An Airplane Dream – Rapid Transformation & Change

Katie was a guest on my web series show, Perchance To Dream (on Facebook as Perchance To Dream or at  She recently sent me this dream and asked for some input, so I decided to share it with all of you as well.  Here’s what she had to say:

“In last night’s dream, I was in the front area of an airplane full of passenger that had just come into land.  It was night time and for some reason the landing was diverted so we were landing in a field, but it still had a runway on the grass with landing lights along the side.  It was bumpy as we went over tufts of grass and I remember looking out of the cockpit window.  I wasn’t scared but some of the passengers were. The pilot was my sister’s husband who is an airline pilot in waking life.”

Airplane dreams are fairly common.  In order to understand them, it is best to go the use or essence of the symbol itself.  Airplanes take us from one place to another in an extraordinarily short amount of time.  In this way, they relate to sudden shifts in awareness or transformations that completely alter the landscapes of our lives.

As is the case with most dreams that feature airplanes, there is usually some sort of obstacle, such as a crash or monumental delay.  It is the obstacles themselves that reveal the theme of these dreams.  They represent the process of change and transformation that is both rapid and halting: the rapidity is symbolized by the plane and the halting nature is embodied by whatever obstacle is present in the dream.

In the case of Katie’s dream, we have an unexpected landing sight into a field somewhere.  The grassy field is in direct opposition to the metal and concrete mechanizations of an airport.  In this way, perhaps the tufts of grass and the wide open natural space suggests that Katie would rather be restful and in the ease of nature than attend to the business at hand.  This may not be a bad thing or indicate avoidance; after all, this particular field is equipped with landing lights and a runway, suggesting that this alternative landing sight may be in the natural turn of events.

What is most interesting to me is the word “diverted” in her description of the dream.  To divert is to turn aside from an intended destination, but it also has a secondary meaning which relates to seeking pleasure for the purpose of distracting the attention from that which burdens or distresses a person.

That the dreamer is in the cockpit and is calm suggests that there is a great deal of confident choice in this diversion.  The frightened passengers represent various thoughts of fear and confusion in this process.  The real juicy information is to be garnered from the qualities of the brother-in-law, for it is he that is captaining this current choice.  Remember, he is but a symbol of the part of Katie’s personality that is suggesting a momentary diversion to a more natural landscape for the time being.

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