle that we get confronted with the challenges inherent in whatever seeds we have recently planted.

After 6:00pm PDT, the moon will move into truth-telling Sagittarius and the ground is set for a week of setting things right by not only telling the Truth, but by doing so in a way that may be brand new for you. It’s an important day in an important week. Be the witness as much as you can and watch the majesty unfold!

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