Astro-Alert Sunday August 11, 2013

Remember that the two slow moving anchors of the Grand Water Trine are still very much in place for the next few months. Neptune, the archetype of Divine Mind and Saturn, the Kharmic Teacher are still in harmonious contact with each other, setting the stage for us to be tested with regard to how responsible we are being in putting our spiritual practice above all else. Both Mercury and Mars interact with Saturn and Neptune respectively today, and neither one is a harmonious transit. While the peace-loving Libra Moon will help keep things the most harmonious they can be today, the atmosphere is decidedly dicey.

Mercury will Square Saturn today. And since Mercury is on fire these days, quite literally from his placement in Leo, this square may prove itself to be a dominate factor in how you experience your Sunday. A square is an opportunity for growth that often comes through an obstacle or confrontation of some sort.

When Mercury squares the responsibility laden Saturn, the net result is some sort of test in how you are using your words out in the world. As a Teacher, Saturn is just as happy to reward you for a job well done as he is to kick your ass to make sure you are getting his lesson. Expect to be tested today in your interactions with others.

Mars is not so happy in Cancer. The fiery nature of this aggressive archetype is a little lost in in the watery, nurturing domain of the Cancernian Divine Feminine. The agitating angle that Mars makes to Neptune today forces a choice to be made. Neptune relates to things that are potentially foggy; this choice can either clear that fog up, or completely block your clarity. This is either going to play out as a descending blind spot or a major clearing.

Both of the planetary transits I described both happen between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00am PDT. These two transits taken together set us up to make this a fairly interesting day. Come from your Heart, pause before you speak, pray before you do ANYTHING, and you will come through with flying colors. The balancing influence of the Libra Moon and her productive Sextile to the Sun will offer a lot of assistance in making the outcome of whatever you are creating today lean towards harmony. However, we start the day (5:00am PDT) with the Moon opposing Uranus, the lightning flash planet, starting the day with a major spark. That is not a day you want to skip your morning prayers and meditation!

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